32 - Poole - Merley - Kinson - Winton - Bournemouth

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Poole - Merley - Kinson - Winton - Bournemouth

Poole Bus Station (Stand G) 09:1312:13
Poole The George (NE-bound) 09:1412:14
Poole Longfleet Road Garage (NE-bound) 09:1512:15
Poole Hospital (NE-bound) 09:1612:16
Poole Garland Road (NE-bound) 09:1612:16
Poole Shah of Persia (NW-bound) 09:1712:17
Oakdale Harbour Hill Road (NW-bound) 09:1812:18
Oakdale Pound Lane (NW-bound) 09:1812:18
Oakdale Winifred Road (NE-bound) 09:1812:18
Oakdale Kingsbere Road (N-bound) 09:1912:19
Oakdale Pound Close (NE-bound) 09:1912:19
Oakdale Cemetery Junction (N-bound) 09:2012:20
Oakdale Rose Crescent (W-bound) 09:2112:21
Oakdale St Edwards School (W-bound) 09:2212:22
Oakdale Greenfield Road (NW-bound) 09:2212:22
Oakdale Johnston Road Top (W-bound) 09:2312:23
Oakdale St Georges Church (W-bound) 09:2412:24
Oakdale Darbys Close (S-bound) 09:2412:24
Oakdale Service Station (NW-bound) 09:2612:26
Stanley Green Heath Avenue (NW-bound) 09:2712:27
Stanley Green, opp The Fleetsbridge 09:2812:28
Waterloo Estate Tesco Superstore (W-bound) 09:3012:30
Waterloo Estate, opp Hatch Pond Road 09:3112:31
Waterloo Estate Sopers Lane (N-bound) 09:3312:33
Waterloo Estate Darbys Corner (NW-bound) 09:3312:33
Gravel Hill Fontmell Road Bottom (NE-bound) 09:3412:34
Gravel Hill Greenhayes (N-bound) 09:3412:34
Gravel Hill Steepleton Road (o/s 3) 09:3512:35
Gravel Hill Steepleton Road Green (N-bound) 09:3612:36
Gravel Hill Whitchurch Avenue (o/s 11) 09:3612:36
Gravel Hill Westcroft Park (W-bound) 09:3712:37
Gravel Hill Fontmell Road Green (S-bound) 09:3712:37
Gravel Hill Fontmell Road (S-bound) 09:3812:38
Broadstone Barn Road (W-bound) 09:3812:38
Broadstone Football Club (opp) 09:3912:39
Broadstone Wallace Road (NW-bound) 09:4012:40
Broadstone Broadway (NW-bound) 09:4112:41
Broadstone, opp St. Johns Church 09:4112:41
Broadstone Lower Golflinks Road (E-bound) 09:4212:42
Broadstone Cemetery (E-bound) 09:4312:43
Broadstone, opp Poole Crematorium 09:4412:44
Merley Blackwater Drive (N-bound) 09:4512:45
Merley Queen Anne Drive (o/s 308) 09:4612:46
Merley Rempstone Road (N-bound) 09:4612:46
Merley, opp Mimosa Avenue 09:4712:47
Merley, opp De Montfort Road 09:4712:47
Merley, opp Huntingdon Drive 09:4812:48
Merley Selkirk Close (E-bound) 09:4912:49
Merley Cockerell Close (N-bound) 09:5012:50
Merley, opp Brabazon Road 09:5012:50
Merley De Haviland Close (W-bound) 09:5112:51
Merley Chichester Walk (W-bound) 09:5112:51
Merley The Lantern Church (SW-bound) 09:5212:52
Oakley Merley First School (N-bound) 09:5312:53
Canford Magna Floral Farm (E-bound) 09:5512:55
Canford Magna Canford School (S-bound) 09:5612:56
Canford Magna Road (E-bound) 09:5712:57
Canford Magna Hamworthy Club (SE-bound) 09:5712:57
Canford Magna Canford Business Park (E-bound) 09:5812:58
Bearwood Knighton Garage (SE-bound) 09:5912:59
Bearwood Wheelers Lane (SW-bound) 10:0013:00
Bearwood Viscount Walk (S-bound) 10:0113:01
Bearwood King John Avenue (E-bound) 10:0113:01
Bearwood Co-op Store (SE-bound) 10:0213:02
Bearwood King Richard Drive (SW-bound) 10:0313:03
Bearwood Fitzwilliam Close (E-bound) 10:0413:04
West Howe Meadow View Road (SE-bound) 10:0413:04
West Howe High Howe Gardens (S-bound) 10:0513:05
Turbary Common Turbary Park Avenue (NE-bound) 10:0613:06
Turbary Common Dental Surgery (NE-bound) 10:0713:07
Turbary Common April Close (NE-bound) 10:0713:07
Bear Cross Elm Academy (NW-bound) 10:0713:07
Bear Cross Cornerstone Church (W-bound) 10:0813:08
Bear Cross Milford Drive (NE-bound) 10:0913:09
Bear Cross Anchor Road Parade (E-bound) 10:1013:10
Bear Cross Exbury Drive (E-bound) 10:1013:10
Bear Cross Anstey Close (NE-bound) 10:1113:11
Kinson Durdells Avenue (E-bound) 10:1213:12
Kinson Tonge Road (E-bound) 10:1313:13
Kinson Library (E-bound) 10:1413:14
Kinson Horsham Avenue (E-bound) 10:1413:14
Kinson Glendon Avenue (NE-bound) 10:1513:15
Ensbury Park Avenue (NE-bound) 10:1513:15
Ensbury North Avenue (E-bound) 10:1613:16
Ensbury Kinson Park Road (SW-bound) 10:1713:17
Ensbury Emma Close (S-bound) 10:1713:17
Ensbury The Broadway (E-bound) 10:1813:18
Ensbury Ashridge Avenue (E-bound) 10:1813:18
Northbourne New Road Corner (E-bound) 10:1813:18
Northbourne Brierley Road (S-bound) 10:1913:19
Redhill, opp Saxonhurst Road 10:2013:20
Redhill, opp Headswell Avenue 10:2013:20
Redhill Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:2113:21
Redhill Wimborne Road Roundabout (W-bound) 10:2213:22
Redhill Pine Vale Crescent (SW-bound) 10:2213:22
Redhill Pine View Gardens (o/s 50) 10:2313:23
Redhill Headswell Avenue (SW-bound) 10:2313:23
Redhill, opp Coppice View 10:2413:24
Ensbury Park Coombe Avenue (near) 10:2513:25
Ensbury Park Cherries Drive (S-bound) 10:2513:25
Ensbury Park Co-Op (W-bound) 10:2613:26
Ensbury Park Hendford Road (W-bound) 10:2713:27
Ensbury Park Jubilee Gardens (S-bound) 10:2713:27
Ensbury Park Hibberd Way (SE-bound) 10:2813:28
Ensbury Park Gorsecliff Road (NE-bound) 10:2913:29
Ensbury Park Co-Op (E-bound) 10:3013:30
Ensbury Park Cherries Drive (S-bound) 10:3113:31
Ensbury Park Kinsbourne Ave (S-bound) 10:3113:31
Ensbury Park Pickford Road (S-bound) 10:3213:32
Talbot Village Namu Road (S-bound) 10:3313:33
Winton Stanfield Road (SE-bound) 10:3413:34
Winton Lidl (S-bound) 10:3513:35
Winton Banks (E-bound) 10:3613:36
Winton Banks (S-bound) 10:3713:37
Meyrick Park East Avenue Roundabout (S-bound) 10:3713:37
Meyrick Park Stokewood Road (S-bound) 10:3813:38
Meyrick Park Cemetery Junction (SE-bound) 10:3913:39
Meyrick Park Milton Road (SE-bound) 10:4013:40
Meyrick Park Beechey Road (SE-bound) 10:4113:41
Meyrick Park Coach House Place (E-bound) 10:4113:41
Bournemouth Station (Stand 5) 10:4213:42
Lansdowne Cotlands Road (SW-bound) 10:4413:44
Lansdowne (SW-bound) 10:4513:45
Lansdowne Top of Bath Hill (NW-bound) 10:4613:46
Bournemouth Square (Stand W) 10:4913:49
Bournemouth The Triangle (Stand A) 10:5213:52

Bournemouth - Winton - Kinson - Merley - Poole

Bournemouth The Triangle (Stand A) 11:3514:05
Bournemouth Terrace Road (Stop J) 11:3614:06
Bournemouth Square (Stand Q) 11:3914:09
Bournemouth St Peters Church (Stand AA) 11:3914:09
Bournemouth Hinton Road Top (SE-bound) 11:4014:10
Lansdowne Top of Bath Hill (NE-bound) 11:4114:11
Lansdowne (NE-bound) 11:4314:13
Lansdowne Cotlands Road (NE-bound) 11:4414:14
Bournemouth Station (Stand 4) 11:4614:16
Meyrick Park Coach House Place (N-bound) 11:4714:17
Meyrick Park Beechey Road (NW-bound) 11:4814:18
Meyrick Park Cemetery Junction (NW-bound) 11:4914:19
Meyrick Park Cemetery Junction (NW-bound) 11:4914:19
Meyrick Park Stokewood Road (NW-bound) 11:5014:20
Meyrick Park East Avenue Roundabout (NW-bound) 11:5014:20
Winton Stirling Road (N-bound) 11:5114:21
Winton Banks (N-bound) 11:5214:22
Winton Lidl (W-bound) 11:5314:23
Winton Stanfield Road (NW-bound) 11:5414:24
Talbot Village Namu Road (N-bound) 11:5514:25
Ensbury Park Pickford Road (NW-bound) 11:5614:26
Ensbury Park Co-Op (W-bound) 11:5714:27
Ensbury Park Hendford Road (W-bound) 11:5814:28
Ensbury Park Jubilee Gardens (S-bound) 11:5914:29
Ensbury Park Hibberd Way (SE-bound) 12:0014:30
Ensbury Park Gorsecliff Road (NE-bound) 12:0114:31
Ensbury Park Co-Op (E-bound) 12:0214:32
Ensbury Park Coombe Avenue (N-bound) 12:0314:33
Redhill Coppice View (N-bound) 12:0414:34
Redhill Headswell Avenue (NE-bound) 12:0414:34
Redhill Pine View Gardens (o/s 59) 12:0414:34
Redhill, opp Pine Vale Crescent 12:0514:35
Redhill Roundabout (E-bound) 12:0614:36
Redhill Headswell Avenue (NW-bound) 12:0714:37
Redhill Saxonhurst Road (W-bound) 12:0714:37
Northbourne Brierley Road (N-bound) 12:0814:38
Northbourne New Road Corner (W-bound) 12:0914:39
Ensbury Ashridge Avenue (W-bound) 12:0914:39
Ensbury Emma Close (N-bound) 12:1014:40
Ensbury Kinson Park Road (NE-bound) 12:1114:41
Ensbury North Avenue (W-bound) 12:1114:41
Ensbury Park Avenue (SW-bound) 12:1214:42
Kinson Glendon Avenue (SW-bound) 12:1314:43
Kinson Horsham Avenue (SW-bound) 12:1414:44
Kinson, o/s The Acorn 12:1514:45
Kinson Tonge Road (W-bound) 12:1514:45
Bear Cross Anstey Close (SW-bound) 12:1614:46
Bear Cross Exbury Drive (W-bound) 12:1714:47
Bear Cross Anchor Road Parade (W-bound) 12:1814:48
Bear Cross Milford Drive (SW-bound) 12:1814:48
Bear Cross Cornerstone Church (E-bound) 12:1914:49
Bear Cross Elm Academy (SE-bound) 12:1914:49
Turbary Common April Close (SW-bound) 12:2014:50
Turbary Common Dental Surgery (W-bound) 12:2014:50
Turbary Common Turbary Park Avenue (SW-bound) 12:2114:51
West Howe High Howe Gardens (N-bound) 12:2114:51
West Howe, opp Meadow View Road 12:2214:52
Bearwood Fitzwilliam Close (o/s 148) 12:2214:52
Bearwood King Richard Drive (NE-bound) 12:2314:53
Bearwood Co-op Store (W-bound) 12:2414:54
Bearwood King John Avenue (o/s 74) 12:2414:54
Bearwood Viscounts Walk (N-bound) 12:2414:54
Bearwood Wheelers Lane (NE-bound) 12:2514:55
Bearwood, opp Knighton Garage 12:2514:55
Bearwood Canford Park Arena (NW-bound) 12:2614:56
Canford Magna Canford Business Park (W-bound) 12:2614:56
Canford Magna Hamworthy Club (NW-bound) 12:2714:57
Canford Magna Road (opp) 12:2814:58
Canford Magna Canford School (N-bound) 12:2914:59
Canford Magna Floral Farm (W-bound) 12:3015:00
Oakley, opp Merley First School 09:3012:3115:01
Merley The Lantern Church (NE-bound) 09:3112:3215:02
Merley Chichester Walk (E-bound) 09:3212:3215:02
Merley, opp De Haviland Close 09:3312:3315:03
Merley Brabazon Road (S-bound) 09:3412:3415:04
Merley, opp Cockerell Close 09:3512:3515:05
Merley Selkirk Close (W-bound) 09:3612:3615:06
Merley Huntingdon Drive (W-bound) 09:3712:3715:07
Merley De Montfort Road (W-bound) 09:3712:3715:07
Merley Mimosa Avenue (S-bound) 09:3812:3815:08
Merley Rempstone Road (S-bound) 09:3812:38
Merley Queen Anne Drive (W-bound) 09:3912:39
Merley Blackwater Drive (S-bound) 09:4012:40
Broadstone Poole Crematorium (S-bound) 09:4112:42
Broadstone Dunyeats Road Top (SW-bound) 09:4212:43
Broadstone Cemetery (opp) 09:4312:44
Broadstone, opp Lower Golflinks Road 09:4412:45
Broadstone St. Johns Church (W-bound) 09:4512:46
Broadstone Broadway (SE-bound) 09:4612:47
Broadstone, opp Wallace Road 09:4612:47
Broadstone Football Club (SE-bound) 09:4712:48
Broadstone Barn Road (E-bound) 09:4812:49
Gravel Hill Fontmell Road (o/s 67) 09:4812:49
Gravel Hill Whitchurch Avenue (o/s 70) 09:4812:49
Gravel Hill Westcroft Park (E-bound) 09:4912:50
Gravel Hill Badbury Close (S-bound) 09:4912:50
Gravel Hill Steepleton Road Green (S-bound) 09:5012:51
Gravel Hill Steepleton Road (W-bound) 09:5012:51
Gravel Hill Greenhayes (S-bound) 09:5112:52
Gravel Hill Fontmell Road Bottom (SW-bound) 09:5112:52
Waterloo Estate Darbys Corner (SE-bound) 09:5212:52
Waterloo Estate Waterloo Road Garage (S-bound) 09:5312:53
Waterloo Estate Sopers Lane (S-bound) 09:5412:54
Waterloo Estate Hatch Pond Road (S-bound) 09:5412:54
Waterloo Estate Tesco Superstore (W-bound) 09:5612:56
Stanley Green The Fleetsbridge (SE-bound) 09:5712:57
Oakdale Heath Avenue (SE-bound) 09:5812:58
Oakdale Library (E-bound) 09:5912:59
Oakdale Darbys Close (N-bound) 10:0012:59
Oakdale St Georges Church (E-bound) 10:0213:01
Oakdale Johnston Road Top (NE-bound) 10:0313:02
Oakdale Greenfield Road (E-bound) 10:0413:03
Oakdale St Edwards School (E-bound) 10:0513:04
Oakdale Rose Crescent (SE-bound) 10:0613:05
Oakdale Pound Close (SW-bound) 10:0813:06
Oakdale Kingsbere Road (S-bound) 10:0913:07
Oakdale Winifred Road (SW-bound) 10:1013:08
Oakdale Harbour Hill Road (SE-bound) 10:1113:09
Poole Shah of Persia (SW-bound) 10:1213:10
Poole Garland Road (SW-bound) 10:1313:11
Poole Hospital (SW-bound) 10:1413:12
Poole Longfleet Road Garage (SW-bound) 10:1413:12
Poole The George (SW-bound) 10:1513:13
Poole Bus Station (Stand G) 10:1713:15

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