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TA01 - Harwood - Darwen via Bromley Cross, Edgworth

A bus service operated by Travel Assist


Darwen - Harwood via Bromley Cross, Edgworth

Darwen Town Centre (Stand 4) 11:25
Darwen, o/s Railway Station 11:25
Darwen, by Sarah Street 11:25
Darwen, by Kay Street 11:26
Darwen, opp Suddell Road 11:26
Darwen, by Marsh House Lane 11:26
Darwen, adj Essex Street 11:27
Darwen, adj Cambridge Street 11:27
Darwen, by Priory Drive 11:27
Darwen, by Rectory Close 11:27
Darwen, by Chapter Road 11:28
Spring Vale, by Craven Heifer 11:28
Darwen, opp Rudyard Drive 11:29
Spring Vale, by Pole Lane Playing Fields 11:30
Blackamoor, by Roman Road 11:30
Whittlestone Head, opp Crown and Thistle 11:35
Entwistle, o/s Round Barn 11:36
Edgworth, by Moorside Road 11:38
Edgworth, opp Hob Lane 11:40
Edgworth, by Wayside 11:40
Edgworth, by White Horse 11:40
Edgworth, adj The White Horse 11:40
Edgworth, by North Turton Parish Church 11:40
Edgworth, opp Harbour Lane 11:41
Turton Bottoms, adj Sandy Bank Rd 11:42
Turton Bottoms, by Spread Eagle 11:43
Turton Bottoms, by Jumbles Nursery 11:43
Chapeltown, by High Street 11:44
Chapeltown, by St Annes Church 11:45
Chapeltown, by Turton Tower 11:45
Chapeltown, by Horrobin Lane 11:46
Chapeltown, opp King William 11:46
Bromley Cross, o/s Jumbles Country Park 11:46
Bromley Cross, opp Windy Harbour Lane 11:47
Bromley Cross, nr Holkar Meadows 11:47
Bromley Cross Station (Stop C) 11:48
Bromley Cross, nr Shady Lane 11:48
Bradshaw, nr Rigby Lane 11:49
Bradshaw, nr Kershaw Street 11:50
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Lane 11:53
Bradshaw Vicarage (nr) 11:54
Bradshaw, o/s Conservative Club 11:55
Harwood Lee, at Shopping Centre 11:57

Harwood - Darwen via Bromley Cross, Edgworth

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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