421 - Inverurie - kemnay or Alford or Alford

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Inverurie - kemnay or Alford or Alford

Operator Premier Coaches
Inverurie Market Place (NW bound) 12:54
Inverurie, opp Middlemuir Road 12:54
Inverurie, at Davah Court 12:55
Inverurie, at Gordon House 12:56
Inverurie, at Burghmuir Circle 12:57
Inverurie, at Old Chapel Road 12:59
Inverurie, after Gordon Road 12:59
Inverurie, at Brandsbutt 13:00
Inverurie, at Harlaw Business Centre 13:02
Inverurie, at Harlaw Way 13:02
Inverurie, opp Queen Street 13:03
Inverurie, opp Garioch Road 13:04
Inverurie, at Burn Lane 13:05
Inverurie, at Town Hall 06:0007:1909:1113:0615:2817:38
Inverurie, at Nursery Lane 06:0007:1909:1113:0615:2817:38
Inverurie, opp George Square 06:0107:2009:1213:0615:2917:39
Inverurie, at Beverley Road 06:0107:2009:1213:0715:2917:39
Inverurie St James's Place (SW bound) 06:0207:2109:1313:0715:3017:40
Inverurie, opp Manse Road 13:07
Inverurie, opp Hospital 13:08
Burnhervie, opp Birken Cottage 13:16
Cairnley, at Church 13:21
Port Elphinstone Prospect Terrace (S bound) 06:0307:2209:1415:3117:41
Port Elphinstone, at Leslie Place 06:0407:2309:1515:3217:42
Port Elphinstone, at Ladeside Road 06:0407:2309:1515:3217:42
Kemnay Aquithie (SW-bound) 17:49
Kemnay, opp Forbesfield Cottage 06:1007:3309:25
Kemnay, opp Fyfe Park 06:1007:3409:26
Kemnay, at Fraser Place 15:4417:52
Kemnay, at Parkhill 06:1007:3409:26
Kemnay, at Kendal Road 15:4417:52
Kemnay, at Bogbeth Road 06:1007:3409:26
Kemnay, opp Littlewood Court 15:4417:53
Kemnay High Street (NW bound) 06:1107:3509:2713:2615:4517:54
Kemnay, opp Kendal Road 09:2813:2715:4617:55
Kemnay, opp Minto Circle 09:2813:2715:4617:55
Kemnay, opp Alehousewells 09:2913:2815:4717:56
Kemnay, at Academy 09:3013:2915:4817:57
Kemnay, opp Springfield Road 09:3013:2915:4817:57
Kemnay, at Fraser Place 09:3113:3015:4917:58
Kemnay, at Kendal Road 09:3213:3115:5017:59
Kemnay, opp Littlewood Court 06:1107:3509:3213:3115:5017:59
Kemnay, opp Milton Drive 06:1207:3609:3313:3215:5118:00
Castle Fraser, at Road End 06:1307:3709:3413:3315:5218:01
Kemnay, at Nether Mains 06:1607:4009:3713:3615:5518:04
Monymusk, at The Square 06:1907:4409:4113:4015:5918:08
Monymusk, opp Road End 06:1907:4409:4113:4015:5918:08
Tillyfourie, opp Road End 06:2407:4909:4613:4516:0418:13
Whitehouse, at Road End 06:2607:5109:4813:4716:0618:15
Whitehouse, opp Jubilee Well 06:2907:5409:5113:5016:0918:18
Whitehouse Bridge of Bents (NW bound) 06:2907:5509:5213:5116:1018:19
Alford, after Castle Road 06:3107:5809:5513:5416:1318:22
Alford, opp Stewart Road 06:3107:5809:5513:5416:1318:22
Alford, before Kingsford Road 06:3207:5909:5613:5516:1418:23
Alford, at Bank Brae 09:5613:5516:14
Alford, at Littlewood Place 09:5713:5616:15
Alford David McLean Drive (opp and after) 09:5813:5716:16
Alford, at Hamewith Court 09:5913:5816:17
Alford, at David McLean Drive 09:5913:5816:17
Alford, at Old Mart 09:5913:5816:17
Alford Community Campus 10:0314:0216:21

kemnay or Alford or Alford - Inverurie

Operator Premier Coaches
Alford Community Campus 10:0714:0716:25
Alford David McLean Drive (opp and after) 10:1014:1016:28
Alford, at Hamewith Court 10:1114:1116:29
Alford, at David McLean Drive 10:1114:1116:29
Alford, at Old Mart 10:1214:1216:30
Alford, opp Littlewood Place 10:1314:1316:31
Alford, opp Bank Brae 10:1314:1316:31
Alford Kingsford Road (opp and after) 06:3608:0410:1414:1416:3218:25
Alford Aberdeen Road (at 21) 06:3608:0410:1414:1416:3218:25
Alford, at Stewart Road 06:3708:0510:1514:1516:3318:26
Whitehouse Bridge of Bents (SE bound) 06:3908:0710:1714:1716:3518:28
Whitehouse, at Jubilee Well 06:4108:0910:1914:1916:3718:30
Whitehouse, opp Road End 06:4308:1110:2114:2116:3918:32
Tillyfourie, at Road End 06:4608:1410:2414:2416:4218:35
Monymusk, at Road End 06:5008:1810:2814:2816:4618:39
Monymusk, at The Square 06:5108:1910:2914:2916:4718:40
Kemnay, opp Nether Mains 06:5308:2210:3214:3216:5018:43
Castle Fraser, opp Road End 06:5608:2510:3514:3516:5318:46
Kemnay, at Milton Drive 06:5808:2710:3714:3716:5518:48
Kemnay High Street (NW bound) 06:5908:2810:3814:3816:5618:49
Kemnay, opp Kendal Road 07:0008:2910:3914:3916:5718:50
Kemnay, opp Minto Circle 07:0008:2910:3914:3916:57
Kemnay, opp Alehousewells 07:0108:3010:4014:4016:58
Kemnay, at Academy 07:0208:3110:4114:4116:59
Kemnay, opp Springfield Road 07:0208:3110:4114:4116:59
Kemnay Aquithie Road (N-bound) 07:0318:51
Kemnay, at Fraser Place 08:3210:4214:4217:00
Kemnay Aquithie (NE bound) 07:0718:54
Kemnay, at Kendal Road 08:3310:4314:4317:01
Kemnay, opp Littlewood Court 08:3310:4314:4317:01
Cairnley, opp Church 10:48
Kemnay, opp Bogbeth Road 08:3314:4317:01
Burnhervie, at Birken Cottage 10:53
Kemnay, opp Parkhill 08:3314:4317:01
Kemnay, at Fyfe Park 08:3314:4317:01
Kemnay, at Forbesfield Cottage 08:3414:4417:02
Port Elphinstone, opp Ladeside Gardens 07:1308:4414:5417:1218:59
Port Elphinstone, opp Leslie Place 07:1408:4514:5517:1319:00
Port Elphinstone Prospect Terrace (N bound) 07:1408:4514:5517:1519:00
Inverurie St James's Place (NE bound) 07:1508:4611:0014:5617:1719:01
Inverurie, opp Beverley Road 07:1608:4711:0114:5717:1819:02
Inverurie, at George Square 07:1608:4711:0114:5717:2019:02
Inverurie, opp Nursery Lane 07:1708:4811:0114:5817:2119:03
Inverurie Market Place (NW bound) 07:1808:4911:0214:5917:2319:04
Inverurie, opp Middlemuir Road 08:4911:0214:5917:24
Inverurie, at Davah Court 08:5011:0315:0017:24
Inverurie, at Gordon House 08:5111:0415:0117:26
Inverurie, at Burghmuir Circle 08:5211:0515:0217:27
Inverurie, at Old Chapel Road 08:5411:0715:0417:29
Inverurie, after Gordon Road 08:5411:0715:0417:29
Inverurie, at Brandsbutt 08:5511:0815:0517:30
Inverurie, at Harlaw Business Centre 08:5711:1015:0717:33
Inverurie, at Harlaw Way 08:5711:1015:0717:33
Inverurie, opp Queen Street 08:5811:1115:0817:34
Inverurie, opp Garioch Road 08:5911:1215:0917:35
Inverurie, at Burn Lane 09:0011:1315:1017:36
Inverurie, at Town Hall 09:0111:1415:1117:3819:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 23 July 2024

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