33A - Milton Keynes - Northampton

Operated by Arriva Beds and Bucks


Mondays and Fridays, school days

Northampton Bus Interchange (Bay 14) 13:35
Far Cotton, opp Old Towcester Road 13:38
Far Cotton, adj Southfield Avenue 13:39
Delapre Crescent (opp) 13:40
Delapre, opp Forest Road 13:40
Delapre, opp Queen Eleanor Road 13:41
Delapre, opp Gloucester Avenue 13:41
Delapre London Road (opp 314) 13:43
Hardingstone, opp Seymour House 13:44
Wootton, adj Battalion Drive 13:46
Wootton, adj High Street 13:48
Wootton, opp Church Hill 13:48
Wootton, adj Curtlee Hill 13:49
Quinton, adj Preston Deanery Road 13:52
Courteenhall, o/s Lodge 13:57
Roade, adj Churchcroft 13:59
Roade, opp The George 14:00
Roade, opp The Cock Inn 14:00
Roade, opp Cripps Road 14:02
Roade, opp Pianoforte Road 14:03
Ashton, opp Church 14:04
Ashton, opp Stoke Road 14:05
Ashton, adj Cooks Close 14:05
Ashton, opp Allotments 14:06
Hartwell, o/s The Rockeries 14:11
Hartwell, o/s St John the Baptist's Church 14:13
Hanslope Salcey Forest (NE) 14:19
Hartwell, opp Kits Close 14:22
Hartwell, opp Ashton Road 14:23
Hartwell, opp Blacksmiths Way 14:23
Hanslope, o/s The Globe 14:28
Hanslope School (opp) 14:30
Hanslope Gold Street (o/s 5) 14:31
Hanslope The Square (SW-bound) 14:32
Hanslope Carriers Close (adjacent) 14:32
Hanslope Western Drive (southbound) 14:32
Hanslope, o/s Castlethorpe Road 14:33
Castlethorpe South Street (E-bound) 14:38
Castlethorpe North Street (E-bound) 14:38
Haversham Wolverton Road (o/s 110) 14:44
Haversham, opp Beech Tree Close 14:45
Wolverton Railway Station (SW-bound) 14:48
Wolverton Church Street 14:50
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (Stop Y6) 15:05

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ARBB/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 9 January 2023

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