41A - Charcoal Line - Norwich - Poringland and Bungay - Halesworth

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties

St Stephens Street - Bungay,St Johns Road layby

Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BR) 18:5521:1023:10
Norwich, opp Corton Road 18:5721:1223:12
Norwich King Street (Stop C) 18:5821:1323:13
Norwich, opp Europa Way 18:5921:1423:14
Trowse, adj May Gurney Depot 19:0021:1523:15
Trowse, adj Primary School 19:0121:1623:16
Bixley, adj White Horse Lane 19:0321:1823:18
Caistor St Edmund Markshall Lane (S-bound) 19:0521:2023:20
Caistor St Edmund, adj Chandler Road 19:0721:2223:22
Stoke Holy Cross, opp Old School 19:0821:2323:23
Stoke Holy Cross, adj Wildebeeste Arms 19:0921:2423:24
Stoke Holy Cross, adj Long Lane 19:0921:2423:24
Stoke Holy Cross, adj Pettingales 19:0921:2423:24
Upper Stoke, opp Long Lane 19:1321:2823:28
Poringland, opp Gulf Garage 19:1521:3023:30
Poringland, adj Oak Avenue 19:1621:3123:31
Poringland, adj Springfields 19:1721:3223:32
Poringland, opp Saxonfields 19:1721:3223:32
Poringland, opp Church 19:1821:3323:33
Poringland, adj Dove Lane 19:2021:3523:35
Brooke, opp Howe Lane 19:2121:3623:36
Brooke Entrance Lane (S-bound) 19:2321:3823:38
Brooke, opp White Lion 19:2421:3923:39
Brooke, adj Village Sign 19:2421:3923:39
Kirstead, opp Bypass Bus Shelter 19:2821:4323:43
Kirstead, adj Seething Road 19:2921:4423:44
Woodton Mill Gardens (os) 19:3421:4923:49
Woodton, adj Hempnall Road 19:3421:4923:49
Hedenham, opp The Mermaid Inn 19:3821:5323:53
Ditchingham, adj All Hallows turn 19:3921:5423:54
Ditchingham, adj Drapers Lane 19:4121:5623:56
Ditchingham, opp Bus Shelter 19:4221:5723:57
Ditchingham, opp Wood Close 19:4221:5723:57
Bungay, opp Green Dragon 19:4622:0100:01
Bungay, nr Holy Trinity Church 19:4722:0200:02
Bungay, nr Garage 19:4722:0200:02
Bungay, opposite Garden Close 19:4822:0300:03
Bungay Annis Hill (Adjacent) 19:5022:0500:05
Bungay, adj Joyce Road 19:5122:0600:06
Bungay, adj Mayfair Road 19:5122:0600:06
Bungay, adj Queens Road 19:5422:0900:09
Bungay, adj Hillside Road West 00:10
Bungay, opp Pennyfields 00:10
Bungay Bardolph Road (opp 4A) 00:11
Bungay, opp Hillside Road 00:12

Bungay,Hillside Road West,Queens Road - St Stephens Street

Bungay, adj Queens Road 19:55
Bungay, adj Hillside Road West 19:55
Bungay, opp Pennyfields 19:56
Bungay Bardolph Road (opp 4A) 19:57
Bungay, opp Hillside Road 19:58
Bungay, opp Mayfair Road 19:59
Bungay, opp Joyce Road 20:00
Bungay, opposite Annis Hill 20:00
Bungay Garden Close (Adjacent) 20:03
Bungay, opp Garage 20:03
Bungay, opp Butter Cross 20:05
Bungay, o/s Green Dragon 20:05
Ditchingham, adj Wood Close 20:09
Ditchingham, adj Bus Shelter 20:10
Ditchingham, opp Drapers Lane 20:10
Ditchingham, opp All Hallows turn 20:11
Hedenham, adj The Mermaid Inn 20:13
Woodton, opp Hempnall Road 20:18
Woodton, adj Mill Gardens 20:18
Kirstead, opp Seething Road 20:24
Kirstead, adj Bypass Bus Shelter 20:25
Brooke, opp Village Sign 20:28
Brooke, adj White Lion 20:28
Brooke Entrance Lane (N-bound) 20:30
Brooke, adj Howe Lane 20:31
Poringland, opp Dove Lane 20:32
Poringland, adj Church 20:35
Poringland, opp Springfields 20:36
Poringland, opp Oak Avenue 20:37
Poringland, adj Gulf Garage 20:37
Upper Stoke, adj Long Lane 20:40
Stoke Holy Cross, opp Pettingales 20:43
Stoke Holy Cross, opp Long Lane 20:43
Stoke Holy Cross, opp Wildebeeste Arms 20:44
Stoke Holy Cross, adj Old School 20:44
Caistor St Edmund, opp Chandler Road 20:45
Caistor St Edmund Markshall Lane (N-bound) 20:47
Bixley, opp White Horse Lane 20:49
Trowse, opp Primary School 20:52
Trowse, opp May Gurney depot 20:52
Norwich Outside County Hall (Stop D) 20:54
Norwich, opp King Street 20:54
Norwich, adj Corton Road 20:55
Norwich, adj Kings Lane 20:56
Norwich, adj Sentinel House 20:56
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BR) 20:59

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