112 - SERVICE - Devonport - Weston Mill - Ernesettle - Whitleigh - Notre Dame School Bus

A bus service operated by Plymouth Citybus


Pennycomequick St Barnabas Court (W-bound) 07:20
Plymouth Victoria Avenue (SW-bound) 07:20
Stoke Wilton Street (SW-bound) 07:21
Plymouth Millbridge (SE-bound) 07:22
Plymouth Stoke Road (SE-bound) 07:23
Stonehouse High Street (W-bound) 07:25
Stonehouse Richmond Walk (W-bound) 07:27
Mount Wise Village by the Sea (NW-bound) 07:28
Mount Wise Cumberland Gardens (W-bound) 07:29
Mount Wise Sutton Court (SE-bound) 07:29
Mount Wise Clowance Street (SW-bound) 07:30
Mount Wise Prospect Row (SW-bound) 07:30
Mount Wise Primary School (NW-bound) 07:31
Mount Wise James Street (NE-bound) 07:32
Mount Wise Duke Street (E-bound) 07:32
Devonport Chapel Street (NW-bound) 07:34
Devonport Granby Way (N-bound) 07:36
Devonport Washborne Tower (N-bound) 07:36
Devonport UTC Plymouth (NW-bound) 07:37
Devonport Albert Gate (W-bound) 07:37
Devonport Keyham Road Flats (N-bound) 07:38
Keyham Saltash Road (NW-bound) 07:39
Keyham Goschen Centre (NW-bound) 07:40
Keyham Saltash Road (NE-bound) 07:41
Keyham HMS Drake (N-bound) 07:42
Keyham Admiralty Street North (SE-bound) 07:43
Keyham Court (SE-bound) 07:43
Ford Royal Navy Avenue (E-bound) 07:44
Ford Ocean Street (E-bound) 07:45
Keyham Recreation Ground (E-bound) 07:45
Ford North Down Gardens (E-bound) 07:46
Ford Henderson Place (NE-bound) 07:47
North Prospect North Down Crescent (W-bound) 07:48
Camel’s Head Saltash Road (adjacent) 07:49
Camels Head Dockyard (NW-bound) 07:50
Camel’s Head Carlton Terrace Bungalows (NW-bound) 07:50
Camel’s Head Carlton Terrace (NW-bound) 07:51
Weston Mill St Phillips Church (NE-bound) 07:52
Weston Mill Church Way Bottom (NE-bound) 07:53
Weston Mill Church Way Top (NW-bound) 07:54
Weston Mill Bridwell Road Top (NW-bound) 07:54
King’s Tamerton Moor Lane (NW-bound) 07:55
King’s Tamerton Weston Mill Road (N-bound) 07:55
King’s Tamerton Marine Academy (N-bound) 07:57
King’s Tamerton Plaistow School (N-bound) 07:57
King’s Tamerton Priestley Avenue (N-bound) 07:58
Ernesettle Crescent (N-bound) 07:59
Ernesettle Crescent West (NW-bound) 08:00
Ernesettle Lane RNAD (NW-bound) 08:01
Ernesettle Northolt Avenue (E-bound) 08:03
Ernesettle Northolt Avenue (N-bound) 08:03
Ernesettle Northolt Avenue (SE-bound) 08:04
Ernesettle Maidstone Place (E-bound) 08:05
Ernesettle Bull and Bush (E-bound) 08:06
Ernesettle Biggin Hill (E-bound) 08:06
Ernesettle Mill Ford School (S-bound) 08:07
Ernesettle Biggin Hill (SW-bound) 08:08
West Park Budshead Road (E-bound) 08:09
Whitleigh Milford Lane (NE-bound) 08:10
Whitleigh Westbury Close (SE-bound) 08:11
Whitleigh Shrewsbury Road (NW-bound) 08:12
Whitleigh Oakham Road (NW-bound) 08:13
Whitleigh Brentford Avenue (N-bound) 08:13
Whitleigh Hereford Road (SE-bound) 08:14
Whitleigh Aylesbury Crescent (SE-bound) 08:14
Whitleigh Woodfield Primary (SE-bound) 08:15
Whitleigh Shrewsbury Road East (SE-bound) 08:16
Whitleigh Warwick Avenue (SE-bound) 08:17
Whitleigh Court (E-bound) 08:17
Whitleigh Bodmin Road East (SE-bound) 08:18
Crownhill Christian Mill (NE-bound) 08:19
Southway Tamerton Foliot Road Hill (N-bound) 08:20
Southway Frontfield Crescent (E-bound) 08:23
Derriford Warleigh Crescent (E-bound) 08:26
Derriford Notre Dame School Grounds (NE-bound) 08:30


Derriford Notre Dame School Grounds (NE-bound) 15:40
Derriford Warleigh Crescent (W-bound) 15:41
Southway Frontfield Crescent (W-bound) 15:42
Southway Tamerton Foliot Road Hill (S-bound) 15:44
Whitleigh Lancaster Gardens (NW-bound) 15:45
Whitleigh Bodmin Road East (W-bound) 15:45
Whitleigh Court (W-bound) 15:46
Whitleigh Appleby Walk (NW-bound) 15:46
Whitleigh Shrewsbury Road East (NW-bound) 15:47
Whitleigh Brentford Avenue East (NW-bound) 15:48
Whitleigh Aylesbury Crescent (NW-bound) 15:49
Whitleigh Hereford Road (NW-bound) 15:50
Whitleigh Brentford Avenue West (S-bound) 15:51
Whitleigh Oakham Road (SE-bound) 15:52
Whitleigh Shrewsbury Road (SW-bound) 15:52
Whitleigh Westbury Close (W-bound) 15:53
Whitleigh Canterbury Drive (SW-bound) 15:53
West Park Budshead Road (SW-bound) 15:55
Ernesettle Budshead Road West (W-bound) 15:55
Ernesettle Millford School (NW-bound) 15:56
Ernesettle Biggin Hill (W-bound) 15:57
Ernesettle Bull and Bush (W-bound) 15:58
Ernesettle Hawkinge Gardens West (NW-bound) 15:58
Ernesettle Northolt Avenue (NW-bound) 15:59
Ernesettle New Chivenor Avenue (W-bound) 16:00
Ernesettle Lane RNAD (SE-bound) 16:01
Ernesettle Lane Top (SE-bound) 16:03
King’s Tamerton Priestley Avenue (S-bound) 16:05
King’s Tamerton Plaistow School (SW-bound) 16:05
King’s Tamerton Marine Academy (S-bound) 16:06
King’s Tamerton Moor Lane (SE-bound) 16:07
Weston Mill Bridwell Road Top (SE-bound) 16:08
Weston Mill Church Way Top (SE-bound) 16:08
Weston Mill Church Way Bottom (SW-bound) 16:09
Weston Mill Keyham Street (SW-bound) 16:10
Camel’s Head Carlton Terrace (SE-bound) 16:11
Camel’s Head York Road (SE-bound) 16:12
Camels Head School (SE-bound) 16:13
Camels Head (SE-bound) 16:14
North Prospect Cookworthy Road (SE-bound) 16:15
North Prospect Austin Avenue (SE-bound) 16:15
Ford Henderson Place (SW-bound) 16:16
Ford Moor View (W-bound) 16:17
Keyham Recreation Ground (W-bound) 16:17
Ford Royal Navy Avenue (W-bound) 16:18
Keyham Admiralty Street South (N-bound) 16:18
Keyham Admiralty Street (NW-bound) 16:20
Keyham HMS Drake (S-bound) 16:20
Keyham Johnstone Terrace (SW-bound) 16:21
Keyham Goschen Centre (SE-bound) 16:22
Keyham St Levan Gate (S-bound) 16:23
Devonport Keat Street (S-bound) 16:24
Devonport Albert Gate (E-bound) 16:25
Devonport UTC Plymouth (S-bound) 16:26
Devonport St Aubyn Road (S-bound) 16:27
Devonport Granby Way (S-bound) 16:28
Devonport Chapel Street (SE-bound) 16:28
Mount Wise Sutton Court (SE-bound) 16:29
Mount Wise Clowance Street (SW-bound) 16:30
Mount Wise Prospect Row (SW-bound) 16:31
Mount Wise Primary School (NW-bound) 16:32
Mount Wise James Street (NE-bound) 16:33
Mount Wise Duke Street (E-bound) 16:33
Mount Wise Raglan gardens (E-bound) 16:35
Mount Wise Cumberland Centre (SE-bound) 16:35
Stonehouse Devonport Hill (E-bound) 16:36
Stonehouse High Street (E-bound) 16:38
Plymouth Wyndham Lane (NW-bound) 16:40
Plymouth Millbridge (NW-bound) 16:41
Stoke Wilton Street Co-op (NE-bound) 16:43
Pennycomequick St Barnabas Court (E-bound) 16:45

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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