Acle, adjacent to Kings Head

On The Street, near Bus shelter

Buses point north ↑

Next departures

X11 Amhurst Gardens 15:49
X1 Lowestoft 16:09⚡
X11 Amhurst Gardens 16:19
X1 Lowestoft 16:39
X11 Amhurst Gardens 16:54
X1 Lowestoft 17:09
X1 Lowestoft 17:39
X1 Lowestoft 18:09
X1 Lowestoft 18:39
X1 Great Yarmouth 19:05
X1 Great Yarmouth 19:45
X1 Great Yarmouth 20:45
X1 Great Yarmouth 21:40

⚡ denotes ‘live’ times guessed (sometimes badly) from buses’ actual locations