X39 - Bath Bus Stn - Newbridge Rd - Saltford - Brislington - Bristol Bus Stn

A bus service operated by First Bristol, Bath & the West


Timetable changes from Sunday 1 November 2020

Bath Bus Stn - Newbridge Rd - Saltford - Brislington - Bristol Bus Stn

Bath Bus Station (Bay 12) 08:15then every 15 minutes until18:15
Bath Westgate Buildings (Wc) 08:1618:16
Bath Monmouth Place (Gd) 08:1718:17
Kingsmead Nile Street (W-bound) 08:1818:18
Kingsmead Comfortable Place (W-bound) 08:1918:19
Lower Weston Park Lane (W-bound) 08:2018:20
Lower Weston Windsor Villas (SW-bound) 08:2018:20
Lower Weston The Weston (W-bound) 08:2118:21
Newbridge Horstmann Close (W-bound) 08:2218:22
Newbridge Charmouth Road (NW-bound) 08:2318:23
Newbridge Rudmore Park (NW-bound) 08:2318:23
Newbridge Gardens (NW-bound) 08:2418:24
Old Newbridge Hill (W-bound) 08:2518:25
Newton St Loe Twerton Fork (W-bound) 08:2718:27
Newton St Loe The Globe (W-bound) 08:3018:30
Corston Lane (NW-bound) 08:3118:31
Saltford The Shallows (N-bound) 08:3218:32
Saltford Tyning Road (NW-bound) 08:3318:33
Saltford Lansdown Road (W-bound) 08:3418:34
Saltford Norman Road (NW-bound) 08:3418:34
Saltford Copse Road (NW-bound) 08:3518:35
Keynsham Pixash Lane (NW-bound) 08:3618:36
Keynsham Ellsbridge House (NW-bound) 08:3718:37
Brislington Hicks Gate (W-bound) 08:4318:43
Brislington House (NW-bound) 08:4418:44
Brislington Emery Road (W-bound) 08:4518:45
Brislington Flowers Hill (W-bound) 08:4618:46
Brislington Square (W-bound) 08:4718:47
Brislington Eagle Road (NW-bound) 08:4818:48
Brislington Tramway Road (N-bound) 08:4818:48
Arno’s Vale Arnos Court (B) 08:4918:49
Arno’s Vale Arnos Court (D) 08:5018:50
Arno’s Vale Paintworks (W-bound) 08:5118:51
Totterdown Bridge (W-bound) 08:5118:51
Temple Meads Stn (T4) 08:5518:55
Redcliffe Way (R4) 08:5618:56
Bristol The Centre (C6) 09:0119:01
Broadmead (B1) 09:0419:04
Bristol Bus Station (Bay 17) 09:0719:07

Bristol Bus Stn - Brislington - Saltford - Newbridge Rd - Bath Bus Stn

Bristol Bus Station (Bay 17) 08:45then every 15 minutes until18:45
Bristol The Centre (C3) 08:4818:48
Temple Meads Stn (T3) 08:5318:53
Temple Meads Stn (T1) 08:5418:54
Totterdown Bridge (E-bound) 08:5718:57
Arno’s Vale Paintworks (E-bound) 08:5818:58
Arno’s Vale Arnos Court (C) 08:5918:59
Brislington Tramway Road (SE-bound) 09:0119:01
Brislington Eagle Road (SE-bound) 09:0219:02
Brislington Square (E-bound) 09:0419:04
Brislington Flowers Hill (E-bound) 09:0419:04
Brislington Emery Road (E-bound) 09:0519:05
Brislington House (E-bound) 09:0619:06
Brislington Hicks Gate (E-bound) 09:0619:06
Keynsham Ellsbridge House (E-bound) 09:1319:13
Keynsham Pixash Lane (SE-bound) 09:1319:13
Saltford Copse Road (SE-bound) 09:1419:14
Saltford Norman Road (SE-bound) 09:1519:15
Saltford Tyning Road (SE-bound) 09:1619:16
Saltford The Shallows (S-bound) 09:1619:16
Corston Dryleaze (SE-bound) 09:1819:18
Corston Lane (E-bound) 09:1819:18
Newton St Loe The Globe (E-bound) 09:2019:20
Newton St Loe Twerton Fork (E-bound) 09:2319:23
Newbridge Gardens (SE-bound) 09:2519:25
Newbridge Rudmore Park (SE-bound) 09:2619:26
Newbridge Charmouth Road (SE-bound) 09:2719:27
Newbridge Horstmann Close (E-bound) 09:2819:28
Lower Weston The Weston (E-bound) 09:2919:29
Lower Weston Windsor Villas (NE-bound) 09:2919:29
Lower Weston Park Lane (E-bound) 09:3119:31
Kingsmead Comfortable Place (E-bound) 09:3219:32
Kingsmead Nile Street (E-bound) 09:3219:32
Bath James Street West (Gc) 09:3319:33
Bath James Street West (Wf) 09:3419:34
Bath Bus Station (Bay 12) 09:3619:36

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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