10X - Green Line - Nottingham - Rushcliffe Country Park

A bus service operated by Nottingham City Transport


Monday to Friday until Friday 18 August 2023

Nottingham - Rushcliffe Country Park

Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop W3) 05:3206:2206:4207:0907:3208:0708:4209:12
Nottingham Angel Row A1 (Stop A1) 05:3506:2506:4507:1307:3608:1208:4709:17
Nottingham Maid Marian Way (Stop M1) 05:3606:2606:4607:1407:3708:1308:4809:18
Nottingham Collin Street (Stop C1) 05:3706:2706:4707:1507:3808:1408:4909:19
Nottingham Railway Station (Stop S7) 05:3906:2906:4907:1807:4108:1708:5209:22
Meadows Arkwright Street (Stop ME01) 05:3906:2906:4907:1807:4108:1708:5209:22
Meadows Lammas Gardens (Stop ME02) 05:4006:3006:5007:1907:4208:1808:5309:23
Meadows Eugene Gardens (Stop ME03) 05:4106:3106:5107:2007:4308:1908:5409:24
Meadows Ryehill Street (Stop ME04) 05:4206:3206:5207:2107:4408:2008:5509:25
Trent Bridge Victoria Embankment (Stop ME05) 05:4306:3306:5307:2207:4508:2208:5709:27
Trent Bridge County Hall (Stop A) 05:4306:3306:5307:2307:4608:2308:5709:27
West Bridgford, opp Balmoral Avenue 05:4406:3406:5407:2307:4608:2308:5809:28
West Bridgford, adj Victoria Road 05:4406:3406:5407:2407:4708:2408:5909:29
West Bridgford, opp Chestnut Grove 05:4506:3506:5507:2507:4808:2509:0009:30
West Bridgford, adj Chaworth Road 05:4606:3606:5607:2607:4908:2609:0109:31
West Bridgford, opp ASDA 05:4706:3706:5707:2807:5108:2809:0209:32
West Bridgford, adj Burnside Road 05:4706:3706:5707:2807:5108:2909:0309:33
West Bridgford, adj Stowe Avenue 05:4806:3806:5807:2907:5208:2909:0409:34
West Bridgford, opp Rushcliffe Arena 05:4806:3806:5807:2907:5208:3009:0509:35
Wolds Estate, opp Walcote Drive 05:4906:3906:5907:3007:5308:3109:0609:36
Wolds Estate, opp Laughton Avenue 05:5006:4007:0007:3107:5408:3209:0709:37
Wolds Estate Queensbury Avenue (S-bound) 05:5106:4107:0107:3207:5508:3309:0709:37
Wolds Estate Greythorn Drive Top (S-bound) 05:5206:4207:0207:3307:5608:3509:0809:38
Wilford Hill, adj Oakham Road 05:5206:4207:0207:3407:5708:3609:0909:39
Ruddington, adj Landmere Lane 05:5406:4407:0407:3607:5908:3809:1109:41
Ruddington, opp Ashworth Avenue 05:5506:4507:0507:3708:0008:3909:1209:42
Ruddington, adj Flawforth Lane 05:5606:4607:0607:3808:0108:4009:1209:42
Ruddington Business Park, adj Scout Hut 05:5606:4607:0607:3908:0208:4009:1309:43
Ruddington Business Park Mere Way (SW-bound) 05:5706:4707:0707:4008:0308:4109:1409:44
Ruddington Business Park Rushcliffe Country Park (N-bound) 06:0006:5007:1007:4508:0808:4409:1609:46

Rushcliffe Country Park - Nottingham

Ruddington Business Park Rushcliffe Country Park (N-bound) 16:1016:4117:1117:4118:18
Ruddington Business Park Mere Way (NE-bound) 16:1016:4117:1117:4118:18
Ruddington Business Park, opp Scout Hut 16:1016:4217:1217:4218:19
Ruddington, opp Flawforth Lane 16:1116:4317:1317:4318:19
Ruddington, adj Ashworth Avenue 16:1116:4417:1417:4418:20
Ruddington, opp Landmere Lane 16:1216:4517:1517:4518:21
Wilford Hill, opp Oakham Road 16:1416:4717:1717:4718:22
Wolds Estate Greythorn Drive Top (N-bound) 16:1516:4817:1817:4818:23
Wolds Estate Queensbury Avenue (N-bound) 16:1516:4817:1817:4818:23
Wolds Estate, adj Laughton Avenue 16:1616:4917:1917:4918:24
Wolds Estate, adj Walcote Drive 16:1716:5017:2017:5018:24
West Bridgford, adj Rushcliffe Arena 16:1816:5117:2117:5118:25
West Bridgford, opp Stowe Avenue 16:1916:5217:2217:5218:26
West Bridgford, opp Burnside Road 16:2016:5317:2317:5318:27
West Bridgford, o/s ASDA 16:2216:5517:2517:5518:29
West Bridgford, opp Chaworth Road 16:2216:5517:2517:5518:29
West Bridgford, adj Chestnut Grove 16:2316:5617:2617:5618:30
West Bridgford, opp Victoria Road 16:2416:5717:2717:5718:30
West Bridgford, adj Balmoral Avenue 16:2516:5817:2817:5818:31
Trent Bridge, o/s County Hall 16:2616:5917:2917:5918:32
Trent Bridge Victoria Embankment (Stop ME06) 16:2817:0317:3318:0318:33
Meadows Ryehill Street (Stop ME07) 16:2917:0417:3418:0418:34
Meadows Eugene Gardens (Stop ME08) 16:2917:0417:3418:0418:34
Meadows Lammas Gardens (Stop ME09) 16:3017:0517:3518:0518:35
Nottingham Railway Station (Stop S5) 16:3317:0817:3818:0818:38
Lace Market Fletcher Gate (Stop H1) 16:3517:1017:4018:1018:40
Nottingham George Street (Stop H2) 16:3617:1117:4118:1118:41
Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop W3) 16:3817:1317:4318:1318:43

Timetable data from Nottingham City Transport/Bus Open Data Service, 23 May 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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