40 - High Wycombe - Thame

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High Wycombe - Thame

High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 15) 07:1509:00then hourly until15:0016:10then hourly until19:1021:10
High Wycombe, adj Brook Street 07:1609:0115:0116:1119:1121:11
High Wycombe, adj Riverside 07:1609:0115:0116:1119:1121:11
High Wycombe, adj The White Horse PH 07:1709:0215:0216:1219:1221:12
High Wycombe, adj Desborough Park Road 07:1709:0215:0216:1219:1221:12
High Wycombe, adj Mill End Road 07:1809:0315:0316:1319:1321:13
High Wycombe, opp Railway Bridge 07:1909:0415:0416:1419:1421:14
West Wycombe, adj Park Farm Road 07:2009:0515:0516:1519:1521:15
West Wycombe, opp Beechwood Road 07:2109:0615:0616:1619:1621:16
West Wycombe, adj Village Hall 07:2209:0715:0716:1719:1721:17
West Wycombe, adj The Swan Inn 07:2309:0815:0816:1819:1821:18
Piddington Turn (Westbound) 07:2509:1015:1016:2019:2021:20
Piddington, adj King Street 07:2609:1115:1116:2119:2121:21
Piddington, o/s The Dashwood Arms PH 07:2609:1115:1116:2119:2121:21
Studley Green Dashwood Hill (Westbound) 07:2809:1315:1316:2319:2321:23
Studley Green, opp St Francis Road 07:2909:1415:1416:2419:2421:24
Stokenchurch Wycombe Road (Westbound) 07:3109:1615:1616:2619:2621:26
Stokenchurch New Road (o/s 35) 07:3209:1715:1716:2719:2721:27
Stokenchurch, adj Jubilee Road 07:3309:1815:1816:2819:2821:28
Stokenchurch, adj Marcourt Road 07:3309:1815:1816:2819:2821:28
Stokenchurch Marlow Road (Northbound) 07:3509:2015:2016:3019:3021:30
Stokenchurch, adj Bates Industrial Estate 07:3509:2015:2016:3019:3021:30
Stokenchurch, opp The King's Arms Hotel 07:3709:2215:2216:3219:3221:32
Stokenchurch, o/s Medical Centre 07:3709:2215:2216:3219:3221:32
Lewknor Turn M40 J6 (Stop A) 07:4309:2715:2716:3719:3721:37
Lewknor Turn M40 J6 (Stop B) 07:4309:2715:2716:3719:3721:37
Aston Rowant, adj Village Turn 07:4409:2815:2816:3819:3821:38
Kingston Blount, opp The Cherry Tree 07:4609:3015:3016:4019:4021:40
Kingston Blount, adj Pleck Lane 07:4609:3015:3016:4019:4021:40
Crowell, opp St Marys Church 07:4709:3115:3116:4119:4121:41
Chinnor, opp Glimbers Grove 07:4909:3315:3316:4319:4321:43
Chinnor, o/s Chiltern Hill Garage 07:4909:3315:3316:4319:4321:43
Chinnor, opp Glynswood 07:5009:3415:3416:4419:4421:44
Chinnor, opp Village Hall 06:4707:5109:3515:3516:4519:4521:45
Chinnor, o/s The Village Centre 06:4807:5209:3615:3616:4619:4621:46
Chinnor, opp The Red Lion 06:5007:5409:3815:3816:4819:4821:48
Chinnor, opp Springfield Gardens 06:5007:5409:3815:3816:4819:4821:48
Chinnor, opp Thame Road Shops 06:5007:5409:3815:3816:4819:4821:48
Sydenham, o/s The Inn at Emmington 06:5307:5709:4115:4116:5119:5121:51
Emmington, opp Waterlands Farm 06:5507:5909:4315:4316:5319:5321:53
Thame Howland Road (N-bound) 06:5908:0309:4715:4716:5719:5721:57
Thame, opp Churchill Crescent 07:0108:0409:4815:4816:5819:5821:58
Thame, o/s Health Centre 07:0208:0509:4915:4916:5919:5921:59
Thame Upper High Street (NW-bound) 07:0308:0609:5015:5017:0020:0022:00
Thame, o/s Police Station 07:0408:0709:5115:5117:0120:0122:01
Thame, o/s Town Hall 07:0508:0809:5215:5217:0220:0222:02

Thame - High Wycombe

Thame, o/s Town Hall 07:1509:00then hourly until14:0015:10then hourly until18:1020:10
Thame, opp Health Centre 07:1609:0114:0115:1118:1120:11
Thame, adj Churchill Crescent 07:1709:0114:0115:1118:1120:11
Thame Howland Road (S-bound) 07:1909:0314:0315:1318:1320:13
Emmington Waterlands Farm (entrance) 07:2309:0714:0715:1718:1720:17
Sydenham, opp The Inn at Emmington 07:2509:0914:0915:1918:1920:19
Chinnor, o/s Thame Road Shops 07:2909:1214:1215:2218:2220:22
Chinnor, adj Springfield Gardens 07:2909:1214:1215:2218:2220:22
Chinnor, o/s The Red Lion 06:2507:3009:1314:1315:2318:2320:23
Chinnor, o/s Thame Road Shops 06:2507:3109:1514:1515:2518:2520:25
Chinnor, opp The Village Centre 06:2607:3109:1514:1515:2518:2520:25
Chinnor, o/s Village Hall 06:2707:3209:1614:1615:2618:2620:26
Chinnor, adj Glynswood 06:2707:3209:1614:1615:2618:2620:26
Chinnor, opp Chiltern Hill Garage 06:2707:3209:1614:1615:2618:2620:26
Chinnor, adj Glimbers Grove 06:2807:3309:1714:1715:2718:2720:27
Crowell, o/s St Marys Church 06:3007:3509:1914:1915:2918:2920:29
Kingston Blount, o/s The Cherry Tree 06:3107:3609:2014:2015:3018:3020:30
Aston Rowant, opp Village Turn 06:3207:3709:2114:2115:3118:3120:31
Aston Rowant Aston Hill Bottom (SE-bound) 06:3407:3909:2314:2315:3318:3320:33
Aston Rowant, opp Village Turn 06:3407:4109:2514:2515:3518:3520:35
Stokenchurch Aston Hill (Eastbound) 06:3907:4509:2914:2915:3918:3920:39
Stokenchurch, adj Tower Farm 06:4007:4509:2914:2915:3918:3920:39
Stokenchurch, opp Medical Centre 06:4107:4609:3014:3015:4018:4020:40
Stokenchurch, o/s The King's Arms Hotel 06:4207:4709:3114:3115:4118:4120:41
Stokenchurch, opp Bates Industrial Estate 06:4207:4709:3114:3115:4118:4120:41
Stokenchurch Marlow Road (Southbound) 06:4307:4809:3214:3215:4218:4220:42
Stokenchurch, opp Marcourt Road 06:4507:5009:3414:3415:4418:4420:44
Stokenchurch, opp Jubilee Road 06:4607:5109:3514:3515:4518:4520:45
Stokenchurch New Road (o/s 14) 06:4607:5109:3514:3515:4518:4520:45
Stokenchurch Wycombe Road (Eastbound) 06:4607:5109:3514:3515:4518:4520:45
Studley Green, adj St Francis Road 06:5007:5509:3814:3815:4818:4820:48
Studley Green, o/s The Studley Arms 06:5007:5509:3814:3815:4818:4820:48
Studley Green Dashwood Hill (Eastbound) 06:5007:5509:3814:3815:4818:4820:48
Piddington, opp The Dashwood Arms PH 06:5207:5709:3914:3915:4918:4920:49
Piddington, opp King Street 06:5307:5809:4014:4015:5018:5020:50
Piddington Turn (Eastbound) 06:5307:5809:4014:4015:5018:5020:50
West Wycombe, opp Village Hall 06:5708:0209:4414:4415:5418:5420:54
West Wycombe, adj Beechwood Road 06:5908:0409:4514:4515:5518:5520:55
West Wycombe, opp Park Farm Road 07:0108:0609:4614:4615:5618:5620:56
High Wycombe, adj Railway Bridge 07:0208:0709:4714:4715:5718:5720:57
High Wycombe, adj Downley Turn 07:0308:0809:4814:4815:5818:5820:58
High Wycombe, opp Mill End Road 07:0408:0909:4814:4815:5818:5820:58
High Wycombe, opp Desborough Park Road 07:0608:1109:5014:5016:0019:0021:00
High Wycombe, opp The White Horse PH 07:0808:1309:5114:5116:0119:0121:01
High Wycombe, opp Riverside 07:1008:1509:5214:5216:0219:0221:02
High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 15) 07:1208:1709:5414:5416:0419:0421:04

Timetable data from Red Rose Travel, 14 September 2022

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