140 - Clophill - Flitwick - Eversholt - Flitwick

A bus service operated by Flittabus


Jacques Lane - Tesco

Clophill, o/s Jacques Lane 09:0011:15
Clophill, opp St Mary's Church 09:0111:16
Clophill, adj The Green 09:0511:20
Maulden Pine View Park (SW-bound) 09:0611:21
Maulden, adj Water End Road 09:0611:21
Maulden, opp Green End 09:0711:22
Maulden, adj Redhills Close 09:0811:23
Maulden Lower School (opp) 09:0911:24
Maulden, o/s The White Hart 09:1011:25
Maulden, opp Snow Hill 09:1011:25
Ampthill, adj Rectory Lane 09:1511:30
Ampthill, opp Prince of Wales 09:1711:32
Ampthill, opp Alameda Walk 09:1711:32
Ampthill, o/s Library 09:1811:33
Ampthill, opp Grange Road 09:1911:34
Flitwick, opp 101 Garage 09:2111:36
Flitwick, opp Williams Way 09:2111:36
Flitwick, adj The Ridgeway 09:2211:37
Flitwick, o/s Post Office 09:2411:39
Flitwick Transport Interchange (Stand C) 09:2609:26s11:41s
Flitwick, o/s Tesco 09:2909:2911:44
Flitwick, opp Village Hall 09:29
Flitwick, adj Vicarage Hill 09:30
Westoning, opp Highfields Court 09:33
Westoning, opp The Chequers 09:34
Harlington Road (SW-bound) 09:38
Toddington, o/s Poplars Garden Centre 09:39
Toddington Station Road (W-bound) 09:44
Toddington, adj The Green 09:45
Toddington, adj Manor Road 09:46
Milton Bryan, opp Red Lion 09:51
Milton Bryan, opp The Manor House 09:51
Milton Bryan, opp St Peter's Church 09:52
Eversholt Church End (E-bound) 09:56
Eversholt Witts End (NE-bound) 09:58
Eversholt Higher Rads End (NW-bound) 10:00
Eversholt Water End (SE-bound) 10:02
Eversholt Lower Rads End (SE-bound) 10:02
Tingrith, adj Church Road 10:05
Steppingley Rectory Road (E-bound) 10:10
Flitwick, o/s The Rufus Centre 10:12
Flitwick, o/s Leisure Centre 10:13
Flitwick, opp Woodland Middle School 10:14
Flitwick Transport Interchange (Stand C) 10:15s
Flitwick, o/s Tesco 10:18

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Tesco - Jacques Lane

Flitwick, o/s Tesco 12:38
Flitwick Transport Interchange (Stand C) 10:1511:4112:41
Flitwick, o/s Tesco 10:1811:44
Flitwick, o/s Woodland Middle School 11:45
Flitwick, opp Leisure Centre 11:46
Flitwick, opp The Rufus Centre 11:47
Flitwick, opp Post Office 10:2012:43
Flitwick, opp The Ridgeway 10:2112:44
Flitwick, adj Williams Way 10:2212:45
Ampthill, opp Redborne Upper School 10:2312:46
Ampthill, adj Grange Road 10:2412:47
Ampthill, opp Library 10:2512:48
Ampthill, adj Alameda Walk 10:2612:49
Ampthill, opp Rectory Lane 10:2712:50
Maulden, adj Snow Hill 10:3012:53s
Maulden, opp The White Hart 08:5010:3212:55s
Maulden Lower School (adj) 08:5110:3312:56s
Maulden, opp Redhills Close 08:5110:3312:56s
Steppingley Rectory Road (W-bound) 11:50
Maulden Green End (E-bound) 08:5210:3412:57s
Tingrith, opp Church Road 11:57
Maulden, opp Water End Road 08:5310:3512:58s
Maulden Pine View Park (NE-bound) 08:5410:3612:59s
Clophill, opp The Green 08:5510:3713:00s
Clophill, o/s St Mary's Church 08:5810:4013:03s
Clophill, opp Jacques Lane 09:0010:4213:05
Eversholt Lower Rads End (NW-bound) 12:00
Eversholt Water End (SE-bound) 12:02
Eversholt Higher Rads End (NW-bound) 12:04
Eversholt Witts End (SW-bound) 12:06
Eversholt Church End (W-bound) 12:07
Milton Bryan, adj St Peter's Church 12:11
Milton Bryan, adj The Manor House 12:12
Milton Bryan, o/s Red Lion 12:13
Toddington, opp Manor Road 12:20
Toddington, adj The Green 12:22
Toddington Station Road (NE-bound) 12:23
Toddington, o/s Poplars Garden Centre 12:28
Harlington Road (NE-bound) 12:28
Westoning, adj The Chequers 12:33
Westoning, o/s Highfields Court 12:34
Flitwick, opp Vicarage Hill 12:36
Flitwick, adj Village Hall 12:37
Flitwick, o/s Tesco 12:38s
Flitwick Transport Interchange (Stand C) 12:41

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 24 May 2024