2A - Ashford - Tenterden

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Tenterden - Ashford

Warehorne Crossroads (SW-bound) 07:22
Kenardington, adj High House Farm 07:25
Kenardington, adj The Wish 07:27
Kenardington, opp High House Farm 07:27
Tenterden, o/s The Vine 06:5208:5610:2512:2514:2515:4217:0517:5219:55
Tenterden, o/s Town Hall 06:5308:5810:2712:2714:2715:4417:0717:5419:56
Tenterden, adj Old Post Office 06:5308:5810:2712:2714:2715:4417:0717:5419:56
Tenterden, adj Turners Avenue 06:5308:5810:2712:2714:2715:4417:0717:5419:56
Tenterden Lime Hill (NE-bound) 06:5408:5910:2812:2814:2815:4517:0817:5519:57
Woodchurch, opp Brattle Estate 07:0309:0810:3712:3714:3815:5517:1718:0520:05
Woodchurch Surgery (adj) 07:0307:3109:0810:3712:3714:3815:5517:1718:0520:05
Woodchurch, opp Kirkwood Avenue 07:0407:3209:0910:3812:3814:3915:5617:1818:0620:06
Woodchurch, opp Bonny Cravat 07:0607:3309:1110:4012:4014:4115:5817:2018:0820:08
Shirkoak Park (adj) 07:0807:3609:1310:4212:4214:4316:0017:2218:1020:10
Woodchurch, opp Great Engeham Manor 07:1007:3909:1510:4412:4414:4516:0217:2418:1220:12
Shadoxhurst, adj Harlakenden Farm 07:1207:4209:1710:4612:4614:4716:0417:2618:1420:14
Shadoxhurst, opp Church Lane 07:1407:4609:1910:4812:4814:4916:0617:2818:1620:16
Shadoxhurst, opp Kings Head 07:1507:4709:2010:4912:4914:5016:0717:2918:1720:17
Shadoxhurst, adj Park Farm Close 07:1507:4714:5016:0717:2918:1720:17
Shadoxhurst, adj Lonefield 07:1607:4809:2110:5012:5014:5116:0817:3018:1820:17
Stubbs Cross, opp Post Office 07:1707:5009:2210:5112:5114:5216:0917:3118:1920:19
Kingsnorth Smithfields Crossroads (N-bound) 07:2007:5309:2510:5412:5414:5516:1217:3418:2220:21
Kingsnorth, adj Queens Head 07:2207:5509:2710:5612:5614:5716:1417:3618:2420:23
Kingsnorth, before Park Farm Roundabout 07:2207:5509:2710:5612:5614:5716:1417:3618:2420:23
Tesco Park Farm (o/s) 07:5709:2910:5812:58
Park Farm, adj Bluebell Close 07:5809:2910:5812:58
Park Farm, opp Bell Chapel Close 07:5909:3010:5912:59
Park Farm, adj Saw Lodge Field 08:0009:3010:5912:59
Park Farm, adj Acorn Close 08:02
Park Farm, adj Wood Lane 08:02
Park Farm, opp Wood Lane 08:03
Park Farm, opp Acorn Close 08:04
Park Farm, adj Reed Crescent 08:0509:3111:0013:00
Park Farm, opp Hawthorn Road 08:0709:3211:0113:01
Park Farm Forestall Meadow (NW-bound) 08:0809:3211:0113:01
S Ashford, adj The Limes 07:2408:1009:3511:0413:0414:5916:1617:3818:2620:25
S Ashford, opp Bungalow Stores 07:2508:1109:3611:0513:0515:0016:1717:3918:2720:26
S Ashford, opp Bramley Gardens 07:2508:1109:3611:0513:0515:0016:1717:3918:2720:26
S Ashford, adj Kingsnorth Road Post Office 07:2608:1209:3711:0613:0615:0116:1817:4018:2820:27
S Ashford, opp Cade Road 07:2608:1209:3711:0613:0615:0116:1817:4018:2820:27
S Ashford, adj The Beaver Inn 07:2708:1309:3811:0713:0715:0216:1917:4118:2920:27
S Ashford, adj Bond Road 08:14
S Ashford, adj Christchurch Road 08:14
Ashford Beaver Road Bridge (Stop H) 08:16
Ashford Elwick Road (Stop J) 08:16
Ashford County Square (Stop K) 08:18
S Ashford, adj B and Q 07:2809:3911:0813:0815:0316:2017:4218:3020:28
Ashford New Street (Stop U) 08:23
S Ashford Designer Outlet and Asda (Stop A) 07:3009:4111:1013:1015:0516:2217:4418:3220:30
Ashford International Railway Station (Stop R) 07:3609:4611:1513:1515:1016:2717:4918:3620:34
Ashford Park Street (Stop D) 07:4109:5111:2013:2015:2416:3217:5518:3920:40
Ashford, opp Catholic Church 08:25
Ashford New Street (Stop V) 08:27
Ashford, opp East Hill 08:31
Ashford, adj Star Road 08:33
Ashford, opp Mabledon Avenue 08:34
Ashford, adj The Norton Knatchbull School 08:35
This bus operates when Homewood School is closed.

Ashford - Tenterden

Ashford, opp The Norton Knatchbull School 15:48
Ashford, adj Mabledon Avenue 15:48
Ashford, opp Star Road 15:49
Ashford, adj East Hill 15:51
Ashford Park Street (Stop D) 07:5509:2511:2513:2514:3015:5316:5017:4519:00
Ashford New Street (Stop U) 15:56
Ashford, opp Catholic Church 15:58
Ashford New Street (Stop V) 16:00
Ashford County Square (Stop L) 07:5709:2711:2713:2714:3216:0216:5217:4819:02
Ashford International Railway Station (Stop R) 07:5909:2911:2913:2914:3416:0616:5417:5219:04
S Ashford, opp Christchurch Road 16:09
S Ashford, opp Bond Road 16:10
S Ashford Designer Outlet and Asda (Stop B) 08:0409:3411:3413:3414:3916:1116:5917:5719:09
S Ashford, opp B and Q 08:0409:3411:3413:3414:3916:1116:5917:5719:09
S Ashford, opp The Beaver Inn 08:0509:3511:3513:3514:4016:1117:0017:5819:10
S Ashford, adj Cade Road 08:0609:3611:3613:3614:4116:1317:0117:5919:11
S Ashford, opp Kingsnorth Road Post Office 08:0609:3611:3613:3614:4116:1317:0117:5919:11
S Ashford, adj Bramley Gardens 08:0709:3711:3713:3714:4216:1417:0218:0019:12
S Ashford, opp The Limes 08:0809:3811:3813:3814:4316:1517:0318:0119:13
Tesco Park Farm (o/s) 09:4111:4113:4114:4617:06
Park Farm, adj Bluebell Close 09:4111:4113:4114:4617:06
Park Farm, opp Bell Chapel Close 09:4211:4213:4214:4717:07
Park Farm, adj Saw Lodge Field 09:4211:4213:4214:4717:07
Park Farm, adj Reed Crescent 09:4311:4313:4314:4817:08
Park Farm, opp Hawthorn Road 09:4411:4413:4414:4917:09
Park Farm Forestall Meadow (NW-bound) 09:4511:4513:4514:5017:10
Kingsnorth, after Park Farm Roundabout 08:1009:4611:4613:4614:5116:1717:1118:0319:15
Kingsnorth, opp Queens Head 08:1209:4811:4813:4814:5316:1917:1318:0519:17
Kingsnorth Smithfields Crossroads (S-bound) 08:1309:4911:4913:4914:5416:2017:1418:0619:18
Stubbs Cross, adj Post Office 08:1609:5211:5213:5214:5716:2317:1718:0919:21
Shadoxhurst, opp Lonefield 08:1909:5511:5513:5515:0016:2617:2018:1219:23
Shadoxhurst, opp Park Farm Close 08:1909:5511:5513:5515:0016:2617:2018:1219:23
Shadoxhurst, adj Kings Head 08:1909:5511:5513:5515:0016:2617:2018:1219:23
Shadoxhurst, adj Church Lane 08:2009:5611:5613:5615:0116:2717:2118:1319:24
Shadoxhurst, opp Harlakenden Farm 08:2309:5911:5913:5915:0416:3017:2418:1619:27
Woodchurch, adj Great Engeham Manor 08:2510:0112:0114:0115:0616:3217:2618:1819:29
Shirkoak Park (opp) 08:2710:0312:0314:0315:0816:3417:2818:2019:31
Woodchurch, adj Bonny Cravat 08:3010:0612:0614:0615:1116:3717:3118:2319:34
Woodchurch, adj Kirkwood Avenue 08:3110:0712:0714:0715:1216:3817:3218:2419:35
Woodchurch Surgery (opp) 08:3210:0812:0814:0815:1316:3917:3318:2519:36
Woodchurch, adj Brattle Estate 08:3310:0912:0914:0915:1416:4017:3418:2619:37
Brook Street, opp Ditton Farm 08:3410:1012:1014:1015:1516:4117:3518:2719:38
Tenterden, adj Preston Lane 08:3810:1412:1414:1415:1916:4517:3918:3119:42
Tenterden, opp Turners Avenue 08:4110:1712:1714:1715:2216:4817:4218:3419:45
Tenterden, opp Old Post Office 08:4210:1812:1814:1815:2316:4917:4318:3519:46
Tenterden, opp Town Hall 08:4310:1912:1914:1915:2416:5017:4418:3619:47
Tenterden, opp The Vine 08:4410:2012:2014:2015:2516:5117:4518:3719:48
This bus operates when Homewood School is closed.

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 28 October 2020

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