17K - Faulds Gate - Kirkhill Ind Estate

Operated by First Aberdeen

Faulds Gate - Kirkhill Ind Estate

Kincorth, opp Slessor Drive 05:4006:2007:00
Kincorth, opp Cruickshank Crescent 05:4106:2107:01
Kincorth, at Gardner Road 05:4106:2107:01
Kincorth, at Hetherwick Road 05:4206:2207:02
Kincorth, opp Deevale Gardens 05:4306:2307:03
Kincorth, at Deevale Terrace 05:4406:2407:04
Kincorth, opp Abbotswell School 05:4406:2407:04
Kincorth, at Faulds Crescent Path 05:4506:2507:05
Kincorth, at Faulds Gate 05:4606:2607:06
Kincorth, at Abbotswell Drive 05:4606:2607:06
Kincorth Crescent (opp) 05:4606:2607:06
Ferryhill, opp Duthie Park 05:4806:2807:08
Ferryhill Great Southern Road (o/s 82) 05:4906:2907:09
Ferryhill Bright Street (adj 32) 05:5006:3007:10
Ferryhill, adj Sycamore Place 05:5106:3107:11
Ferryhill, opp Devanha Gardens 05:5106:3107:11
Ferryhill Road (at) 05:5206:3207:12
Ferryhill, opp Abbotsford Place 05:5306:3307:13
Ferryhill, opp Millburn Street 05:5406:3407:14
Aberdeen, opp Affleck Street 05:5606:3607:16
Aberdeen, opp Crown Terrace 05:5806:3807:18
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C3) 05:5906:3907:19
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F4) 06:0106:4107:21
Aberdeen Adelphi (Stop G1) 06:0206:4207:22
Aberdeen Broad Street (Stop H1) 06:0306:4307:23
Aberdeen Bon Accord Centre (Stop K2) 06:0606:4607:26
Aberdeen, at Craigie Street 06:0706:4707:27
Aberdeen, opp Catherine Street 06:0806:4807:28
Aberdeen Charles Street (at 489) 06:0906:4907:29
Aberdeen, at Fraser Street 06:1006:5007:30
Aberdeen, at Millbank Place 06:1106:5107:31
Kittybrewster Erskine Street (NW-bound) 06:1106:5107:31
Kittybrewster, at Ashgrove Road 06:1206:5207:32
Kittybrewster, at Northern Hotel (Stop A) 06:1206:5207:33
Kittybrewster, at Burnett Place 06:1306:5307:34
Woodside, opp Barron Street 06:1406:5407:35
Woodside, opp Don Street 06:1506:5507:35
Woodside, at Queen Street 06:1506:5507:36
Woodside, at Society Lane 06:1606:5607:37
Woodside, at Anderson Road 06:1606:5607:37
Woodside, at Smithfield Lane 06:1706:5707:38
Woodside, at North Anderson Drive 06:1806:5807:39
Scatterburn, before Manor Drive 06:1906:5907:40
Scatterburn, after Manor Drive 06:1906:5907:40
Bucksburn, at Auchmill Terrace 06:2007:0007:41
Bucksburn, at Cairnfield Place 06:2207:0207:43
Bucksburn, at Newton Terrace 06:2307:0307:44
Bucksburn, at Howes Road 06:2407:0407:45
Bankhead, at Cloverfield Gardens 06:2607:0607:47
Bankhead, at Stoneyton Terrace 06:2607:0607:47
Bankhead Greenburn Drive (NE-bound) 06:2707:0707:48
Bankhead Road (at) 06:2707:0707:48
Bankhead, opp Millhill Brae 06:2707:0707:48
Bankhead, adj Greenburn Drive 06:2807:0807:49
Stoneywood, opp Beech Manor 06:2907:0907:50
Stoneywood, at Market Street 06:3007:1007:51
Stoneywood, opp Polo Gardens 06:3007:1007:51
Stoneywood Park (opp) 06:3107:1107:52
Dyce, opp Riverview Drive 06:3207:1207:53
Dyce, at Farburn Terrace 06:3307:1307:54
Dyce, at Skene Place 06:3407:1407:55
Dyce, opp Gladstone Place 06:3407:1407:55
Dyce, opp Pitmedden Drive 06:3507:1507:56
Dyce, opp Kirkton Avenue 06:3607:1607:57
Kirkhill Drive (at) 06:4107:2108:02
Kirkhill, at Howe Moss Road 06:4307:2308:04

Kirkhill Ind Estate - Faulds Gate

Kirkhill, at Howe Moss Road 16:2117:12
Kirkhill, adj Howe Moss Drive 06:4507:2508:0516:0316:4317:26
Kirkhill Howe Moss Crescent (N-bound) 06:4607:2608:0616:0416:4417:27
Kirkhill, at Howe Moss Avenue 06:4707:2708:0716:0516:4517:28
Kirkhill, opp Howe Moss Place 06:4707:2708:0716:0516:4517:28
Kirkhill, adj Howe Moss Terrace 06:4807:2808:0816:0616:4617:29
Kirkhill, opp Howe Moss Terrace 06:4807:2908:0916:0716:4717:30
Kirkhill Dyce Drive (E-bound) 06:5007:3108:1116:0916:4917:32
Aberdeen Airport, at Buchan Road 06:5107:3108:1116:0916:4917:32
Aberdeen Airport, opp Montrose Road 06:5107:3208:1216:1016:5017:33
Aberdeen Airport, at Argyll Way 06:5307:3408:1416:1216:5217:35
Wellheads, opp International View 06:5407:3508:1516:1316:5317:36
Wellheads Terrace (opp) 06:5707:3808:1816:1616:5617:39
Wellheads Way (opp) 06:5707:3908:1916:1716:5717:40
Wellheads, opp Farburn Terrace 06:5807:4008:2016:1816:5817:41
Dyce, at Riverview Drive 07:0007:4208:2216:2017:0017:43
Stoneywood Park (at) 16:2117:0117:44
Stoneywood, at Polo Gardens 16:2217:0217:45
Stoneywood, opp Market Street 16:2217:0217:45
Stoneywood, opp Prospect Terrace 16:2317:0317:46
Bankhead Road (at) 16:2517:0517:48
Bankhead, at Millhill Brae 16:2517:0517:48
Bankhead Road (adj) 16:2617:0617:49
Bankhead, at Greenburn Drive 16:2717:0717:50
Bankhead, opp Stoneyton Terrace 16:2717:0717:50
Bankhead, at Greenburn Drive 16:2817:0817:51
Bucksburn, opp Howes Road 16:3017:1017:53
Bucksburn, opp Newton Terrace 16:3117:1117:54
Bucksburn, opp Cairnfield Place 16:3317:1317:56
Bucksburn Auchmill Road (opp 284) 16:3417:1417:57
Bucksburn, opp Auchmill Terrace 16:3517:1517:58
Scatterburn, opp Manor Drive 16:3617:1617:59
Woodside, at Mugiemoss Road 16:3717:1718:00
Woodside, opp Smithfield Lane 16:3817:1818:01
Woodside, opp Anderson Road 16:3917:1918:02
Woodside, at Deer Road 16:4017:2018:03
Woodside, opp Grandholm Street 16:4117:2118:03
Woodside, at Don Street 16:4117:2118:04
Woodside, at Barron Street 16:4217:2218:05
Kittybrewster, opp Burnett Place 16:4417:2418:06
Kittybrewster, opp Lilybank Place 16:4417:2418:06
Kittybrewster, opp Northern Hotel 16:4517:2518:07
Kittybrewster, opp Ashgrove Road 16:4617:2618:08
Kittybrewster Erskine Street (SE-bound) 16:4617:2618:08
Aberdeen, opp Millbank Place 16:4717:2718:09
Aberdeen, opp Fraser Street 16:4917:2918:10
Aberdeen, adj Hutcheon Street 16:5017:3018:11
Aberdeen, at Gerrard Street 16:5117:3118:12
Aberdeen, at John Street 16:5317:3318:13
Aberdeen Bon Accord Centre (Stop K5) 16:5417:3418:14
Aberdeen Broad Street (Stop H2) 16:5717:3718:17
Aberdeen Adelphi (Stop G5) 16:5817:3818:18
Aberdeen St Nicholas Kirk (Stop F6) 16:5917:3918:19
Aberdeen Music Hall (Stop C5) 17:0017:4018:19
Aberdeen, at Crown Terrace 17:0017:4018:20
Aberdeen, adj Marywell Street 17:0117:4118:21
Ferryhill, at Millburn Street 17:0217:4218:22
Ferryhill, at Abbotsford Lane 17:0317:4318:23
Ferryhill, at Devanha Gardens 17:0417:4418:23
Ferryhill, adj Deemount Road 17:0517:4518:24
Ferryhill Murray Terrace (o/s 47) 17:0517:4518:25
Ferryhill, opp Allenvale Cemetary 17:0617:4618:25
Ferryhill, at Duthie Park 17:0617:4618:26
Kincorth Crescent (at) 17:0917:4918:28
Kincorth, at Abbotswell Crescent 17:0917:4918:28
Kincorth, at Provost Watt Drive 17:1017:5018:29
Kincorth, at Faulds Wynd Path 17:1017:5018:29
Kincorth, at Abbotswell School 17:1117:5118:30
Kincorth, opp Deevale Terrace 17:1217:5218:31
Kincorth, at Cairngorm Drive 17:1317:5318:32
Kincorth, at Matthews Road 17:1417:5418:33
Kincorth, at Caiesdykes Road 17:1517:5518:34
Kincorth, at Cruickshank Crescent 17:1617:5618:35
Kincorth, at Slessor Drive 17:1717:5718:36
Kincorth, opp Slessor Drive 17:1717:5718:36

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 14 June 2024

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