275 - High Wycombe, Bus Station - Oxford City Centre, High Street

A bus service operated by Carousel Buses

Monday to Friday and bank holidays until Friday 22 December 2023

High Wycombe, Bus Station to Oxford City Centre, High Street

High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 2) 06:5010:0513:0516:10
High Wycombe, adj Brook Street 06:5010:0513:0516:10
High Wycombe, adj Riverside 06:5110:0613:0616:11
High Wycombe, adj The White Horse PH 06:5110:0613:0616:11
High Wycombe, adj Desborough Park Road 06:5310:0813:0816:13
High Wycombe, adj Mill End Road 06:5410:0913:0916:14
High Wycombe, opp Railway Bridge 06:5510:1013:1016:15
West Wycombe, adj Park Farm Road 06:5510:1013:1016:15
West Wycombe, opp Beechwood Road 06:5610:1113:1116:16
West Wycombe, adj Village Hall 06:5710:1213:1216:17
West Wycombe, adj The Swan Inn 06:5810:1313:1316:18
Piddington Turn (Westbound) 06:59
West Wycombe, adj Cockshoot Farm 10:1413:1416:19
Piddington, adj King Street 07:00
West Wycombe Chorley Road (opp 128) 10:1513:1516:20
Piddington, o/s The Dashwood Arms PH 07:00
Bledlow Ridge Loxboro Hill (Northbound) 10:1613:1616:21
Studley Green Dashwood Hill (Westbound) 07:03
Bledlow Ridge, adj Loxborough House 10:1713:1716:22
Studley Green, opp St Francis Road 07:04
Bledlow Ridge, opp Scrubb's Lane 10:1713:1716:23
Stokenchurch Wycombe Road (Westbound) 07:06
Bledlow Ridge, opp The Old House 10:1813:1816:24
Stokenchurch New Road (o/s 35) 07:07
Bledlow Ridge, adj Old Post Office 10:1913:1916:25
Stokenchurch, adj Jubilee Road 07:07
Bledlow Ridge, opp Ford's Close 10:1913:1916:25
Stokenchurch, adj Marcourt Road 07:08
Bledlow Ridge, opp The Boot 10:1913:1916:26
Stokenchurch Marlow Road (Northbound) 07:09
Bledlow Ridge, opp Chapel Lane 10:2013:2016:27
Stokenchurch, adj Bates Industrial Estate 07:10
Bledlow Ridge, opp Rout's Green 10:2113:2116:28
Stokenchurch, opp The King's Arms Hotel 07:11
Bledlow Ridge, opp Wigan's Lane 10:2113:2116:28
Stokenchurch, o/s Medical Centre 07:11
Bledlow Ridge, adj Beechgrove Farm 10:2313:2316:30
Stokenchurch, opp Tower Farm 07:12
Chinnor Hill Red Lane (NW-bound) 10:2413:2416:32
Stokenchurch Aston Hill (Westbound) 07:13
Chinnor Hill (SW-bound) 10:2513:2516:32
Aston Rowant Aston Hill Bottom (NW-bound) 07:16
Chinnor Railway Station (W-bound) 10:2713:2716:34
Chinnor, adj Red Kite Road 10:2813:2816:36
Chinnor Railway Station (E-bound) 10:2813:2816:36
Chinnor, adj Meadow Road 10:2913:2916:37
Chinnor, opp Village Hall 10:3013:3016:38
Chinnor, o/s The Village Centre 10:3013:3016:38
Chinnor, opp The Red Lion 10:3213:3216:39
Chinnor, opp Springfield Gardens 10:3213:3216:39
Chinnor, opp Thame Road Shops 10:3313:3316:40
Chinnor, adj Cherry Tree Road 10:3413:3416:40
Chinnor, adj Estover Way 10:3513:3516:41
Chinnor, adj Hailey Croft 10:3513:3516:41
Chinnor, opp Cowleaze 10:3613:3616:41
Chinnor, o/s The Wheatsheaf 10:3613:3616:42
Crowell, o/s St Marys Church 10:3813:3816:44
Kingston Blount, o/s The Cherry Tree 10:4013:4016:45
Aston Rowant, opp Village Turn 10:4113:4116:46
Aston Rowant, o/s The Lambert Arms 07:1710:4313:4316:48
Postcombe, adj Salt Lane 07:2010:4513:4516:51
Tetsworth, adj Oak Farm Close 07:2210:4813:4816:53
Tetsworth, opp The Green 07:2310:4913:4916:54
Milton Common, o/s Common Cottage 07:2610:5213:5216:57
Camp Corner, opp Sandy Lane 07:2810:5413:5416:58
Waterstock Turn (opp) 07:3110:5613:5617:01
Waterstock, opp Five Elms Farm 07:3110:5713:5717:01
Waterstock Motorway Service Area (entrance) 07:3310:5813:5817:03
Wheatley, o/s Ashurst Court 07:3511:0014:0017:05
Wheatley, adj ASDA 07:3711:0214:0217:07
Wheatley, adj The Plough 07:3711:0214:0217:07
Wheatley, adj The Avenue 07:3811:0314:0317:08
Wheatley, adj Ambrose Rise 07:3811:0314:0317:08
Wheatley, adj The Glebe 07:4011:0414:0417:09
Wheatley Park Hill Roundabout (NW-bound) 07:4111:0514:0517:10
Forest Hill Turn (opp) 07:4511:0814:0817:13
Sandhills Thornhill Park and Ride (Stop F) 07:4911:1014:1017:15
A40 Risinghurst Turn (adj) 07:5211:1114:1117:16
Headington Green Road Roundabout (W-bound) 07:5411:1314:1317:18
Headington, adj Gladstone Road 07:5511:1414:1417:19
Headington, adj Wharton Road 07:5611:1414:1417:19
Headington Shops (Stop HS2) 07:5911:1614:1617:21
Headington, opp Sandfield Road 08:0011:1614:1617:21
Headington School (Stop B9) 08:0211:1714:1717:22
Headington Brookes University (Stop B5) 08:0411:1814:1817:23
St Clements, adj Glebe Street 08:0911:2014:2017:31
St Clements Street (Stop C) 08:1111:2114:2117:34
Oxford Queens Lane (Stop J2) 08:1711:2414:2417:42
Oxford High Street (Stop L2) 08:2011:2614:2617:47

Oxford City Centre, High Street to High Wycombe, Bus Station

Oxford High Street (Stop T2) 08:3011:3014:3518:00
Oxford Queens Lane (Stop K5) 08:3111:3114:3618:01
St Clements Street (Stop A) 08:3411:3414:3918:04
St Clements, opp South Park 08:3511:3514:4018:05
Headington Brookes University (Stop B2) 08:3811:3814:4318:08
Headington School (Stop B8) 08:3911:3914:4418:09
Headington, adj Sandfield Road 08:4011:4014:4518:10
Headington Shops (Stop HS6) 08:4311:4214:4718:13
Headington, opp Wharton Road 08:4311:4214:4718:13
Headington, opp Gladstone Road 08:4411:4314:4818:14
Headington Green Road Roundabout (E-bound) 08:4411:4314:4818:14
A40 Risinghurst Turn (opp) 08:4611:4514:5018:16
Sandhills Thornhill Park and Ride (Stop E) 08:4811:4714:5218:18
Forest Hill Turn (adj) 08:5011:4914:5418:20
Wheatley Holton Turn (just after) 08:5311:5214:5718:23
Wheatley, opp The Glebe 08:5311:5214:5718:23
Wheatley, opp Ambrose Rise 08:5411:5314:5818:24
Wheatley, opp The Avenue 08:5511:5314:5918:25
Wheatley, opp The Plough 08:5511:5314:5918:25
Wheatley, opp ASDA 08:5611:5415:0018:26
Wheatley, opp Ashurst Court 08:5611:5415:0118:26
Waterstock Motorway Service Area (entrance) 08:5911:5715:0418:29
Waterstock, o/s Five Elms Farm 08:5911:5715:0418:29
Waterstock Turn (S-bound) 09:0011:5815:0518:30
Camp Corner, adj Sandy Lane 09:0212:0015:0718:32
Milton Common, opp Common Cottage 09:0312:0115:0818:33
Tetsworth, o/s The Green 09:0812:0515:1318:38
Tetsworth, opp Oak Farm Close 09:0812:0515:1318:38
Postcombe, opp Salt Lane 09:1212:0915:1718:42
Aston Rowant, opp The Lambert Arms 09:1412:1115:1918:44
Aston Rowant, adj Village Turn 09:1512:1215:20
Aston Rowant Aston Hill Bottom (SE-bound) 18:44
Kingston Blount, opp The Cherry Tree 09:1712:1415:22
Stokenchurch Aston Hill (Eastbound) 18:47
Kingston Blount, adj Pleck Lane 09:1812:1515:23
Stokenchurch, adj Tower Farm 18:48
Crowell, opp St Marys Church 09:1912:1515:23
Stokenchurch, opp Medical Centre 18:49
Chinnor, opp The Wheatsheaf 09:2112:1815:26
Stokenchurch, o/s The King's Arms Hotel 18:50
Chinnor, adj Cowleaze 09:2212:1815:26
Stokenchurch, opp Bates Industrial Estate 18:50
Chinnor, opp Hailey Croft 09:2312:1915:27
Stokenchurch Marlow Road (Southbound) 18:50
Chinnor, opp Estover Way 09:2412:2015:28
Stokenchurch, opp Marcourt Road 18:51
Chinnor, opp Cherry Tree Road 09:2412:2015:28
Stokenchurch, opp Jubilee Road 18:51
Chinnor, o/s Thame Road Shops 09:2512:2115:29
Stokenchurch New Road (o/s 14) 18:52
Chinnor, adj Springfield Gardens 09:2512:2115:29
Stokenchurch Wycombe Road (Eastbound) 18:52
Chinnor, o/s The Red Lion 09:2612:2215:30
Studley Green, adj St Francis Road 18:55
Chinnor, opp The Village Centre 09:2812:2315:31
Studley Green, o/s The Studley Arms 18:55
Chinnor, o/s Village Hall 09:2912:2415:32
Studley Green Dashwood Hill (Eastbound) 18:55
Chinnor, opp Meadow Road 09:2912:2415:32
Piddington, opp The Dashwood Arms PH 18:57
Chinnor Railway Station (W-bound) 09:3012:2515:33
Piddington, opp King Street 18:58
Chinnor, adj Red Kite Road 09:3312:2815:36
Piddington Turn (Eastbound) 18:59
Chinnor Railway Station (E-bound) 09:3312:2815:36
Chinnor Hill (S-bound) 09:3512:3015:38
Chinnor Hill Red Lane (SE-bound) 09:3612:3115:39
Bledlow Ridge, opp Beechgrove Farm 09:3812:3315:40
Bledlow Ridge, adj Wigan's Lane 09:4012:3515:42
Bledlow Ridge, adj Rout's Green 09:4112:3615:43
Bledlow Ridge, adj Chapel Lane 09:4112:3615:43
Bledlow Ridge, o/s The Boot 09:4212:3715:44
Bledlow Ridge, adj Ford's Close 09:4312:3815:45
Bledlow Ridge, opp Old Post Office 09:4412:3915:46
Bledlow Ridge, adj The Old House 09:4412:3915:46
Bledlow Ridge, adj Scrubb's Lane 09:4412:4015:47
Bledlow Ridge, opp Loxborough House 09:4512:4015:47
Bledlow Ridge Loxboro Hill (Southbound) 09:4612:4115:48
West Wycombe Chorley Road (o/s 134) 09:4712:4315:50
West Wycombe, opp Cockshoot Farm 09:4712:4315:50
West Wycombe, opp Village Hall 09:4912:4515:5219:01
West Wycombe, adj Beechwood Road 09:5012:4615:5319:02
West Wycombe, opp Park Farm Road 09:5112:4715:5419:03
High Wycombe, adj Railway Bridge 09:5112:4715:5519:03
High Wycombe, adj Downley Turn 09:5212:4815:5619:04
High Wycombe, opp Mill End Road 09:5312:4915:5619:04
High Wycombe, opp Mill End Road East 09:5312:4915:5619:04
High Wycombe, opp Desborough Park Road 09:5412:5015:5819:06
High Wycombe, opp The White Horse PH 09:5512:5115:5919:06
High Wycombe, opp Riverside 09:5612:5216:0019:07
High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 2) 09:5812:5416:0219:09

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