Attercliffe Road/Staniforth Road (opp)

On Attercliffe Road, near Staniforth Road, near Adj Kimberley St

Buses point north-east ↗︎


Clifford Rd, Hellaby (Rotherham)

From 27 October 2021

Vehicle fire at Clifford Rd roundabout; road through to Maltby is closed.

Services X1 and X10 will terminate at the M18 roundabout at Hellaby.


Next departures


X1 Maltby 05:10
X1 Maltby 05:25
X1 Rotherham Town Centre 05:40
X10 Maltby 05:55
X1 Maltby 06:10
X1 Maltby 06:25
9 Darnall Littledale 06:37
X1 Rotherham Town Centre 06:45
X10 Maltby 07:10
X1 Maltby 07:25