174 - Callington - Callywith College

A bus service operated by Go Cornwall Bus

Monday to Friday, Callywith College days (not bank holidays) until Friday 19 July 2024

Callington - Callywith College

Callington New Road (N-bound) 07:40
Callington, opp Primary School 07:40
Callington Caradon Close (S-bound) 07:41
Callington Lansdowne Road (W-bound) 07:42
Callington Werrington Drive (S-bound) 07:43
Newbridge, opp Telephone Box 07:45
St Ive, adj Gravel Pit A390 07:48
Keason Cottages (SW-bound) 07:49
St Ive Cross Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 07:50
St Ive, opp Butchers Arms 07:51
Pensilva Industrial Estate (NW-bound) 07:56
Pensilva The Cross (SE-bound) 07:58
Pensilva, opp School Road 07:58
Pensilva, opp Belmont Park 07:59
Pensilva Glen Park (W-bound) 07:59
Pensilva Tokenbury Corner (W-bound) 08:00
Crows Nest Inn (opp) 08:05
Darite Telephone Box (SW-bound) 08:07
Darite, opp Hendra Farm 08:07
Higher Tremarcoombe Ply Cottages (W-bound) 08:08
Common Moor, opp Commonmoor Turn 08:11
St Cleer, opp Market Inn 08:15
St Cleer Kilmar Way (NE-bound) 08:15
St Cleer Primary School (opp) 08:15
St Cleer Trecarne Gate (S-bound) 08:16
Tremar Lower Meadow Park (W-bound) 08:17
Tremar Telephone Box (SE-bound) 08:18
Tremar Lane (S-bound) 08:18
Tremar Horizon Farm (S-bound) 08:19
Liskeard, opp Trevecca Cottages 08:23
Liskeard, opp Football Ground 08:24
Liskeard Portland Terrace (S-bound) 08:24
Liskeard Cornwall Council Offices (SW-bound) 08:25
Liskeard Post Office (S-bound) 08:27
Liskeard Gipsy Lane (W-bound) 08:30
Doublebois Cross Roads (W-bound) 08:34
Bodmin Parkway Station (E-bound) 08:45
Turfdown Roundabout (NW-bound) 08:50
Cooksland, opp Newtons Margate 08:53
Bodmin Cooksland Industrial Estate (N-bound) 08:54
Bodmin Business Park (opp) 08:55
Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 08:57

Callywith College - Callington

Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 16:40
Bodmin Business Park (o/s) 16:42
Bodmin, opp Cooksland Industrial Estate 16:44
Cooksland, o/s Newtons Maragte 16:44
Turfdown, opp Roundabout 16:48
Bodmin Parkway Station (E-bound) 16:55
Drawbridge Halfway House (E-bound) 17:00
Doublebois Cross Roads (E-bound) 17:05
Liskeard Gipsy Lane Junction (E-bound) 17:11
Liskeard Lloyds Bank (N-bound) 17:13
Liskeard Cornwall Council Offices (NE-bound) 17:16
Liskeard, opp Addington 17:16
Liskeard St Cleer Road Junction (N-bound) 17:16
Liskeard, opp Portland Terrace 17:16
Liskeard Lux Park (N-bound) 17:17
Liskeard Trevecca Cottages (N-bound) 17:18
Tremar Horizon Farm (N-bound) 17:21
Tremar Lane (N-bound) 17:22
Tremar, opp Telephone Box 17:23
Tremar Lower Meadow Park (N-bound) 17:24
St Cleer Trecarne Gate (N-bound) 17:24
St Cleer Primary School (W-bound) 17:26
St Cleer, opp Kilmar Way 17:26
St Cleer Market Inn (SW-bound) 17:27
St Cleer Humphreys Close (W-bound) 17:27
St Cleer, o/s Sports Field 17:28
Common Moor Commonmoor Turn (NE-bound) 17:29
Higher Tremarcoombe, opp Ply Cottages 17:31
Darite Hendra Farm (SE-bound) 17:32
Darite, opp Telephone Box 17:33
Crows Nest Inn (E-bound) 17:35
Pensilva Tokenbury Corner (NE-bound) 17:39
Pensilva, opp Glen Park 17:40
Pensilva Belmont Park (E-bound) 17:41
Pensilva School Road (E-bound) 17:42
Pensilva The Cross (SE-bound) 17:43
Pensilva Industrial Estate (SE-bound) 17:43
St Ive Butchers Arms (E-bound) 17:48
St Ive Cross, opp Bus Shelter 17:48
Keason Cottages (NE-bound) 17:49
St Ive, opp Gravel Pit A390 17:50
Newbridge Telephone Box (E-bound) 17:52
Callington, opp Werrington Drive 17:54
Callington Westover Road (S-bound) 17:55
Callington Caradon Close (N-bound) 17:56
Callington Primary School (N-bound) 17:58
Callington New Road (N-bound) 18:00

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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