423 - Seacombe Ferry - Birkenhead and Liverpool

A bus service operated by Arriva Merseyside

Claughton Road (Birkenhead)

Claughton Road will be closed overnight from Tuesday 28 May 2024 for approximately 3 nights, from 1900 until 0400 each night.

Service 423

From Liverpool will be as normal route to Conway Street (use bus stop 22025A situated on Conway Street) then continue via Conway Street, Exmouth Street then as normal route to Seacombe Ferry. (Omits Claughton Road).

Seacombe Ferry to Birkenhead and Liverpool

Liverpool Whitechapel (Stop SD) 18:03then every 30 minutes until22:0322:3323:0323:40
Woodside Hamilton Square Station (Stop BC) 18:1222:1222:4223:1223:49
Birkenhead Argyle Street (Stand 2) 18:1322:1322:4323:1323:50
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 10) 18:1522:1522:4523:1523:52
Birkenhead Catherine Street (Stop C) 18:1722:1722:4723:1723:54
Birkenhead Shaw Street (Adjacent) 18:1922:1922:4923:1923:56
Oxton, adj Victoria Road 18:2022:2022:5023:2023:57
Oxton Victoria Fields (Adjacent) 18:2022:2022:5023:2023:57
Prenton, opposite Highgreen Road 18:2222:2222:5223:2223:59
Prenton, adj Highpark Road 18:2322:2322:5323:2300:00
Prenton Elm Road North (Adjacent) 18:2422:2422:5423:2400:01
Prenton, adj Cambridge Road 18:2422:2422:5423:2400:01
Prenton, adj Osmaston Road 18:2522:2522:5523:2500:02
Prenton, opp Dovedale Close 18:2622:2622:5623:2600:03
Prenton Grainger Avenue (Adjacent) 18:2722:2722:5723:2700:04
Prenton, adj Ennerdale Road 18:2722:2722:5723:2700:04
Prenton, adj Palmwood Close 18:2822:2822:5823:2800:05
Landican, opp Ackers Road 18:3022:3023:0023:3000:07
Landican Arrowe Park Road (Adjacent) 18:3122:3123:0123:3100:08
Arrowe Park Hospital Internal Grounds (Stop C) 18:3322:3323:0323:3300:10
Arrowe Park, opp Pool Lane 18:3422:3423:0423:3400:11
Arrowe Hill, adj Arrowe Brook Road 18:3522:3523:0523:3500:12
Arrowe Hill Leeswood Road (Near) 18:3622:3623:0623:3600:13
Upton Greystoke Close (Adjacent) 18:3722:3723:0723:3700:14
Upton Newton Way (Adjacent) 18:3822:3823:0823:3800:15
Upton, opposite Upland Road 18:3922:3923:0923:3900:16
Upton, adj Warwick Road 18:4022:4023:1023:4000:17
Upton M53 Motorway (Near) 18:4122:4123:1123:4100:18
Moreton Seaforth Drive (Adjacent) 18:4222:4223:1223:4200:19
Moreton, opp Griffin Avenue 18:4322:4323:1323:4300:20
Moreton Chadwick Street (Adjacent) 18:4422:4423:1423:4400:21
Moreton, adj Rosslyn Drive 18:4522:4523:1523:4500:22
Moreton Borrowdale Road (Adjacent) 18:4522:4523:1523:4500:22
Moreton Cobham Road (Adjacent) 18:4522:4523:1523:4500:22
Moreton, opposite Ely Avenue 18:4622:4623:1623:4600:23
Moreton Bermuda Road (NW-bound) 18:4622:4623:1623:4600:23
Moreton, opp MacDonald Road 18:4722:4723:1723:4700:24
Moreton, opp Hardie Avenue 18:4722:4723:1723:4700:24
Moreton, opp Smilie Avenue 18:4822:4823:1823:4800:25
Moreton, adj Wastdale Drive 18:4922:4923:1923:4900:26
Moreton, adj Flaxhill 18:4922:4923:1923:4900:26
Moreton, adj Harvest Lane 18:5022:5023:2023:5000:27
Moreton Knutsford Road (Adjacent) 18:5222:5223:2223:5200:29
Moreton, opp Chapelhill Road 18:5322:5323:2323:5300:30
Moreton, adj Danger Lane 18:5422:5423:2423:5400:31
Moreton Reeds Lane (Adjacent) 18:5422:5423:2423:5400:31
Leasowe Station (Stop C) 18:5622:5623:2623:5600:33
Moreton, opp Birket Avenue 18:5722:5723:2723:5700:34
Leasowe Birket Avenue (Adjacent) 18:5822:5823:2823:5800:35
Leasowe Castleway North (Adjacent) 18:5922:5923:2923:5900:36
Leasowe, adj Hudson Road 19:0023:0023:3000:0000:37
Leasowe Cook Road (Adjacent) 19:0123:0123:3100:0100:38
Leasowe Raleigh Road (Adjacent) 19:0223:0223:3200:0200:39
Wallasey, opp Gardenside 19:0223:0223:3200:0200:39
Wallasey, opposite Heyes Drive 19:0323:0323:3300:0300:40
Wallasey St Nicholas Road (Near) 19:0523:0523:3500:0500:42
Wallasey Village Station (Stop A) 19:0623:0623:3600:0600:43
Wallasey, opposite Perrin Road 19:0723:0723:3700:0700:44
Wallasey, opposite School Lane 19:0823:0823:3800:0800:45
Liscard Loretto Road (Adjacent) 19:1023:1023:4000:1000:47
Liscard Belvidere Road (Adjacent) 19:1123:1123:4100:1100:48
Liscard Conway Street (Stop A) 19:1223:1223:4200:1200:49
Liscard Queen Street (Adjacent) 19:1323:1323:4300:13
Liscard Withens Lane (Near) 19:1423:1423:4400:14
Liscard, adj Penkett Road 19:1423:1423:4400:14
Egremont, opp Manor Road 19:1523:1523:4500:15
Egremont, adj St Brides Road 19:1623:1623:4600:16
Egremont, opp Rice Lane 19:1623:1623:4600:16
Egremont Elmswood Road (Adjacent) 19:1723:1723:4700:17
South Egremont Queens Road (Adjacent) 19:1723:1723:4700:17
Seacombe Riverview Road (Adjacent) 19:1823:1823:4800:18
Seacombe, adj Shirley Street 19:1823:1823:4800:18
Seacombe Keegan Drive (Adjacent) 19:1923:1923:4900:19
Seacombe Ferry Terminal (Stop A) 19:2023:2023:5000:20

Birkenhead and Liverpool to Seacombe Ferry

Seacombe Ferry Terminal (Stop B) 18:0518:3518:59then every 30 minutes until22:2922:5923:29
Seacombe, adj Borough Road 18:0618:3619:0022:3023:0023:30
Seacombe Brougham Road (Adjacent) 18:0718:3719:0122:3123:0123:31
South Egremont Bell Road (Adjacent) 18:0818:3819:0222:3223:0223:32
South Egremont Church Lane (Adjacent) 18:0918:3919:0322:3323:0323:33
Egremont Union Street (Adjacent) 18:1018:4019:0422:3423:0423:34
Egremont, opp St Brides Road 18:1018:4019:0422:3423:0423:34
Egremont, adj Manor Road 18:1118:4119:0522:3523:0523:35
Liscard Stringhey Road (Adjacent) 18:1218:4219:0622:3623:0623:36
Liscard, opposite Withens Lane 18:1318:4319:0722:3723:0723:37
Liscard Grosvenor Street (Adjacent) 18:1418:4419:0822:3823:0823:38
Liscard Monk Road (Stop C) 18:1518:4519:0922:3923:0923:39
Liscard Dominick House (Stop F) 18:1618:4619:1022:4023:1023:40
Liscard Torrington Road (Adjacent) 18:1718:4719:1122:4123:1123:41
Liscard, adj Knaresborough Road 18:1918:4919:1322:4323:1323:43
Wallasey Millthwaite Road (Adjacent) 18:1918:4919:1322:4323:1323:43
Wallasey School Lane (Adjacent) 18:2018:5019:1422:4423:1423:44
Wallasey Village (Adjacent) 18:2118:5119:1522:4523:1523:45
Wallasey Village Station (Stop B) 18:2218:5219:1622:4623:1623:46
Wallasey, adj Southcroft Road 18:2318:5319:1722:4723:1723:47
Leasowe Heyes Drive (Near) 18:2418:5419:1822:4823:1823:48
Leasowe Shackleton Road (Adjacent) 18:2718:5719:2122:5123:2123:51
Leasowe, nr Kingham Close 18:2818:5819:2222:5223:2223:52
Leasowe Hudson Road (Near) 18:2918:5919:2322:5323:2323:53
Leasowe Twickenham Drive (Adjacent) 18:2918:5919:2322:5323:2323:53
Leasowe, opp Reeds Avenue East 18:3019:0019:2422:5423:2423:54
Leasowe Birket Avenue (Near) 18:3219:0219:2622:5623:2623:56
Leasowe Station (Stop B) 18:3219:0219:2622:5623:2623:56
Moreton, opposite Reeds Lane 18:3419:0419:2822:5823:2823:58
Moreton, adj Stuart Avenue 18:3419:0419:2822:5823:2823:58
Moreton, adj Alwyn Gardens 18:3619:0619:3023:0023:3000:00
Moreton Garden Lane (Adjacent) 18:3719:0719:3123:0123:3100:01
Moreton, opp Harvest Lane 18:3819:0819:3223:0223:32
Moreton, opp Lingham Lane 18:3919:0919:3323:0323:33
Moreton Kestrel Road (Adjacent) 18:4019:1019:3423:0423:34
Moreton Bermuda Road (Adjacent) 18:4119:1119:3523:0523:35
Moreton Burden Road (Adjacent) 18:4219:1219:3623:0623:36
Moreton, adj MacDonald Road 18:4219:1219:3623:0623:36
Moreton Bermuda Road (NW-bound) 18:4219:1219:3623:0623:36
Moreton, opposite Meadowbrook Road 18:4319:1319:3723:0723:37
Moreton, adj Joan Avenue 18:4419:1419:3823:0823:38
Moreton, opp Rosslyn Drive 18:4419:1419:3823:0823:38
Moreton Glebelands Road (Adjacent) 18:4519:1519:3923:0923:39
Moreton, adj Marian Drive 18:4619:1619:4023:1023:40
Moreton Croft Drive (Adjacent) 18:4719:1719:4123:1123:41
Overchurch, nr M53 Motorway 18:4819:1819:4223:1223:42
Overchurch, opposite The Woodlands 18:4919:1919:4323:1323:43
Upton Braeside Gardens (Adjacent) 18:4919:1919:4323:1323:43
Upton Ford Road (Adjacent) 18:5119:2119:4523:1523:45
Upton, opposite Sullivan Avenue 18:5219:2219:4623:1623:46
Arrowe Hill, adj Leeswood Road 18:5319:2319:4723:1723:47
Arrowe Park, opposite Arrowe Brook Road 18:5419:2419:4823:1823:48
Arrowe Park, adj Pool Lane 18:5519:2519:4923:1923:49
Arrowe Park Hospital Internal Grounds (Stop C) 18:5619:2619:5023:2023:50
Woodchurch Church Lane (Adjacent) 18:5719:2719:5123:2123:51
Woodchurch, adj Ackers Road 18:5819:2819:5223:2223:52
Prenton, opp Palmwood Close 19:0119:3119:5523:2523:55
Prenton Dell Road (opp) 19:0119:3119:5523:2523:55
Prenton Holm Lane (Adjacent) 19:0219:3219:5623:2623:56
Prenton, adj Dovedale Close 19:0219:3219:5623:2623:56
Prenton, opp Osmaston Road 19:0319:3319:5723:2723:57
Prenton, opp Curzon Road 19:0419:3419:5823:2823:58
Prenton Storeton Road (Adjacent) 19:0419:3419:5823:2823:58
Prenton, opp Moss Lane 19:0519:3519:5923:2923:59
Prenton, opp Highpark Road 19:0519:3519:5923:2923:59
Oxton Merlin Road (Adjacent) 19:0619:3620:0023:3000:00
Oxton, opposite Elmswood Road 19:0719:3720:0123:3100:01
Oxton Briardale Road (Adjacent) 19:0719:3720:0123:3100:01
Birkenhead Carnforth Close (Adjacent) 19:0819:3820:0223:3200:02
Birkenhead Whetstone Lane (Adjacent) 19:0919:3920:0323:3300:03
Birkenhead Clifton Crescent (Adjacent) 19:1019:4020:0423:3400:04
Birkenhead Grange Road (Adjacent) 19:1119:4120:0523:3500:05
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 7) 19:1219:4220:0623:3600:06
Liverpool Hood street (Adjacent) 19:2319:5320:1723:47
Liverpool Crosshall Street (Stop DB) 19:2419:5420:1823:48

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMSY/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 23 April 2024

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