308 - Inverurie - New Deer

A bus service operated by Watermill Coaches


Inverurie - New Deer

New Deer - Inverurie

New Deer, opp Culsh Terrace 05:50
New Deer, at Church Crescent 05:50
New Deer Auchreddie Road West (W bound) 05:50
New Deer, at Gellybrae 05:55
Cuminestown, at West Cairncake 05:59
Cuminestown, opp Meadow Road 06:02
Cuminestown, opp Chapel Brae 06:02
Cuminestown Thornhill Road (SW-bound) 06:02
Cuminestown Main Street (opp and before) 06:03
Cuminestown Main Street (NW bound) 06:03
Turriff, opp Johnston Park 06:13
Turriff, at Crown Street 06:14
Turriff, at Chapel Lane 06:14
Turriff High Street (W bound) 06:1509:20
Turriff Queen's Road (S bound) 06:1509:20
Turriff, opp Bridgend Terrace 06:1509:20
Turriff, at The Auld Mill 06:1609:21
Turriff Woodtown (SE bound) 06:2009:25
Castlehill, at Lendrum Junction 06:2109:26
Kirkton of Auchterless (S-bound) 06:2809:33
Rothienorman, opp Cormack Park 06:3609:40
Rothienorman, opp Gordon Place 06:3707:3309:41
Rothienorman, at Station Road 06:3707:3309:41
Meikle Wartle Drum of Wartle (SE-Bound) 06:4207:3809:46
Meikle Wartle, at The Auld Schoolhouse 06:4407:4009:48
Meikle Wartle, opp Earls Ree 06:4507:4109:49
Meikle Wartle, at Pardes of Glack 06:5007:4609:54
Daviot, at Edinmore Drive 06:5107:4709:55
Daviot Church (at) 06:5407:5009:58
Daviot, at Kirkton Park 06:5407:5009:58
Inverurie Auchencleith (SE bound) 06:5707:5310:01
Inverurie Balhalgardy (S-Bound) 07:0107:5710:05
Inverurie, at Harlaw Business Centre 07:0307:5910:07
Inverurie, at Harlaw Way 07:0307:5910:07
Inverurie, opp Queen Street 07:0307:5910:07
Inverurie, opp Garioch Road 07:0408:0010:08
Inverurie, at Burn Lane 07:0408:0010:08
Inverurie, at Town Hall 07:0508:0110:09
Inverurie, opp Middlemuir Road 10:10
Inverurie, at Davah Court 10:11
Inverurie, at Gordon House 10:12
Inverurie, at Burghmuir Circle 10:13

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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