15A - Perth - St Fillans or Stirling

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland

Perth - St Fillans or Stirling

Perth Bus Station (Stance 06) 10:0512:0515:05
Perth Scott Street (Stop U) 10:1412:1415:14
Perth Kinnoull Street (Stop T) 10:1512:1515:15
Perth Kinnoull Street (Stop R) 10:1512:1515:15
Perth Barrack Street (Stop ZR) 10:1712:1715:17
Muirton, at Royal Bank of Scotland 10:1812:1815:18
Muirton, at Viewfield Place 10:1912:1915:19
Hillyland, at Unity Terrace 10:2012:2015:20
Hillyland, at College 10:2112:2115:21
Hillyland Crieff Road (at 144) 10:2212:2215:22
Hillyland, opp Stevens Place 10:2312:2315:23
Hillyland, opp McDiarmid Park 10:2412:2415:24
Hillyland, opp Tesco 10:2512:2515:25
East Huntingtower, opp Castle Brae 10:2612:2615:26
Huntingtower, at Mountview 10:2712:2715:27
Almondbank, opp Lochty 10:2812:2815:28
Almondbank, at Tibbermore Road End 10:3112:3115:31
Methven, at Jubilee Park 10:3412:3415:34
Methven Arms (at) 10:3512:3515:35
Methven, at Garage 10:3512:3515:35
Keillour, opp Craigend Road End 10:3812:3815:38
Wester Keillour Road End (opp) 10:3912:3915:39
Mains of Gorthy, opp Burnbrae Garage 10:4012:4015:40
Mains of Gorthy, opp Aldie Road End 10:4112:4115:41
Mains of Gorthy, at Madderty Road End 10:4212:4215:42
New Fowlis, opp Fowlis Wester Road End 10:4412:4415:44
Milton of Abercairny, at Abercairny Cottage 10:4612:4615:46
Gilmerton, opp Auchilhanzie 10:4712:4715:47
Gilmerton, opp Grahame Terrace 10:4812:4815:48
Crieff, opp Golf Course 10:5112:5115:51
Crieff, at Ochill View Gardens 10:5212:5215:52
Crieff, at Dollerie Terrace 10:5212:5215:52
Crieff, at Ramsay Street 10:5312:5315:53
Crieff, at RS McColl 10:5312:5315:53
Crieff, at Meadow Place 10:5612:5615:56
Crieff, opp Sauchie Road 10:5612:5615:56
Crieff, opp Chapel Road 10:5712:5715:57
Crieff, at McHaney Court 10:5712:5715:57
Crieff, opp Visitor Centre 10:5712:5715:57
Crieff, at Templemill Road End 11:0013:0016:00
Muthill, at Post Office 11:0313:0316:03
Muthill, opp Willoughby Street 11:0313:0316:03
Muthill, opp Lintibert Road 11:0413:0416:04
Braco, at Orchil Castle 11:1013:1016:10
Braco, at Berrydyke Farm 11:1313:1316:13
Braco, opp Comrie road end 11:1413:1416:14
Braco, opp Feddal Road 11:1513:1516:15
Braco, opp Smiddy Brae 11:1513:1516:15
Braco, opp Greenhaugh Way 11:1513:1516:15
Greenloaning, opp Allanbank Inn 11:1713:1716:17
Greenloaning, at Millhill View 11:1813:1816:18
Greenloaning Farm (at) 11:1813:1816:18
Mains of Balhaldie, opp Woodside Cottage 11:2113:2116:21
Mains of Balhaldie, at Balhaldie Filling Station 11:2213:2216:22
Glassingall Gateside (opp) 11:2313:2316:23
Dunblane, opp Duthieston House 11:2513:2516:25
Dunblane, at Queen Victoria School 11:2613:2616:26
Dunblane, at Kippendavie Road 11:2613:2616:26
Dunblane Ramoyle (opp and before) 11:2713:2716:27
Dunblane, opp Bogside 11:2713:2716:27
Dunblane, after Newton Loan 11:2713:2716:27
Dunblane, opp Police Station 11:2813:2816:28
Dunblane, at Bowling Green 11:2813:2816:28
Dunblane, before Keir Roundabout 11:3113:3116:31
Bridge of Allan, opp Lecropt Kirk 11:3413:3416:34
Bridge of Allan, opp Railway Station 11:3513:3516:35
Bridge of Allan, opp Inverallan Road 11:3513:3516:35
Bridge of Allan, opp Fountain Road 11:3613:3616:36
Bridge of Allan Police Station (opp and after) 11:3713:3716:37
Bridge of Allan Graham Street (opp and after) 11:3713:3716:37
Bridge of Allan, at Coneyhill Road 11:3813:3816:38
Bridge of Allan, opp Grahams Dairy 11:3913:3916:39
Bridge of Allan, before University Entrance 11:3913:3916:39
Causewayhead, before University Main Entrance 11:3913:3916:39
Causewayhead University Bus Hub (Eastbound) 11:4113:4116:41
Causewayhead, after University Main Entrance 11:4313:4316:43
Causewayhead, at Institute of Sport 11:4413:4416:44
Causewayhead Wallace High School (opp and after) 11:4513:4516:45
Causewayhead Easter Cornton Road (opp and before) 11:4613:4616:46
Causewayhead, opp Cleuch Road 11:4613:4616:46
Causewayhead Dumyat Road (opp and before) 11:4713:4716:47
Causewayhead Buchanan Drive (opp and after) 11:4713:4716:47
Stirling Cornton Road (opp and after) 11:4813:4816:48
Stirling, opp Orchard House Hospital 11:4913:4916:49
Stirling, opp The Cowane Centre 11:5013:5016:50
Stirling, before Wallace Street 11:5013:5016:50
Stirling Bus Station (Stance 14) 11:5213:5216:52

St Fillans or Stirling - Perth

Stirling Bus Station (Stance 3) 12:0015:0017:35
Stirling, at Stance A 12:0115:0117:36
Stirling, at The Cowane Centre 12:0215:0217:37
Stirling, at Orchard House Hospital 12:0315:0317:38
Causewayhead, before Buchanan Drive 12:0515:0517:40
Causewayhead, after Dumyat Road 12:0515:0517:40
Causewayhead, before Cleuch Road 12:0615:0617:41
Causewayhead, before Easter Cornton Road 12:0615:0617:41
Causewayhead Wallace High School (near) 12:0715:0717:42
Causewayhead, opp Institute of Sport 12:0815:0817:43
Causewayhead, before University Main Entrance 12:0915:0917:44
Causewayhead University Bus Hub (Eastbound) 12:1115:1117:46
Causewayhead, after University Main Entrance 12:1315:1317:48
Bridge of Allan, after University Entrance 12:1315:1317:48
Bridge of Allan Coneyhill Road (opp and after) 12:1415:1417:49
Bridge of Allan, before Graham Street 12:1515:1517:50
Bridge of Allan, at Police Station 12:1615:1617:51
Bridge of Allan, opp Royal Hotel 12:1615:1617:51
Bridge of Allan, at Westerton Arms 12:1615:1617:51
Bridge of Allan, at Inverallan Road 12:1715:1717:52
Bridge of Allan, at Railway Station 12:1815:1817:53
Bridge of Allan, at Lecropt Kirk 12:1915:1917:54
Dunblane, after Keir Roundabout 12:2315:2317:58
Dunblane, opp Bowling Green 12:2715:2718:02
Dunblane, at Police Station 12:2815:2818:03
Dunblane, opp Newton Loan 12:2915:2918:04
Dunblane, after Bogside 12:2915:2918:04
Dunblane, after Ramoyle 12:2915:2918:04
Dunblane Kippendavie Road (opp and before) 12:3015:3018:05
Glassingall Gateside (at) 12:3315:3318:08
Mains of Balhaldie, opp Balhaldie Filling Station 12:3515:3518:10
Mains of Balhaldie, at Woodside Cottage 12:3615:3618:11
Greenloaning, opp Millhill Drive 12:3915:3918:14
Greenloaning, opp Sherrifmuir Close 12:3915:3918:14
Greenloaning, opp Millhill View 12:4015:4018:15
Greenloaning, at Allanbank Inn 12:4015:4018:15
Braco, at Greenhaugh Way 12:4315:4318:18
Braco, at Smiddy Brae 12:4315:4318:18
Braco, at Feddal Road 12:4315:4318:18
Braco, at Comrie road end 12:4415:4418:19
Braco, opp Berrydyke Farm 12:4515:4518:20
Braco, opp Orchil Castle 12:4915:4918:24
Muthill, at Pitkellony Street 12:5515:5518:30
Muthill, at Willoughby Street 12:5615:5618:31
Muthill, opp Post Office 12:5615:5618:31
Crieff, opp Templemill Road End 13:0016:0018:35
Crieff, at Visitor Centre 13:0216:0218:37
Crieff, opp McHaney Court 13:0316:0318:38
Crieff, at Chapel Road 13:0316:0318:38
Crieff, at Sauchie Road 13:0416:0418:39
Crieff, opp Meadow Place 13:0416:0418:39
Crieff, at Hill Street 13:0516:0518:40
Crieff, opp Dollerie Terrace 13:1116:1118:41
Crieff, opp Ochill View Gardens 13:1116:1118:41
Crieff, at Golf Course 13:1216:1218:42
Gilmerton, at Grahame Terrace 13:1516:1518:45
Gilmerton, at Auchilhanzie 13:1616:1618:46
Milton of Abercairny, opp Abercairny Cottage 13:1716:1718:47
New Fowlis, at Fowlis Wester Road End 13:1916:1918:49
Mains of Gorthy, opp Madderty Road End 13:2216:2218:52
Mains of Gorthy, at Aldie Road End 13:2316:2318:53
Mains of Gorthy, at Burnbrae Garage 13:2416:2418:54
Wester Keillour Road End (at) 13:2516:2518:55
Keillour, at Craigend Road End 13:2716:2718:57
Methven, opp Garage 13:3016:3019:00
Methven Arms (opp) 13:3016:3019:00
Methven, opp Jubilee Park 13:3116:3119:01
Almondbank, opp Tibbermore Road End 13:3416:3419:04
Almondbank, at Lochty 13:3716:3719:07
Huntingtower, opp Mountview 13:3816:3819:08
East Huntingtower, at Castle Brae 13:3916:3919:09
Hillyland Tesco (Stop C) 13:4016:4019:10
Hillyland, at McDiarmid Park 13:4116:4119:11
Hillyland Crieff Road (opp 144) 13:4316:4319:13
Hillyland, opp College 13:4416:4419:14
Hillyland, opp Unity Terrace 13:4716:4719:17
Muirton, opp Viewfield Place 13:4816:4819:18
Muirton, opp Royal Bank of Scotland 13:5016:5019:20
Perth, opp Retail Park 13:5116:5119:21
Perth South Methven Street (Stop I) 13:5316:5319:23
Perth Bus Station (Stances) 13:5516:5519:25

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 18 May 2024

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