21B - Dundee - Kirriemuir or Edzell

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSTY)


Dundee - Kirriemuir or Edzell

Dundee Seagate Bus Station (Stance 1) 07:20
Dundee Forum Centre (Stop 3) 07:23
Dundee Wellgate (Stop 2) 07:23
Hilltown, at Nelson Street 07:24
Hilltown, opp West Lyon Street 07:24
Stobswell, at Dens Road 07:25
Stobswell Road (at) 07:25
Stobswell, adj Morgan Academy 07:26
Stobswell, opp Walrond Street 07:26
Stobswell, at Lammerton Terrace 07:27
Pitkerro, nr Kingsway East 07:27
Pitkerro, at Claverhouse Road 07:28
Claverhouse, at Hebrides Drive 07:29
S Powrie Emmock Flyover (N-bound) 07:32
Shielhill Road End (opp) 07:35
Inveraldie Village (at) 07:35
Tealing, at Balmuir 07:37
Tealing Road End (at) 07:38
Todhills, at Tinkletap Farm 07:39
Happas Road End (opp) 07:40
Tarbrax Road End (at) 07:41
Muiryfaulds, at AM Philip 07:43
Gateside Village (at) 07:44
Kinnettles Road End (at) 07:46
Forfar, opp Lochlands Junction 07:50
Forfar, at Halkerton Farm Road End 07:52
Westfield Loan (at) 07:54
Gallowshade, opp Old Guide Dog Centre 07:54
Gallowshade, at Lentlands Road 07:55
Forfar, nr West Sunnyside 07:56
Forfar, at Police Station 07:57
Forfar, opp The Cross 07:57
Forfar, at Royal Bank of Scotland 07:58
Forfar, at Royal Bank of Scotland 08:05
Forfar, at Queen Street 08:05
Forfar, opp North Street Dairy 08:06
Forfar, opp Service Road 08:07
Forfar, at John Street 08:07
Forfar, at Tesco Side Entrance 08:08
Forfar, opp Zoar Inn 08:08
Forfar, at Community Campus 08:09
Bogindollo Road End (at) 08:15
Finavon Hotel (at) 08:18
Haughs of Finavon Road End (opp) 08:18
Nether Careston, at Waterston Road 08:20
Careston Crossroads (at) 08:23
Little Brechin, at Phone Box 08:40
Brechin, at Cookston Crescent 08:43
Brechin, nr St Andrew Street 08:44
Brechin, at Community Campus 08:45
Brechin, opp Vaynes Park 08:47
Brechin, opp Northern Hotel 08:50
Brechin, at CFo-op 08:50
Brechin, opp Smithbank Road 08:50
Trinity, at Golf Course 08:52
Trinity, opp Bus Shelter 08:52
Stracathro, at Learning Centre 08:59
Stracathro Hospital Diagnostic Centre (at) 09:00
Stracathro, nr Porter's Lodge 09:01
Brechin High School schooldays only

Kirriemuir or Edzell - Dundee

Stracathro, nr Porter's Lodge 15:28
Stracathro, opp Learning Centre 15:28
Trinity, at Bus Shelter 15:36
Trinity, opp Golf Course 15:37
Brechin, at Smithbank Road 15:39
Brechin, opp Mackie Motors 15:40
Brechin, nr Bank Street 15:42
Brechin, opp Northern Hotel 15:43
Brechin, nr St Andrew Street 15:48
Brechin, at Community Campus 15:50
Brechin, at Community Campus 16:00
Brechin, opp Cookston Crescent 16:01
Little Brechin, opp Phone Box 16:05
W Muir, at West Muir Road End 16:08
Careston Crossroads (at) 16:15
Careston Road End (opp) 16:16
Nether Careston, at Farm Road End 16:18
Finavon, at Easter Marcus 16:18
Haughs of Finavon Road End (at) 16:20
Finavon Hotel (opp) 16:21
Bogindollo Road End (opp) 16:23
Forfar, at Community Campus 16:29
Forfar, at Zoar Inn 16:30
Forfar, at Tesco Store 16:31
Forfar, opp Queen Street 16:34
Forfar, opp St John's Church 16:35
Forfar, opp St John's Church 16:40
Forfar, at Council Offices 16:40
Forfar, opp Police Station 16:41
Gallowshade, opp Lentlands Road 16:42
Gallowshade, nr Seat Car Showroom 16:42
Gallowshade, nr Old Guide Dog Centre 16:43
Westfield Loan (opp) 16:43
Forfar, opp Halkerton Farm Road End 16:45
Forfar, nr Lochlands Junction 16:47
Kinnettles Road End (opp) 16:51
Gateside Village (opp) 16:52
Muiryfaulds, opp AM Philip 16:53
Tarbrax Road End (opp) 16:55
Happas Road End (at) 16:56
Todhills, opp Tinkletap Farm 16:57
Tealing Road End (opp) 16:59
Inveraldie Village (opp) 17:00
Shielhill Road End (at) 17:01
S Powrie Emmock Flyover (S-bound) 17:04
Claverhouse, nr Fintry Drive 17:06
Claverhouse, opp Mill O Mains 17:07
Pitkerro, nr Morrisons 17:08
Pitkerro, at Kingsway East 17:08
Stobswell, nr Walrond Street 17:09
Stobswell, nr Morgan Academy 17:10
Stobswell, at Maitland Street 17:11
Stobswell, nr Brown Constable Street 17:11
Hilltown, at Cowan Street 17:11
Hilltown, at Victoria Street 17:12
Dundee, at Wellgate Steps 17:13
Dundee, at Murraygate 17:14
Dundee, at Marks and Spencer 17:15
Dundee, at Bus Station 17:17
Brechin High School schooldays only

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 12 February 2021

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