X29 - Llanegryn - Machynlleth via Tywyn

A bus service operated by Lloyds Coaches


Following the announcement of a two week “circuit breaker” lockdown, timetables continue to change at short notice. Check the Traveline Cymru web page for details.


Machynlleth - Llanegryn via Tywyn

Machynlleth, before Clock 07:1007:5510:1514:1017:15
Machynlleth, o/s Bus Depot 07:1207:5710:1714:1217:16
Pen-y-Bont Pont ar Ddyfi West 07:1207:5710:1714:1217:16
Pennal Ysgoldy 07:1808:0310:2314:1817:23
Cwrt Car Park 07:2008:0510:2514:2017:25
Aberdovey Railway Station 07:2908:1410:3414:2917:34
Aberdovey Cenetaph 07:3008:1510:3514:3017:35
Aberdovey Neuadd Dyfi 07:3008:1510:3514:3017:35
Aberdovey Trefeddian Terrace 07:3208:1710:3714:3217:37
Aberdovey Caethle Caravan Site 07:3408:2010:4014:3517:40
Pendre Happy Valley Turn 07:3608:2210:4214:3717:42
Tywyn Ysbyty 07:3808:2410:4414:3917:44
Tywyn Wharf Station 07:3808:2410:4414:3917:44
Tywyn Station 07:3917:45
Tywyn Ysgol 08:2510:4514:40
Tywyn High Street 07:4017:46
Tywyn High Street (Stop M) 08:2810:4714:42

Llanegryn - Machynlleth via Tywyn

Tywyn High Street (Stop M) 08:5010:5014:5017:2018:05
Tywyn Station 08:5110:5114:5117:2118:06
Tywyn Wharf Station 08:5110:5114:5117:2118:06
Tywyn Ysbyty 08:5210:5214:5217:2218:07
Pendre Happy Valley Turn 08:5310:5314:5317:2318:08
Aberdovey Caethle Caravan Site 08:5510:5514:5517:2518:10
Aberdovey Trefeddian Terrace 08:5710:5714:5717:2718:12
Aberdovey Ysgol 08:5910:5914:5917:2918:14
Aberdovey Cenetaph 09:0011:0015:0017:3018:15
Aberdovey Railway Station 09:0011:0015:0017:3018:15
Cwrt Car Park 09:1011:1015:1017:4018:25
Pennal Ysgoldy 09:1211:1215:1217:4218:27
Pen-y-Bont Pont ar Ddyfi West 09:2111:2115:2117:5118:35
Machynlleth Bus Depot 09:2311:2315:2317:5318:37
Machynlleth, after Clock 09:2511:2515:2517:5518:40

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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