3 - Burnley - Pike Hill

A bus service operated by The Burnley Bus Company


Burnley - Pike Hill

Burnley Bus Station (Stand 6) 07:13then hourly until15:1316:1317:1318:1318:5519:55
Queens Park, by Culvert 07:1415:1416:1417:1418:1418:5519:55
Brunshaw, by The Wellington 07:1415:1416:1417:1418:1418:5619:56
Brunshaw, opp Linby Street 07:1515:1516:1517:1518:1518:5719:57
Brunshaw, opp Mitella Street 07:1615:1616:1717:1718:1718:5819:58
Brunshaw, by Lyndhurst Road 07:1715:1716:1817:1818:1818:5819:58
Brunshaw, by Brownhill Shops 06:1907:1815:1816:1917:1918:1918:5919:59
Brunshaw, opp Deerstone Avenue 06:2007:1915:1916:2017:2018:2019:0020:00
Brunshaw, adj Brownhill Avenue 06:2107:2015:2016:2117:2118:2119:0120:01
Brunshaw, opp Longworth Avenue 06:2107:2015:2016:2117:2118:2119:0120:01
Brunshaw, by Bronte Avenue 06:2207:2115:2116:2217:2218:2219:0220:02
Pike Hill, opp The Brunshaw 06:2207:2215:2216:2317:2318:2319:0320:03
Pike Hill, opp Cheviot Avenue 06:2207:2215:2216:2317:2318:2319:0320:03
Pike Hill, opp Chiltern Avenue 06:2307:2315:2316:2417:2418:2419:0420:04

Pike Hill - Burnley

Pike Hill, opp Chiltern Avenue 06:2307:2308:2309:23then hourly until15:2316:2417:2418:2419:0420:04
Pike Hill, opp Belmont Grove 06:2307:2308:2409:2315:2316:2417:2418:2419:0420:04
Pike Hill, by Slaidburn Avenue 06:2507:2508:2509:2515:2516:2617:2618:2619:0620:06
Pike Hill, opp Roughlee Grove 06:2607:2608:2609:2615:2616:2717:2718:2719:0720:07
Brunshaw, by Kingdom Hall 06:2707:2708:2809:2715:2716:2817:2818:2819:0820:08
Brunshaw, by Mitella Street 06:2907:2908:2909:2915:2916:3017:3018:3019:1020:10
Brunshaw, by Linden Street 06:3007:3008:3109:3015:3016:3117:3118:3119:1120:11
Burnley Wood, by Hull Street 06:3107:3108:3109:3115:3116:3217:3218:3219:1220:12
Brunshaw, opp The Wellington 06:3107:3108:3209:3115:3116:3217:3218:3219:1220:12
Queens Park, adj Culvert 06:3207:3208:3309:3215:3216:3317:3318:3319:1320:13
Burnley Bus Station (Stand 0) 06:3407:3408:3509:3415:3416:3517:3518:3519:1520:15

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