20 - Salisbury - Sixpenny Handley - Blandford

A bus service operated by Damory Coaches

Salisbury - Sixpenny Handley - Blandford

Pimperne Hyde Gardens (N-bound) 11:37
Salisbury South Wilts Grammar School (N-bound) 15:57
Salisbury Warwick Close (NW-bound) 15:57
Salisbury Waters Road Bottom (N-bound) 15:57
Salisbury Waters Road Top (NE-bound) 15:58
Salisbury St Francis Church (S-bound) 15:59
Salisbury Victoria Park (S-bound) 16:00
Salisbury Butts Road (S-bound) 16:01
Salisbury Milford Hall Hotel (S-bound) 16:01
Salisbury Castle Gate (S-bound) 16:02
Salisbury Castle Street (S-bound) 16:03s
Salisbury Endless Street (Stop C) 16:05
Salisbury Brown Street (S-bound) 08:4613:1116:1117:51
Salisbury St Osmunds School (S-bound) 08:4713:1216:1217:53
Salisbury New Bridge Road (S-bound) 08:4813:1316:1317:53
Salisbury Harnham Junction (S-bound) 08:4913:1316:1317:54
Salisbury Odstock Road (W-bound) 08:5013:1416:1417:54
Salisbury Francis Way (W-bound) 08:5013:1416:1417:55
Salisbury Portland Avenue (W-bound) 08:5113:1516:1517:56
Coombe Bissett, o/s Fox and Goose 08:5713:2116:2118:03
Coombe Bissett The Bungalows (S-bound) 08:5713:2116:2118:03
Martin Drove End (SW-bound) 09:0613:3016:3018:12
Martin Down Nature Reserve (SW-bound) 09:0713:3116:3118:13
Woodyates Cross Roads (SW-bound) 09:0813:3216:3218:14
Woodyates Pentridge Corner (S-bound) 09:0813:3216:3218:14
Pentridge Yewtree Garage (SW-bound) 09:0913:3316:3318:15
Sixpenny Handley Oakley Farm (SW-bound) 09:1013:3416:3418:16
Sixpenny Handley Handley Cross Roundabout (W-bound) 09:1113:3516:3518:17
Sixpenny Handley Town Farm (NW-bound) 09:1413:3816:3818:20
Sixpenny Handley The Roebuck Inn (NW-bound) 09:1513:3916:3918:21
Sixpenny Handley War Memorial (W-bound) 09:1513:3916:3918:21
Sixpenny Handley St. Mary's Close (SE-bound) 09:1513:3916:3918:21
Sixpenny Handley Frogmore Lane (SE-bound) 09:1613:4016:4018:22
Cashmoor Inn (SW-bound) 09:2113:4516:4518:27
Cashmoor Thickthorn Cross (SW-bound) 09:2213:4616:4618:28
Cashmoor Chettle Corner (SW-bound) 09:2313:4616:4618:28
Tarrant Hinton Down (SW-bound) 09:2413:4716:4718:29
Tarrant Hinton Layby (SW-bound) 09:2713:5016:5018:32
Pimperne Wellow Cottages (SW-bound) 09:3013:5316:5318:35
Pimperne Church Road (S-bound) 09:3011:3813:5316:5318:35
Pimperne Farquharson Arms (SW-bound) 09:3111:3913:5416:5418:36
Blandford Letton Lodge (SW-bound) 09:3411:4113:5616:5618:38
Blandford Rosebank Lane (SW-bound) 09:3511:4213:5716:5718:39
Blandford Salisbury Road Cemetery (SW-bound) 09:3511:4213:5716:5718:39
Blandford Hunt Road (SW-bound) 09:3611:4313:5816:5818:40
Blandford Kings Road (SW-bound) 09:3611:4313:5816:5818:40
Blandford, opp Fairfield Road 09:3711:4413:5916:5918:41
Blandford Market Place (Bay B) 09:4011:4714:0217:0218:44

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Blandford - Sixpenny Handley - Salisbury

Blandford Crown Hotel (Bay D) 07:1509:3512:0014:1516:50
Blandford Fairfield Road (NE-bound) 07:1609:3612:0114:1616:51
Blandford Norden Road (NE-bound) 07:1809:3812:0314:1816:53
Blandford Hunt Road (NE-bound) 07:1809:3812:0314:1916:53
Blandford Salisbury Road Cemetery (NE-bound) 07:1909:3912:0414:2016:54
Blandford, opp Rosebank Lane 07:2009:4012:0514:2116:55
Blandford Letton Lodge (NE-bound) 07:2009:4012:0514:2116:55
Pimperne Farquharson Arms (NE-bound) 07:2209:4212:0714:2316:57
Pimperne Hyde Gardens (N-bound) 12:08
Pimperne Church Road (N-bound) 07:2209:4214:2316:57
Pimperne Wellow Cottages (E-bound) 07:2209:4214:2316:57
Tarrant Hinton Layby (NE-bound) 07:2809:4614:2717:01
Tarrant Hinton Down (NE-bound) 07:2909:4714:2817:02
Cashmoor Chettle Corner (NE-bound) 07:3009:4814:2917:03
Cashmoor Thickthorn Cross (NE-bound) 07:3109:4914:3017:04
Cashmoor Inn (NE-bound) 07:3209:5014:3117:05
Sixpenny Handley Frogmore Lane (NW-bound) 07:3909:5514:3617:10
Sixpenny Handley St. Mary's Close (NW-bound) 07:4009:5614:3717:11
Sixpenny Handley War Memorial (E-bound) 07:4009:5614:3717:11
Sixpenny Handley The Roebuck Inn (SE-bound) 07:4109:5714:3817:12
Sixpenny Handley Town Farm (SE-bound) 07:4109:5714:3817:12
Sixpenny Handley Handley Cross Roundabout (NE-bound) 07:4410:0014:4117:15
Sixpenny Handley Oakley Farm (NE-bound) 07:4410:0014:4117:15
Pentridge Yewtree Garage (NE-bound) 07:4510:0114:4217:16
Woodyates Pentridge Corner (N-bound) 07:4610:0214:4317:17
Woodyates Cross Roads (NE-bound) 07:4810:0314:4417:18
Martin Down Nature Reserve (NE-bound) 07:4910:0314:4417:18
Martin Drove End (NE-bound) 07:5110:0514:4617:20
Coombe Bissett The Bungalows (N-bound) 07:5910:1314:5417:28
Coombe Bissett Bishopstone Turn (N-bound) 08:0010:1414:5517:29
Salisbury Portland Avenue (E-bound) 08:0810:2015:0117:35
Salisbury Francis Way (NE-bound) 08:0910:2115:0217:36
Salisbury Odstock Road (E-bound) 08:1010:2215:0317:37
Salisbury Harnham Junction (N-bound) 08:1110:2215:0317:37
Salisbury New Bridge Road (N-bound) 08:1210:2315:0417:38
Salisbury St Osmunds School (N-bound) 08:1310:2415:0517:39
Salisbury Catherine Street (N-bound) 08:1510:2515:0617:40
Salisbury New Canal (Stop U) 08:1610:2615:0717:41
Salisbury Tesco (Stop K) 08:1910:2915:10
Salisbury Endless Street (Stop C) 17:44
Salisbury, o/s Whites 08:19
Salisbury Mill Stream Approach (N-bound) 08:20
Salisbury Milford Hall Hotel (N-bound) 08:21
Salisbury Castle Roundabout (S-bound) 08:22
Salisbury Butts Road (N-bound) 08:23
Salisbury Victoria Park (NW-bound) 08:24
Salisbury South Wilts Grammar School (N-bound) 08:25

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 22 November 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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