41 - Kirkcaldy or Leven - Dundee

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland

Kirkcaldy or Leven - Dundee

Kirkcaldy Bus Station (Stance 2) 20:3322:33
Kirkcaldy Railway Station Stance A 20:3522:35
Kirkcaldy, opp Bennochy Gardens 20:3622:37
Kirkcaldy, opp King Street 20:3722:37
Kirkcaldy Hendry Road (Adj 47) 20:3822:38
Kirkcaldy, opp Kennedy Crescent 20:3822:38
Hayfield, adj Maple Street 20:3922:39
Hayfield Adamson Avenue (Adj 49) 20:3922:39
Hayfield, adj Hazel Avenue 20:4022:40
Hayfield, adj Victoria Hospital 20:4122:41
Smeaton Industrial Estate (opp) 20:4222:42
Smeaton, adj Denfield Place 20:4322:43
Sinclairtown Cairns Street (Adj 9) 20:4322:43
Sinclairtown, adj East March Street 20:4422:44
Sinclairtown, opp Viewforth Street 20:4522:45
Gallatown Rosslyn Street (adj 13A) 20:4522:45
Gallatown, adj Kirkcaldy Ice Rink 20:4522:45
Gallatown Roundabout (adj) 20:4622:46
Gallatown Randolph Road (NE Bound) 20:4722:47
Coaltown of Wemyss, adj Earlseat Farm 20:5122:51
Windygates Standing Stane Road (Eastbound) 20:5522:55
Windygates, adj Cameron Hospital 20:5622:56
Windygates, adj Cameronbridge Distillery 20:5722:57
Windygates, adj Durie Vale 21:0023:00
Windygates Cross (Northbound) 21:0023:00
Windygates, adj Fernhill Drive 21:0123:01
Windygates Kennoway Burns -Top (Northbound) 21:0223:02
Kennoway, opp The Burns 21:0223:02
Kennoway, opp Sandy Brae Industrial Estate 21:0323:03
Kennoway, adj The Causeway 21:0423:04
Kennoway Shops (adj) 21:0523:05
Kennoway New Road (Northbound) 21:0523:05
Kennoway Bowling Club (adj) 21:0623:06
Kennoway, adj Springbank 21:0723:07
Bonnybank, adj Law View Gardens 21:0823:08
Bonnybank, adj Kilmux Farm 21:0923:09
Montrave, opp Smithygreen 21:1023:10
Montrave, adj Farm 21:1223:12
Craigrothie, opp Kame Steadings 21:1323:13
Craigrothie, opp Struthers Barns 21:1423:14
Craigrothie, adj Chance Inn Road End 21:1623:16
Craigrothie Ceres Road (adj 5) 21:1623:16
Ceres, adj Bow Butts 21:1923:19
Ceres, adj Meldrums Hotel 21:2023:20
Bridgend, adj Wemysshall Road 21:2023:20
Ceres, adj Moor Road 21:2123:21
Ceres, adj Woodlands Farm 21:2323:23
Garliebank, opp Castlehill Primary School 21:2823:28
Cupar, opp Tesco Supermarket 21:2923:29
Cupar, opp Railway Station 21:3023:3023:30
Cupar, adj Bowling Green Road 21:3123:31
Cupar, opp Thomastoun Drive 21:3123:31
Cupar, opp Trading Estate 21:3223:32
Cupar, adj Foxton Farm Road End 21:3323:33
Dairsie, adj Primary School 21:3623:36
Dairsie, opp Pitcairn Park 21:3623:36
Dairsie, adj Pittormie Farm 21:3723:37
Balmullo, adj Hayston Farm 21:3923:39
Balmullo, adj Lucklaw Road 21:4023:40
Balmullo, adj Post Office 21:4023:40
St Michaels, adj Brackmont Mill 21:4223:42
St Michaels Tayport Road (Northbound) 21:4323:43
Tayport, opp Craigie Farm 21:4523:45
Tayport, opp Vicarsford Farm 21:4623:46
Tayport, opp Morton Farm 21:4723:47
Tayport, opp Garpit Farm 21:4923:49
Tayport, adj South Toll Cottage 21:5023:50
Tayport, opp Sandyhill Road 21:5023:50
Tayport, adj Banknowe Drive 21:5023:50
Tayport, adj Library 21:5123:51
Tayport Maitland Street (opp 5) 21:5123:51
Tayport, adj Nelson Lane 21:5123:51
Tayport, opp Golf Crescent 21:5123:51
Tayport Shanwell Road South (opp 3) 21:5223:52
Tayport, opp Ogilvy Place 21:5423:54
Tayport, adj Queen Street 21:5523:55
Tayport, adj Library 21:5523:55
Tayport, adj Victoria Road 21:5623:56
Tayport, adj Braid Road 21:5623:56
Tayport, opp Quarry Road 21:5723:57
Tayport, adj Scotscraig Drive 21:5723:57
Tayport, opp Ferry Port on Craig Cemetery 21:5823:58
Newport-on-Tay South Access (SW Bound) 22:0100:01
Dundee, at Railway Station 22:0500:05

Dundee - Kirkcaldy or Leven

Dundee, at Railway Station 20:41
Dundee, at West Marketgait 20:43
Dundee Crichton Street (Stop 1) 20:44
Dundee, at Caird Hall 20:45
Dundee, at Bus Station 20:47
Dundee Seagate Bus Station (Stance 7) 20:50
Newport-on-Tay South Access (NE Bound) 20:55
Tayport, adj Ferry Port on Craig Cemetery 20:58
Tayport, opp Scotscraig Drive 20:58
Tayport, adj Quarry Road 20:58
Tayport, opp Braid Road 20:59
Tayport, opp Victoria Road 20:59
Tayport, adj Parish Church 21:00
Tayport Maitland Street (opp 5) 21:00
Tayport, adj Nelson Lane 21:01
Tayport, opp Golf Crescent 21:02
Tayport Shanwell Road South (opp 3) 21:03
Tayport, opp Ogilvy Place 21:04
Tayport, adj Queen Street 21:04
Tayport, opp Banknowe Drive 21:05
Tayport, adj Sandyhill Road 21:05
Tayport, opp South Toll Cottage 21:05
Tayport, adj Garpit Farm 21:06
Tayport, adj Morton Farm 21:08
Tayport, adj Vicarsford Farm 21:09
Tayport, adj Craigie Farm 21:10
St Michaels Tayport Road (Southbound) 21:13
St Michaels Inn (Opp) 21:13
St Michaels, opp Brackmont Mill 21:13
Balmullo, opp Post Office 21:16
Balmullo, opp Lucklaw Road 21:16
Balmullo, opp Hayston Farm 21:17
Dairsie, opp Pittormie Farm 21:19
Dairsie, adj Pitcairn Park 21:21
Dairsie, opp Primary School 21:21
Cupar, opp Foxton Farm Road End 21:24
Cupar, adj Trading Estate 21:25
Cupar, adj Thomastoun Drive 21:26
Cupar, opp Bowling Green Road 21:26
Cupar, adj Railway Station 19:3221:27
Cupar, adj Tesco Supermarket 19:3321:28
Garliebank, adj Castlehill Primary School 19:3321:28
Ceres, opp Woodlands Farm 19:3721:32
Ceres, opp Moor Road 19:3921:34
Bridgend, opp Wemysshall Road 19:3921:34
Ceres, opp Meldrums Hotel 19:4021:35
Ceres, opp Bow Butts 19:4121:36
Craigrothie Ceres Road (opp 3) 19:4521:40
Craigrothie, opp Chance Inn Road End 19:4521:40
Craigrothie, adj Struthers Barns 19:4721:42
Craigrothie, adj Kame Steadings 19:4821:43
Montrave, opp Farm 19:4921:44
Montrave, adj Smithygreen 19:5021:45
Bonnybank, opp Kilmux Farm 19:5221:47
Bonnybank, opp Law View Gardens 19:5321:48
Kennoway, opp Springbank 19:5421:49
Kennoway, adj Cockburn House 19:5521:50
Kennoway New Road (Southbound) 19:5621:51
Kennoway Shops (adj) 19:5621:51
Kennoway Sandy Brae - Top (Southbound) 19:5721:52
Kennoway, adj Sandy Brae Industrial Estate 19:5821:53
Kennoway, adj The Burns 19:5821:53
Windygates Kennoway Burns - Top (Southbound) 19:5921:54
Windygates, adj Works Depot 20:0021:55
Windygates Leven Road (adj Carpet Shop) 20:0121:56
Windygates, adj Cameron Hospital 20:0522:00
Windygates, adj Cameronbridge Distillery 20:0522:00
Windygates Standing Stane Road (Westbound) 20:0622:01
Coaltown of Wemyss, opp Earlseat Farm 20:1022:05
Gallatown Randolph Road (Adj 33) 20:1422:09
Gallatown Roundabout (Southbound) 20:1522:10
Gallatown Nursery School (adj) 20:1622:11
Sinclairtown, adj Viewforth Street 20:1722:12
Sinclairtown, opp East March Street 20:1722:12
Sinclairtown, adj Christie Place 20:1822:13
Smeaton, opp Denfield Place 20:1822:13
Smeaton Industrial Estate (adj) 20:1922:14
Hayfield, opp Victoria Hospital 20:2022:15
Smeaton, opp Hazel Avenue 20:2122:16
Hayfield, adj Denend Crescent 20:2222:17
Kirkcaldy, adj Kennedy Crescent 20:2322:18
Kirkcaldy, adj King Street 20:2422:19
Kirkcaldy, adj Legion Court 20:2522:20
Kirkcaldy Bennochy Bridge (S-Bound) 20:2622:21
Kirkcaldy Railway Station Stance D 20:2722:22
Kirkcaldy, adj Adam Smith Theatre 20:2722:22
Kirkcaldy Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 20:2822:23

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 25 May 2024

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