111 - Cliviger - Towneley - Hospital - Nelson & Colne College

A bus service operated by The Burnley Bus Company


Monday to Friday, Lancs County Council school days

Cliviger - Nelson & Colne College via Towneley, Hospital

Todmorden Bus Station stand E 07:46
Todmorden, adj Burnley Road J&I School 07:46
Todmorden, opp Burnley Rd Ferney Lee Road 07:46
Todmorden, adj Centre Vale Park 07:47
Lydgate Todmorden High School (NW bound) 07:47
Lydgate, adj Scaitcliffe Hall 07:47
Lydgate, opp Burnley Rd Orchard Rd 07:48
Lydgate, opp Burnley Rd Church Road 07:48
Lydgate, at Burnley Road Mitchell St 07:48
Lydgate, adj The Railway PH 07:48
Lydgate, opp Burnley Road Knotts Rd 07:49
Cornholme Burnley Rd Dundee Road 07:49
Cornholme, opp Burnley Road Station Rd 07:50
Cornholme, opp Burnley Road Post Office 07:50
Cornholme, opp Burnley Rd Oakleigh Terrace 07:50
Portsmouth, opp Burnley Road Daisy Bank St 07:51
Portsmouth, opp Cornholme Junior & Infant 07:51
Portsmouth, opp Burnley Road Durn St 07:52
Portsmouth 07:52
Holme Chapel, opp Dean Farm 07:53
Holme Chapel, opp Lowe Plantation 07:55
Holme Chapel, opp Royd Wood 07:55
Holme Chapel, opp Pot Oven Farm 07:56
Holme Chapel, o/s Ram Inn 07:57
Cliviger, opp Village Hall 07:57
Holme Chapel, adj Burnley Road 07:57
Holme Chapel, opp Police Station 07:58
Holme Chapel, by Honey Holme Lane 07:58
Over Town, opp Sunnyfield Avenue 07:59
Over Town, by Mount Lane 07:59
Over Town, by Mereclough Brow 08:00
Mereclough, opp Fighting Cocks 08:01
Cliviger, opp Salterford Lane 08:02
Cliviger, adj Hill Crest Avenue 08:03
Cliviger, by Dyneley Avenue 08:04
Pike Hill, opp Buttermere Road 08:05
Pike Hill, by Thornton Arms 08:05
Brownside Bridge (by) 08:06
Brownside, by Townfield Avenue 08:07
Worsthorne, by Heckenhurst Avenue 08:07
Worsthorne, opp Primary School 08:08
Worsthorne, o/s Church Square 08:09
Worsthorne, by Primary School 08:09
Brownside, opp Heckenhurst Avenue 08:10
Brownside, opp Townfield Avenue 08:11
Brownside Bridge (opp) 08:12
Pike Hill, opp Thornton Arms 08:13
Pike Hill, by Cheviot Avenue 08:13
Pike Hill, by The Brunshaw 08:14
Brunshaw, opp Bronte Avenue 08:14
Queens Park, by Blessed Trinity Coll 08:18
Queens Park, by Ormerod Road 08:19
Browhead Road (by) 08:20
Browhead, opp Thomber Gardens 08:22
Browhead, opp Salus Street 08:22
Browhead, by Eldwick Street 08:23
Browhead, by Burnley General Hospital 08:24
Lane Head, by Mansergh Street 08:25
Lane Head, o/s Burnley General Hospital 08:25
Reedley, opp Highfield Avenue 08:27
Reedley, opp Casterton Avenue 08:27
Reedley Grove (opp) 08:28
Reedley, opp Redman Road 08:29
Reedley Road (opp) 08:30
Reedley, by Regent Street 08:30
Brierfield, opp Town Hall 08:32
Brierfield, opp Every Street 08:32
Brierfield, by Park View Close 08:33
Barrowford, adj Nelson and Colne College 08:40

Nelson & Colne College - Cliviger via Towneley, Hospital

Barrowford, adj Nelson and Colne College 16:10
Brierfield, opp Park View Close 16:15
Brierfield, by Every Street 16:16
Brierfield, o/s Town Hall 16:17
Reedley, opp Regent Street 16:17
Reedley Road (by) 16:18
Reedley, by Redman Road 16:19
Reedley Grove (by) 16:20
Reedley, by Highfield Avenue 16:20
Browhead, opp Burnley General Hospital 16:22
Lane Head, opp Casterton Avenue 16:23
Browhead, opp Burnley General Hospital 16:24
Browhead, opp Eldwick Street 16:24
Browhead, by Salus Street 16:25
Browhead, by Thomber Gardens 16:25
Browhead Road (opp) 16:27
Browhead, by Queens Park Road 16:27
Queens Park Road (by) 16:28
Brunshaw, by Bronte Avenue 16:32
Pike Hill, opp The Brunshaw 16:33
Pike Hill, opp Cheviot Avenue 16:33
Pike Hill, by Thornton Arms 16:34
Brownside Bridge (by) 16:34
Brownside, by Townfield Avenue 16:35
Worsthorne, by Heckenhurst Avenue 16:36
Worsthorne, opp Primary School 16:37
Worsthorne, o/s Church Square 16:38
Worsthorne, by Primary School 16:38
Brownside, opp Heckenhurst Avenue 16:38
Brownside, opp Townfield Avenue 16:39
Brownside Bridge (opp) 16:39
Pike Hill, opp Thornton Arms 16:39
Pike Hill, by Cheviot Avenue 16:40
Pike Hill, by The Brunshaw 16:40
Pike Hill, o/s Methodist Church 16:40
Pike Hill, opp Waddington Avenue 16:40
Pike Hill, opp Slaidburn Avenue 16:41
Pike Hill, by Belmont Grove 16:41
Pike Hill, by Chiltern Avenue 16:41
Pike Hill, by Buttermere Road 16:42
Cliviger, opp Dyneley Avenue 16:42
Cliviger, by Red Lees Road 16:43
Cliviger, opp Hillcrest Avenue 16:43
Cliviger, by Salterford Lane 16:43
Cliviger, by Foxstones Lane 16:44
Mereclough, by Fighting Cocks 16:45
Over Town, by Moorland View 16:45
Over Town, opp Mount Lane 16:45
Holme Chapel, opp Honey Holme Lane 16:46
Holme Chapel, o/s Police Station 16:47
Holme Chapel, by Burnley Road 16:47
Cliviger, by Village Hall 16:47
Holme Chapel, opp Ram Inn 16:48
Holme Chapel, by Rattenclough Layby 16:49
Holme Chapel, by Lowe Plantation 16:49
Holme Chapel, by Bradget Hey 16:50
Holme Chapel, by Ratten Clough Wood 16:51
Holme Chapel, by Dean Farm 16:51
Portsmouth (S bound) 16:52
Portsmouth, after Burnley Road Durn St 16:52
Portsmouth, at Cornholme Junior & Infant 16:52
Portsmouth, at Burnley Road Daisy Bank St 16:53
Cornholme, adj Burnley Rd Oakleigh Terrace 16:53
Cornholme, at Burnley Road Post Office 16:54
Cornholme Holme House Road 16:54
Cornholme, adj Burnley Road Station Rd 16:54
Cornholme, adj Burnley Rd Dundee Road 16:54
Lydgate, adj Burnley Road Knotts Rd 16:55
Lydgate, opp The Railway PH 16:55
Lydgate, adj Burnley Rd Church Road 16:56
Lydgate, adj Burnley Rd Orchard Rd 16:56
Lydgate, opp Scaitcliffe Hall 16:57
Lydgate Todmorden High School 16:57
Todmorden, opp Centre Vale Park 16:57
Todmorden Burnley Rd Ferney Lee Road 16:57
Todmorden, opp Burnley Road J&I School 16:58
Todmorden Bus Station stand E 16:59

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