39 - Doxford International - Pennywell via Moorside, Doxford Park, Ryhope, Grangetown, Sunderland, Royal Hospital, Chester Road

A bus service operated by Go North East


Monday to Friday

Portsmouth Road-Pennywell Road (NW-Bound) 19:00
Pennywell Parkhurst Road (SW-Bound) 19:00
Pennywell Presthope Road-Portslade Road (SW-Bound) 19:01
Pennywell Presthope Road-Perivale Road (SW-Bound) 19:02
Pennywell Prestbury Road (N-Bound) 19:03
Pennywell Hylton Road-Penistone Road (NE-Bound) 19:05
Pennywell Hylton Road-Number 639 (NE-Bound) 19:06
Pennywell Hylton Road-Parkhurst Road (NE-Bound) 19:06
Pennywell Hylton Road-Peasemoor Road (NE-Bound) 19:07
Pennywell Portsmouth Road-Hylton Road (SE-Bound) 19:08
Pennywell Portsmouth Road-Shopping Precinct (SE-Bound) 19:09
Pennywell Road (S-Bound) 19:10
Nookside-Glamis Avenue (E-Bound) 19:10
Nookside-Hampstead Road (E-Bound) 19:11
Nookside - Holborn Road (E-Bound) 19:11
Nookside The Broadway-Broadmayne Avenue (NE-Bound) 19:12
High Barnes Sunderland Crematorium (NE-Bound) 19:12
High Barnes Chester Road-Crematorium (NE-Bound) 19:13
High Barnes Chester Road-Priory Grove (NE-Bound) 19:14
High Barnes Chester Road-St Gabriels Avenue (E-Bound) 19:14
High Barnes Royal Hospital Chester Road A (E-Bound) 19:15
High Barnes Chester Road-Croft Avenue (NE-Bound) 19:15
Sunderland Chester Road-The Precinct (NE-Bound) 19:17
Sunderland Chester Road-University (E-Bound) 19:17
University Of Sunderland (E-Bound) 19:18
Sunderland Stockton Road-Mary Street (SE - Bound) 19:20
Sunderland Stockton Road (S-Bound) 19:21
Sunderland Burdon Road-Civic Centre (N-Bound) 19:22
Sunderland Burdon Road (37) 19:22
Sunderland Borough Road (43) 19:23
Hendon Toward Road-St Vincent Street (SE-Bound) 19:25
Hendon Toward Road-Gray Road (S-Bound) 19:25
Hendon Toward Road-Gray Road (S-Bound) 19:25
Hendon Toward Road-Villette Road (SE-Bound) 19:26
Hendon Villette Road (SW-Bound) 19:26
Grangetown Ryhope Road-China Street (SE-Bound) 19:27
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Ryton Square (SE-Bound) 19:27
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Weldon Avenue (SE-Bound) 19:28
Grangetown Ryhope Road - Hollywood Road (SE-Bound) 19:28
Grangetown Ryhope Road - Ocean Road (SE-Bound) 19:29
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Askrigg Avenue (S-Bound) 19:29
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Angram Drive (S-Bound) 19:30
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Salterfen Road (S-Bound) 19:30
Ryhope Village The Village (SW-Bound) 19:33
Ryhope Village Ryhope Street-St Pauls Terrace (NW-Bound) 19:33
Ryhope Colliery Ryhope Street South-Roselea Ave (NW-Bound) 19:33
Ryhope Colliery Ryhope Street-Library (W-Bound) 19:34
Ryhope Colliery Ryhope Street-Post Office (W-Bound) 19:34
Ryhope Colliery Ryhope Street-Brick Row (W-Bound) 19:35
Tunstall Bank - Withernsea Grove (NW-Bound) 19:35
Tunstall Village Green (W-Bound) 19:36
Tunstall Burdon Road-Goathland Drive (SW-Bound) 19:37
Doxford Park Burdon Road-Bayhurst Crescent (SW-Bound) 19:38
Doxford Park Way - Hallfield Close (W-Bound) 19:39
Doxford Park Way-Frobisher Court (NW-Bound) 19:40
Doxford Park Shops (W-Bound) 19:41
Moorside Road-Doxford Park Way (SW-Bound) 19:41
Doxford Park Moorside Road-Manningford Drive (SW-Bound) 19:42
Doxford Park Moorside Road-Midgley Drive (W-Bound) 19:42
Doxford Park Glanville Road (W-Bound) 19:43
Doxford Park Doxford Technology Park (N-Bound) 19:44
Doxford Park Doxford International-Arriva (SW-Bound) 19:44
Doxford Park Doxford International (E-Bound) 19:46

Timetable data from Go North East, 26 March 2023

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