23A - Perth - Aberfeldy or Pitlochry

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSPH)


Perth Mill Street (Stop F) 22:15
Perth Kinnoull Street (Stop R) 22:15
Perth Barrack Street (Stop ZR) 22:16
Muirton, at Royal Bank of Scotland 22:17
Muirton, opp Asda 22:18
Muirton, at Duncansby Way 22:19
N Muirton, opp Bute Drive 22:21
N Muirton, at Holiday Inn 22:23
Luncarty, opp Denmarkfield 22:26
Luncarty, at Kirkhill House 22:27
Luncarty, opp Scarth Road 22:28
Luncarty, at Nisa 22:28
Luncarty, opp Marshall Crescent 22:29
Luncarty, at Hatton Place 22:29
Luncarty, opp Hatton Road 22:30
Luncarty House (at) 22:30
Luncarty, opp Hatton Place 22:30
Luncarty, at Marshall Crescent 22:30
Luncarty, opp Marshall Way 22:31
Luncarty, opp Milton Road 22:31
Stanley, at Gowrie Farm 22:33
Stanley, opp Cross 22:35
Stanley, opp East Brougham Street 22:35
Stanley, opp Church Hall 22:35
Stanley, opp Lynton Farm 22:36
Airntully, at Bankfoot road end 22:39
Airntully, at Stewart Tower 22:41
Bankfoot, opp Innewan Place 22:44
Bankfoot, opp Graham Court 22:45
Bankfoot, opp Newhall Street 22:45
Bankfoot, at Garry Place 22:46
Bankfoot, at Newhall Street 22:46
Bankfoot, at Graham Court 22:46
Bankfoot, at Prieston Road 22:47
Bankfoot, opp Atholl Hotel 22:47
Bankfoot, at Scotstoun 22:47
Waterloo, opp Post Box 22:49
Byres of Murthly, opp Road End 22:52
Birnam, opp Inchewan 22:57
Birnam, at Laiken 22:57
Birnam Hotel (opp) 22:58
Birnam, opp Royal School Of Dunkeld 22:58
Dunkeld, at Bruce Gardens 22:59
Royal Dunkeld Hotel (at) 23:00
Dunkeld, at North Car Park 23:01
This journey does not operate on 24 or 31 December.

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 2 March 2021

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