255 - Benenden - Hawkhurst - Lamberhurst - Pembury - Tunbridge Wells

A bus service operated by Autocar Bus & Coach Services


Wednesdays and Fridays

Benenden - Hawkhurst - Lamberhurst - Pembury - Tunbridge Wells

Benenden, adj Village Hall 09:30
Benenden, adj The Green 09:30
Benenden Crossroads (S-bound) 09:30
Iden Green, opp Church 09:33
Sandhurst, adj The Swan 09:40
Sandhurst, opp Sponden Lane 09:40
Hawkhurst, opp Foxhole Lane 09:43
Hawkhurst, adj Fairlands 09:44
Hawkhurst, opp Tudor Hall 09:45
Hawkhurst, adj All Saints Road 09:46
Hawkhurst Victoria Hall (Stop A) 09:47
Hawkhurst Highgate Hill (Stop B) 09:47
Hawkhurst, adj Copthall Avenue 09:48
Hawkhurst, opp Talbot Road 09:50
The Moor, adj The Eight Bells 09:52
The Moor, opp Avards Close 09:53
The Moor Horns Cross (W-bound) 09:55
Coopers Corner Kent Bridge (SW-bound) 09:56
Cooper's Corner (W-bound) 09:58
Flimwell, opp The Royal Oak 10:04
Kilndown, adj Quarry Centre 10:13
The Down, adj Brown Trout 10:18
The Down Sand Road (NW-bound) 10:19
Lamberhurst, opp Parish Office 10:21
Lamberhurst Quarter (N-bound) 10:26
Key’s Green, opp Beech Lane 10:27
Kippings Cross Roundabout (W-bound) 10:29
Pembury Bo-Peep Corner (Stop B) 10:31
Henwood Green, opp Sturgeon's 10:31
Henwood Green, adj Sweeps Hill Close 10:32
Henwood Green, opp Baptist Church 10:33
Henwood Green, adj Polley Close 10:33
Pembury, adj Amberleaze Drive 10:34
Pembury The Camden Arms (Stop A) 10:35
Pembury, opp The Mews 10:35
Pembury Woodsgate Corner (W-bound) 10:36
Pembury, opp Mercure Hotel 10:37
Pembury, o/s Tunbridge Wells Hospital 10:38
Pembury, adj Mercure Hotel 10:38
Pembury Woodsgate Corner (SW-bound) 10:38
Tunbridge Wells, adj Oakley School 10:40
Tunbridge Wells, opp Seven Springs Cheshire Homes 10:40
Tunbridge Wells, opp Blackhurst Lane 10:41
Tunbridge Wells Swing Gates (SW-bound) 10:41
Sherwood, opp Sandhurst Road South 10:42
Tunbridge Wells, opp Shandon Close 10:43
Tunbridge Wells, o/s Highlands House 10:44
Tunbridge Wells Calverley Road (Stop Y2) 10:44
Tunbridge Wells Monson Road (Stop N) 10:45
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial (Stop Q) 10:45
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop S) 10:47
Tunbridge Wells, adj Chapel Place 10:48
Tunbridge Wells, adj The Pantiles 10:48
Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 10:50

Tunbridge Wells - Pembury - Lamberhurst - Hawkhurst - Benenden

Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 13:28
Tunbridge Wells, opp The Pantiles 13:28
Tunbridge Wells, opp Chapel Place 13:29
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop C) 13:30
Tunbridge Wells Monson Road (Stop M) 13:33
Tunbridge Wells Calverley Road (Stop Y1) 13:33
Tunbridge Wells, adj Carlton Road 13:33
Tunbridge Wells, adj Shandon Close 13:34
Tunbridge Wells, opp Dunorlan Park 13:35
Sherwood, adj Sandhurst Road South 13:35
Tunbridge Wells Swing Gates (NE-bound) 13:36
Tunbridge Wells, adj Blackhurst Lane 13:36
Tunbridge Wells, adj Seven Springs Cheshire Homes 13:37
Tunbridge Wells, opp Oakley School 13:38
Pembury, opp Mercure Hotel 13:39
Pembury, o/s Tunbridge Wells Hospital 13:40
Pembury, adj Mercure Hotel 13:40
Pembury Woodsgate Corner (E-bound) 13:41
Pembury, adj The Mews 13:42
Pembury The Camden Arms (Stop C) 13:43
Pembury, opp Amberleaze Drive 13:43
Henwood Green, opp Polley Close 13:44
Henwood Green, adj Baptist Church 13:45
Henwood Green, opp Sweeps Hill Close 13:45
Henwood Green, adj Sturgeon's 13:46
Pembury Bo-Peep Corner (Stop D) 13:46
Kippings Cross Roundabout (SE-bound) 13:49
Key’s Green, adj Beech Lane 13:50
Lamberhurst Quarter (S-bound) 13:52
Lamberhurst, adj Parish Office 13:57
The Down Sand Road (SE-bound) 13:59
Kilndown, adj Quarry Centre 14:05
Flimwell, o/s The Royal Oak 14:10
Cooper's Corner (E-bound) 14:15
Coopers Corner Kent Bridge (NE-bound) 14:16
The Moor Horns Cross (NE-bound) 14:18
The Moor, adj Avards Close 14:19
The Moor, opp Church 14:21
Hawkhurst, opp Copthall Avenue 14:23
Hawkhurst Highgate Hill (Stop C) 14:24
Hawkhurst Victoria Hall (Stop G) 14:25
Hawkhurst, opp All Saints Road 14:25
Hawkhurst, adj Tudor Hall 14:26
Hawkhurst, opp Fairlands 14:27
Hawkhurst, adj Foxhole Lane 14:27
Sandhurst, adj Sponden Lane 14:31
Sandhurst, opp The Swan 14:32
Sandhurst, opp Sponden Lane 14:32
Iden Green, adj Church 14:39
Benenden Crossroads (N-bound) 14:42
Benenden, opp The Green 14:43
Benenden, adj Village Hall 14:44

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset