36S - Penn, The Pond - Bourne End, Railway Station

A bus service operated by Carousel Buses


Monday to Friday, Bucks school days

Penn, The Pond to Bourne End, Railway Station

Penn, opp The Pond 07:35
Penn School Road (o/s 10) 07:35
Penn New Road (o/s 84) 07:37
Penn, adj Hillcroft Road 07:38
Tylers Green Potters Cross (E-bound) 07:40
Tylers Green, adj Coppice Farm Road 07:41
Tylers Green Hazlemere Road (N-bound) 07:42
Hazlemere Crossroads (Opp 323) 07:46
Hazlemere, o/s Holy Trinity Church 07:47
Hazlemere, adj St John's Road 07:48
Terriers, adj De Havilland Drive 07:49
Terriers Crossroads (o/s 160) 07:51
High Wycombe, opp Royal Grammar School 07:54
High Wycombe, adj Amersham Hill Drive 07:55
High Wycombe, adj Maybrook Gardens 07:56
High Wycombe Station Interchange (Stop X2) 07:58
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop W) 07:59
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop K) 08:01
High Wycombe Bus Station (Bay 14) 08:03
High Wycombe, adj St John's Church 08:06
High Wycombe, adj West End Road 08:08
High Wycombe, opp Plumer Road 08:10
High Wycombe, opp The Wendover Arms PH 08:13
High Wycombe, adj Carver Hill Road 08:16
High Wycombe, opp Rupert Avenue 08:20
High Wycombe, adj Whincup Close 08:21
High Wycombe Marlow Hill Schools (Stop 3) 08:24
High Wycombe Marlow Hill Schools (Stop 4) 08:24
High Wycombe, opp St Michael's School 08:25
High Wycombe Pine Trees 08:27
Flackwell Heath Bucks College Group (E-bound) 08:36
Flackwell Heath, adj Rugwood Road 08:37
Flackwell Heath, opp The Stag PH 08:38
Flackwell Heath, adj The Common 08:42
Flackwell Heath, opp Chapman Lane 08:42
Flackwell Heath, opp Greenlands 08:43
Flackwell Heath Straight Bit (Opp 100) 08:43
Flackwell Heath Northern Woods (Opp 2) 08:44
Flackwell Heath, adj The Green Dragon PH 08:45
Flackwell Heath Blind Lane (adj 171) 08:46
Bourne End, adj Waborne Road 08:48
Bourne End The Parade (S-bound) 08:50
Bourne End, adj New Road 08:51
Bourne End Furlong Road (opp 65) 08:51
Bourne End, o/s Post Office 08:52
Bourne End, opp St Mark's Church 08:52
Bourne End, o/s Railway Station 08:53

Bourne End, Railway Station to Penn, The Pond

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/OXBC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 20 January 2022

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