42A - Stansted Airport Braintree - Chelmsford - Galleywood

A bus service operated by First Essex

Bishops Stortford, Interchange - Chelmsford, Bus Stn

Takeley The Four Ashes (near) 07:16
Takeley Dunmow Road (N-bound) 07:25
Takeley, opp Hubberd Road 07:25
Takeley, o/s Priors Green School 07:27
Takeley Bennet Canfield (E-bound) 07:27
Takeley, opp Clarendon Road 07:28
Takeley, adj Warwick Road 07:29
Takeley, o/s The Lion & Lamb 07:29
Canfield End, o/s Little Canfield Hall 07:31
Great Dunmow, adj Woodside Way 07:35
Great Dunmow, opp Staggs Farm 07:36
Great Dunmow, opp The Queen Victoria 07:36
Great Dunmow Stortford Road (E-bound) 07:37
Great Dunmow High Street (SE-bound) 07:38
Great Dunmow, adj Station Road 07:38
Great Dunmow, o/s Gatehouse Villas 07:39
Great Dunmow, adj Oak Industrial Estate 07:40
Barnston, adj High Easter Road 07:42
Barnston, opp Church School 07:43
North End Onslow Green (S-bound) 07:45
North End, adj Black Chapel Lane 07:47
Ford End Sandon Hill (S-bound) 07:49
Ford End, opp Back Lane 07:49
Ford End, opp School 07:50
Ford End Apple Tree Corner (E-bound) 07:51
Great Waltham, opp Warners Farm 07:55
Great Waltham, o/s The Green Man 07:55
Great Waltham, adj Parsonage Lane 07:56
Great Waltham Penden Corner (S-bound) 07:57
Great Waltham, o/s Crowbush House 07:58
Great Waltham, adj Memorial 07:59
Great Waltham, o/s The Windmill 08:00
Little Waltham, opp Lark's Lane 08:00
Little Waltham Ash Tree Corner (S-bound) 08:01
Broomfield, opp Woodhouse Lane 08:03
Broomfield, o/s Croxton's Mill 08:04
Broomfield Searle Crescent (W-bound) 08:04
Broomfield, o/s Ambulance HQ 08:05
Broomfield Hospital (Stand 2) 08:06
Broomfield, opp Ambulance HQ 08:09
Broomfield Court Road (S-bound) 08:10
Broomfield, o/s Butlers Farm 08:12
Broomfield, opp Jubilee Avenue 08:12
Broomfield, opp Church Green 08:13
Broomfield, opp New Road 08:14
Broomfield, o/s The Angel 08:14
Broomfield, adj Post Office Road 08:15
Broomfield, opp Erick Avenue 08:17
Chelmsford, opp Skerry Rise 08:18
Chelmsford, opp Patching Hall Lane 08:19
Chelmsford, opp The Drive 08:20
Chelmsford, opp Kings Road 08:22
Chelmsford, o/s Keene Home 08:24
Chelmsford, o/s The Ship 08:26
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 11) 08:30
Chelmsford Cathedral (Stop Cc) 08:34
Chelmsford H & M (Stop Dc) 08:35
Chelmsford Job Centre (Stop Dd) 08:36
Chelmsford, opp RC Church 08:37
Chelmsford, adj Queen Street 08:38
Chelmsford, opp South Lodge Hotel 08:39
Chelmsford, adj Moulsham Street 08:41
Chelmsford, opp Wood Street 08:42

Chelmsford, Bus Stn - Bishops Stortford, Interchange

Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 8) 15:40
Chelmsford, opp The Ship 16:01
Chelmsford, o/s King Edward VI School 16:02
Chelmsford, opp Keene Home 16:03
Chelmsford, adj Kings Road 16:04
Chelmsford, adj The Drive 16:05
Chelmsford, adj Patching Hall Lane 16:06
Chelmsford, adj Skerry Rise 16:08
Broomfield, adj Erick Avenue 16:09
Broomfield, opp Post Office Road 16:10
Broomfield, opp The Angel 16:10
Broomfield, adj New Road 16:11
Broomfield, adj Church Green 16:11
Broomfield, adj Jubilee Avenue 16:12
Broomfield, opp Butlers Farm 16:13
Broomfield Searle Crescent (W-bound) 16:14
Broomfield, o/s Ambulance HQ 16:14
Broomfield Hospital (Stand 3) 16:15
Broomfield, opp Ambulance HQ 16:18
Broomfield, opp Croxton's Mill 16:19
Broomfield, adj Woodhouse Lane 16:19
Little Waltham, opp Chelmer Avenue 16:20
Little Waltham Ash Tree Corner (NW-bound) 16:21
Little Waltham, adj Lark's Lane 16:22
Great Waltham, opp The Windmill 16:23
Great Waltham, adj Hatchfields 16:24
Great Waltham, opp Memorial 16:24
Great Waltham, opp Crowbush House 16:24
Great Waltham Penden Corner (N-bound) 16:26
Great Waltham, opp Parsonage Lane 16:27
Great Waltham, opp The Green Man 16:27
Great Waltham, o/s Warners Farm 16:28
Ford End Apple Tree Corner (W-bound) 16:30
Ford End, o/s School 16:32
Ford End, adj Back Lane 16:32
Ford End Sandon Hill (N-bound) 16:32
North End, opp Black Chapel Lane 16:34
North End Onslow Green (N-bound) 16:35
Barnston, o/s Church School 16:38
Barnston, opp High Easter Road 16:39
Great Dunmow, opp Oak Industrial Estate 16:40
Great Dunmow, opp Gatehouse Villas 16:42
Great Dunmow, opp Station Road 16:42
Great Dunmow High Street (NW-bound) 16:43
Great Dunmow Stortford Road (W-bound) 16:44
Great Dunmow, o/s The Queen Victoria 16:44
Great Dunmow, o/s Staggs Farm 16:44
Great Dunmow, opp Woodside Way 16:45
Canfield End, opp Little Canfield Hall 16:49
Takeley, opp The Lion & Lamb 16:50
Takeley, adj Clarendon Road 16:51
Takeley Bennet Canfield (W-bound) 16:52
Takeley, opp Priors Green School 16:52
Takeley, adj Hubberd Road 16:53
Takeley Dunmow Road (S-bound) 16:54
Takeley, adj Canfield Road 16:54
Takeley, adj The Four Ashes 16:57

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