309 - Lynmouth - Lynton - Barnstaple

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Lynmouth - Lynton - Barnstaple

Lynmouth Lyndale Coach Park (Bay 1) 12:05
Lynton Castle Hill Car Park (NE-bound) 09:1012:15
Lynton The Studio (W-bound) 09:1012:15
Lynton, opp Granville Garage 09:1012:15
Lynton Station Hill (S-bound) 09:1212:17
Lynbridge Hill (SW-bound) 09:1412:19
Barbrook Shelter (SW-bound) 09:1612:21
West Ilkerton Caffyns Cross (SW-bound) 09:1912:24
Martinhoe Cross, opp Woody Bay Station 09:2412:29
Parracombe Killington Cross (S-bound) 09:2612:31
Parracombe, nr Community Stores 09:2712:32
Parracombe, opp Fox and Goose 09:2812:33
Blackmoor Gate (W-bound) 09:3312:38
Dean Easterclose Cross (W-bound) 09:38
Kentisbury Ford, opp Shelter 09:4112:45
Arlington Beccott Arlington Court Turn (SW-bound) 09:4412:48
Arlington Brockham Bridge (SW-bound) 09:4512:49
Loxhore Cott The Warren (SW-bound) 09:5012:55
Shirwell Cross (SW-bound) 09:5312:58
Shirwell Old Post Office (SW-bound) 09:5312:58
Burridge Hillsdale (W-bound) 09:5613:01
Barnstaple North Devon District Hospital (W-bound) 09:5813:04
Barnstaple North Road (S-bound) 09:5913:05
Pilton Fire Station (SW-bound) 10:0213:07
Pilton Texaco Garage (NE-bound) 10:0313:08
Barnstaple St George's Road (E-bound) 10:0513:09
Barnstaple Charles Dart Crescent (S-bound) 10:07
Barnstaple Miller Crescent (S-bound) 10:08
Barnstaple Sunflower Road (W-bound) 10:08
Barnstaple Bear Street (W-bound) 10:1013:12
Barnstaple Barclays Bank (Stop B) 10:1313:14
Barnstaple Queen Street (Stop A) 10:1413:14
Barnstaple Bus Station (Stand K) 10:1513:15
Barnstaple Rail Station (NW-bound) 10:2513:25

Barnstaple - Lynton - Lynmouth

Barnstaple Rail Station (NW-bound) 09:4013:40
Barnstaple Bus Station (Stand K) 09:4813:50
Barnstaple Queens Theatre (Stop C) 09:4813:51
Barnstaple Bear Street (E-bound) 09:4813:52
Barnstaple Hills View (E-bound) 13:53
Barnstaple Miller Crescent (N-bound) 13:55
Barnstaple Charles Dart Crescent (N-bound) 13:55
Barnstaple St George's Road (W-bound) 09:5013:56
Pilton, opp Texaco Garage 09:5113:58
Pilton, opp Fire Station 09:5213:59
Barnstaple North Road (N-bound) 09:5414:02
Barnstaple North Devon District Hospital (W-bound) 09:5514:04
Burridge Hillsdale (E-bound) 09:5714:06
Shirwell, opp Old Post Office 10:0014:09
Shirwell Cross (NE-bound) 10:0114:10
Loxhore Cott The Warren (NE-bound) 10:0314:12
Arlington Brockham Bridge (N-bound) 10:0814:17
Arlington Beccott Arlington Court Turn (N-bound) 10:1014:19
Kentisbury Ford Ford Cross (N-bound) 10:1314:22
Kentisbury Ford Shelter (E-bound) 10:13
Dean Easterclose Cross (E-bound) 14:25
Blackmoor Gate (E-bound) 10:2014:34
Parracombe Fox and Goose (NE-bound) 10:2514:39
Parracombe, opp Community Stores 10:2514:39
Parracombe Killington Cross (N-bound) 10:2614:40
Martinhoe Cross Woody Bay Station (E-bound) 10:2914:43
West Ilkerton Caffyns Cross (NE-bound) 10:3314:47
Barbrook, opp Shelter 10:3714:51
Lynbridge Hill (NE-bound) 10:3814:52
Lynton Station Hill (N-bound) 10:4014:54
Lynton Granville Garage (NE-bound) 10:4114:55
Lynton Town Hall (E-bound) 10:4214:56
Lynton Castle Hill Car Park (NE-bound) 10:4314:57
Lynmouth Lyndale Coach Park (Bay 1) 10:5015:04

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