T - Bishops Cleeve - Tewkesbury

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Bishop's Cleeve Cleeve School Service Road - Tewkesbury Boots

Bishop’s Cleeve, on Cleeve School Service Road 15:25
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Newdawn Close School stop 15:28
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Mill Parade 07:0008:2009:3010:4011:5013:0014:1015:3016:4517:55
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s St Michael & All Angels Church 07:0108:2109:3110:4111:5113:0114:1115:3116:4617:56
Bishop’s Cleeve Hardy Road (corner of) 07:0108:2109:3110:4111:5113:0114:1115:3116:4617:56
Bishop’s Cleeve, on Homelands Park 07:0408:2409:3410:4411:5413:0414:1415:3416:4917:59
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Vale Road 07:0408:2409:3410:4411:5413:0414:1415:3416:4917:59
Bishop’s Cleeve, before Greenacre Way 07:0415:34
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Lidl Store 08:2909:3910:4911:5913:0914:1916:5418:04
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Greenacres 07:0515:35
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Gilders Paddock 08:2909:3910:4911:5913:0914:1916:5418:04
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Stoke Road 07:0615:36
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Newdawn Close School stop 08:3009:4010:5012:0013:1014:2016:5518:05
Bishop’s Cleeve, after Petrol Station 08:3109:4110:5112:0113:1114:2116:5618:06
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s Sports Field 08:3109:4110:5112:0113:1114:2116:5618:06
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp The Nurseries 08:3209:4210:5212:0213:1214:2216:5718:07
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Lyndley Close 07:0708:3309:4310:5312:0313:1314:2315:3716:5818:08
Stoke Orchard, opp Cleeve View 07:1208:3709:4710:5712:0713:1714:2715:4217:0218:12
Stoke Orchard, by St James's Church 07:1408:3909:4910:5912:0913:1914:2915:4417:0418:14
Stoke Orchard, by Manor Farm 07:1408:3909:4910:5912:0913:1914:2915:4417:0418:14
Tredington School (opp) 07:1608:4109:5111:0112:1113:2114:3115:4617:0618:16
Tredington, before St John the Baptist's Church 07:1808:4209:5211:0212:1213:2214:3215:4817:0718:17
Tredington, opp Walton Cardiff Turn 07:1908:4309:5311:0312:1313:2314:3315:4917:0818:18
Tredington, opp Southend Farm 07:1908:4409:5411:0412:1413:2414:3415:4917:0918:19
Tredington, opp Odessa Inn 07:2108:4509:5511:0512:1513:2514:3515:5117:1018:20
Tewkesbury, nr Equinox 07:2208:4709:5711:0712:1713:2714:3715:5217:1218:22
Tewkesbury, by Vine Way Path 07:2415:54
Tewkesbury, before Mowbray Avenue 08:4709:5711:0712:1713:2714:3717:1218:22
Tewkesbury, on Jubilee Way 07:2415:54
Tewkesbury, after Gupshill Manor 08:4909:5911:0912:1913:2914:3917:1418:24
Tewkesbury, nr Monterey Road Roundabout 07:2615:56
Priors Park Foresters Road (corner of) 11:1013:3017:15
Tewkesbury, after Abbot's Road 08:4909:5912:1914:3918:24
Tewkesbury, nr River Swilgate 07:2615:56
Priors Park Clarence Road (corner of) 11:1013:3017:15
Tewkesbury, o/s Council Offices 08:5010:0112:2014:4018:25
Tewkesbury, o/s The Wheatpieces 07:2815:58
Priors Park, opp Queen Margaret School 11:1013:3017:15
Tewkesbury, nr The Crescent 08:5210:0312:2214:4218:27
Tewkesbury, opp Wigeon Lane 07:2915:59
Priors Park, nr Tudor Place 11:1113:3117:16
Tewkesbury, after The Cross 08:5310:0412:2314:4318:28
Mitton, after Morrisons 07:3116:01
Priors Park Devonshire Place (corner of) 11:1113:3117:16
Priors Park, opp Post Office 11:1213:3217:17
Priors Park, nr Warwick Place 11:1213:3217:17
Priors Park, nr Neville Road 11:1313:3317:18
Priors Park, before Lanes Court 11:1313:3317:18
Tewkesbury, on Oldfield 11:1413:3417:19
Tewkesbury Hospital (corner of) 07:3211:1513:3516:0217:20
Tewkesbury, opp Stokes Court 07:3308:5310:0511:1512:2313:3514:4316:0317:2018:28
Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 07:3408:5510:0711:1712:2513:3714:4516:0417:2218:30

Tewkesbury Boots - Bishop's Cleeve Mill Parade

Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 07:4009:0010:1011:2012:3013:4014:5016:1017:2518:35
Tewkesbury, after The Cross 07:4111:2113:4114:5116:11
Tewkesbury, by The Crescent 09:0110:1112:3117:2618:36
Tewkesbury, before Hospital 07:4211:2113:4114:5116:11
Tewkesbury, opp Council Offices 09:0310:1312:3317:2818:38
Mitton, o/s Morrisons 07:4311:2313:4314:5316:13
Tewkesbury, before Abbot's Road 09:0410:1412:3417:2918:39
Tewkesbury, by Wigeon Lane 07:4411:2413:4414:5416:14
Tewkesbury, before Gupshill Manor 09:0510:1512:3517:3018:40
Tewkesbury, o/s The Wheatpieces 07:4514:5516:15
Tewkesbury, after Mowbray Avenue 09:0610:1612:3617:3118:41
Tewkesbury, opp River Swilgate 07:4611:2513:4514:5516:15
Tewkesbury, nr Monterey Road Roundabout 07:4714:5716:17
Tewkesbury, opp Mowbray Avenue Path 07:4911:2713:4714:5916:19
Tewkesbury, opp Equinox 07:5009:0610:1611:2812:3613:4814:5916:1917:3118:41
Tredington, by Odessa Park 07:5209:0810:1811:3012:3813:5015:0216:2217:3318:43
Tredington, by Southend Farm 07:5309:0910:1911:3112:3913:5115:0316:2317:3418:44
Tredington, by Walton Cardiff Turn 07:5409:1010:2011:3112:4013:5115:0316:2317:3518:45
Tredington, nr St John the Baptist's Church 07:5509:1110:2111:3212:4113:5215:0416:2417:3618:46
Tredington School (o/s) 07:5609:1210:2211:3412:4213:5415:0616:2617:3718:47
Stoke Orchard, opp Manor Farm 07:5809:1410:2411:3512:4413:5515:0816:2817:3918:49
Stoke Orchard, nr The Orchard 07:5909:1610:2611:3712:4613:5715:0916:2917:4118:51
Stoke Orchard, by Cleeve View 08:0109:1710:2711:3812:4713:5815:1116:3117:4218:52
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Lyndley Chase 08:0609:2010:3011:4012:5014:0015:1916:4017:4518:55
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Kingsclere Drive 08:0715:2016:40
Bishop’s Cleeve, after The Nurseries 09:2110:3111:4212:5114:0217:4618:56
Bishop’s Cleeve, before The Highgrove 08:0815:2116:41
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Sports Field 09:2210:3211:4212:5214:0217:4718:57
Bishop’s Cleeve, on Cleeve School Service Road 08:1015:25
Bishop’s Cleeve, before Petrol Station 09:2210:3211:4312:5214:0317:4718:57
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Newdawn Close School stop 08:1309:2410:3411:4512:5414:0516:4317:4918:59
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Mill Parade 08:1509:2710:3711:4712:5714:0716:4517:5219:02

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 16 April 2024, the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

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