39B - Arbroath bus station - Dundee - Perth Royal Infirmary

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland

Perth bus station - Dundee bus station
Arbroath bus station - Dundee - Perth Royal Infirmary

Dundee Seagate Bus Station (Stance 2) 20:1021:2022:45
Dundee Seagate (stop 2) 20:1121:2122:46
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 2) 20:1221:2222:47
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 20:1321:2222:48
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 3) 20:1421:2422:49
Dundee Nethergate (Stop 2) 20:1421:2522:49
Dundee, at Queens Hotel 20:1621:2622:51
West End, opp Airlie Place 20:1621:2622:51
West End Mcvicars Lane (near) 20:1721:2722:52
West End, at Seafield Lane 20:1821:2822:53
West End Step Row (near) 20:1921:2922:54
Riverside Windsor Street (near) 20:2021:3022:55
Riverside, opp Hyndford Street 20:2121:3122:56
Riverside, opp West Park Road 20:2221:3222:57
Riverside, opp Farington Terrace 20:2321:3322:58
Riverside, opp Farington Street 20:2321:3322:58
Riverside, opp Glamis Road 20:2321:3322:58
Riverside, opp Hazel Avenue 20:2421:3422:59
Riverside River Crescent (near) 20:2521:3423:00
Riverside Place (at) 20:2521:3523:00
Ninewells, opp Clayhills Drive 20:2621:3623:01
Ninewells, opp Maggies Centre 20:2621:3623:01
Ninewells James Arnott Drive (near) 20:2621:3623:01
Ninewells Hospital (Stance C) 20:2721:3723:02
Ninewells, at James Arnott Drive 20:2821:3823:03
Ninewells, at Carseview Centre 20:2821:3823:03
Technology Park Medi Park (near) 20:2921:3923:04
Technology Park, at Gemini Crescent 20:3021:4023:05
Technology Park, at Riverside Drive 20:3021:4023:05
Invergowrie, opp Greystane Road 20:3121:4123:06
Invergowrie, at Mylnefield Road 20:3221:4223:07
Invergowrie, opp Primary School 20:3321:4323:08
Invergowrie, at Dryburgh Terrace 20:3321:4323:08
Invergowrie, at Station Road 20:3421:4423:09
Invergowrie, at Carse Place 20:3421:4423:09
Kingoodie, opp Woodland Way 20:3621:4523:11
Kingoodie, at The Green 20:3621:4623:11
Kingoodie, at Woodland Way 20:3721:4723:12
Invergowrie, opp Carse Place 20:3921:4923:14
Invergowrie, opp Station Road 20:3921:4923:14
Invergowrie, opp Dryburgh Terrace 20:4021:5023:15
Invergowrie, at Primary School 20:4121:5123:16
Invergowrie Inn (opp) 20:4121:5123:16
Invergowrie, opp Star Inn 20:4521:5523:20
Longforgan, at Eastbank Place 20:4921:5923:24
Longforgan, at Station Road 20:5021:5923:25
Longforgan, at Hotel 20:5021:5923:25
Longforgan, at Church 20:5021:5923:25
Longforgan, opp Rosebank Cottage 20:5021:5923:25
Longforgan, at Slip Road Westbound 20:5021:5923:25
Longforgan, opp Old Knapp Road End 20:5223:27
Inchture, opp Glebe Park 20:5421:5923:29
Inchture, opp Post Office 20:5422:0423:29
Inchture, at Meadowview Drive 20:5422:0423:29
Inchture, at Level Crossing 20:5722:0723:32
Grange, at Bogmiln Farm 20:5822:0823:33
Grange, at Bus Shelter 20:5922:0923:34
Errol, at East Leys Farm 21:0122:1123:36
Errol, opp Preston Watson Street 21:0222:1223:37
Errol, at Viewlands 21:0222:1223:37
Errol, opp Primary School 21:0222:1223:37
Errol, at School Wynd 21:0222:1223:37
Errol, at Dalgleish House 21:0322:1223:38
Errol Park Estate (opp) 21:0422:1223:39
Mains of Errol (at) 21:0522:1223:40
Errol, at Hill Farm Cottages 21:0722:1223:42
St Madoes, opp Leetown 21:0922:1223:44
St Madoes, at Cottown 21:1022:1223:45
St Madoes, opp Madoch Centre 21:1122:1223:46
St Madoes, opp Community Centre 21:1122:1223:46
St Madoes, at Green 21:1222:2223:47
Kinfauns, opp Road End 21:1522:2523:50
Walnut Grove, opp The Holdings East 21:1622:2623:51
Walnut Grove, opp The Holdings 21:1722:2723:52
Walnut Grove, opp Clach a Cheile 21:1722:2723:52
Walnut Grove, opp The Grove 21:1722:2723:52
Walnut Grove, at West Road End 21:1822:2823:53
Walnut Grove, at Willowgate Fishery 21:1922:2923:54
Barnhill, opp Branklyn Gardens 21:2122:3123:56
Barnhill, opp Fairmount Road 21:2122:3123:56
Barnhill, opp Manse Road 21:2222:3223:57
Perth Canal Street (Stop ZO) 21:2222:3323:57
Perth Canal Street (Stop ZP) 21:2322:3323:58
Perth Hospital Street (Stop ZG) 21:2522:3500:00
Perth Bus Station (Stances) 21:2622:3600:01

Dundee bus station - Perth bus station
Perth Royal Infirmary - Dundee - Arbroath bus station

Perth Bus Station (Stance 04) 18:3519:4521:1022:40
Perth York Place (Stop ZE) 18:3819:4821:1322:40
Perth South Street (Stop N) 18:4019:5021:1522:50
Barnhill, at Manse Road 18:4219:5221:1722:52
Barnhill, at Fairmount Road 18:4319:5321:1822:53
Barnhill, at Branklyn Gardens 18:4319:5321:1822:54
Walnut Grove, at West Road End 18:4819:5821:2322:58
Walnut Grove, at Willowgate Fishery 18:4819:5821:2322:58
Kinfauns Castle (at) 18:5120:0121:2622:59
Kinfauns, at Road End 18:5220:0221:2723:00
Glencarse, opp Post Office 18:5620:0621:3123:01
St Madoes, at Green 18:5720:0721:3223:02
St Madoes, at Community Centre 18:5720:0721:3223:03
St Madoes, at Madoch Centre 18:5820:0821:3323:03
St Madoes, opp Cottown 18:5920:0921:3423:04
St Madoes, at Leetown 18:5920:0921:3423:04
Errol, opp Hill Farm Cottages 19:0220:1221:3723:07
Mains of Errol (opp) 19:0420:1421:3923:09
Errol Park Estate (at) 19:0520:1521:4023:10
Errol, opp Cross 19:0620:1621:4123:11
Errol, opp School Wynd 19:0620:1721:4123:12
Errol, at Primary School 19:0720:1721:4223:12
Errol, opp Viewlands 19:0720:1721:4223:12
Errol, opp East Leys Farm 19:0920:1921:4423:14
Grange, opp Bus Shelter 19:1120:2121:4623:16
Grange, opp Bogmiln Farm 19:1220:2321:4723:18
Inchture, after Level Crossing 19:1420:2421:4923:19
Inchture, opp Meadowview Drive 19:1720:2821:5223:23
Inchture, at Post Office 19:1720:2821:5223:23
Inchture, opp Post Office 19:1820:2821:5323:23
Inchture, at Meadowview Drive 19:1820:2921:53
Inchture, at Ballindean Farm 19:1920:3021:54
Inchture, at Abernyte Link Road 19:2020:3121:55
Longforgan, at Old Knapp Road End 19:2320:3321:58
Longforgan, at Rosebank Cottage 19:2520:3522:00
Longforgan, opp Church 19:2520:3522:00
Longforgan, opp Hotel 19:2520:3622:00
Longforgan, at Eastbank Place 19:2620:3622:01
Longforgan, at Station Road 19:2720:3722:02
Longforgan, at Hotel 20:37
Longforgan, at Church 20:38
Longforgan, opp Rosebank Cottage 20:38
Longforgan, at Eastbound Slip Road 20:39
Invergowrie, at Star Inn 19:3320:4322:08
Invergowrie Inn (at) 19:3720:4722:12
Invergowrie, opp Primary School 19:3720:4722:12
Invergowrie, at Dryburgh Terrace 19:3820:4822:13
Invergowrie, at Station Road 19:3920:4922:14
Invergowrie, at Carse Place 19:3920:4922:14
Kingoodie, opp Woodland Way 19:4020:5022:15
Kingoodie, at The Green 19:4120:5122:16
Kingoodie, at Woodland Way 19:4220:5222:17
Invergowrie, opp Carse Place 19:4420:5422:19
Invergowrie, opp Station Road 19:4420:5422:19
Invergowrie, opp Dryburgh Terrace 19:4520:5522:20
Invergowrie, at Primary School 19:4620:5622:21
Invergowrie, opp Carselea Road 19:4620:5722:21
Invergowrie, at Greystane Road 19:4720:5722:22
Technology Park Riverside Drive (near) 19:4820:5822:23
Technology Park, at Explorer Road 19:4820:5822:23
Technology Park, at Medi Park 19:4920:5922:24
Ninewells, opp Carseview Centre 19:5021:0022:25
Ninewells James Arnott Drive (near) 19:5021:0022:25
Ninewells Hospital (Stance C) 19:5121:0122:26
Ninewells, at James Arnott Drive 19:5221:0222:27
Ninewells, at Maggies Centre 19:5221:0222:27
Ninewells, at Clayhills Drive 19:5321:0322:28
Riverside Place (opp) 19:5321:0322:28
Riverside Invergowrie Drive (near) 19:5421:0422:29
Riverside Hazel Avenue (near) 19:5421:0422:29
Riverside, at Glamis Road 19:5421:0422:29
Riverside Arnhall Drive (near) 19:5521:0522:30
Riverside West Grove Avenue (near) 19:5521:0522:30
Riverside West Park Road (near) 19:5521:0522:30
Riverside Grosvenor Road (near) 19:5621:0622:31
Riverside Rockfield Street (near) 19:5721:0722:32
Riverside Seymour Street (near) 19:5721:0722:32
Riverside, opp Windsor Street 19:5821:0822:33
West End Ritchies Lane (near) 19:5821:0822:33
West End, opp Patons Lane 19:5921:0922:34
West End, opp Seafield Lane 19:5921:0922:34
West End, opp Mcvicars Lane 20:0021:1022:35
West End, opp Roseangle 20:0121:1122:36
Dundee, at University 20:0121:1122:36
Dundee, at West Marketgait 20:0221:1222:37
Dundee High Street (Stop 3) 20:0321:1322:38
Dundee, at Caird Hall 20:0421:1422:39
Dundee, at Marks and Spencer 20:0521:1522:40
Dundee, at Bus Station 20:0621:1622:41

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 18 May 2024

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