49h - Hedge End Park - Hamble Square via Bursledon Tesco, Netley

Operated by Stagecoach South

Wildern Hedge End Superstores (W-bound) 09:4512:00
Wildern Westward Road (S-bound) 09:4812:03
Wildern School (SE-bound) 09:4912:04
Wildern, adj Ratcliffe Road 09:4912:04
Hedge End Town Ctr Hedge End Village Hall (Stop B) 09:5012:05
Hedge End Recreation Ground (near) 09:5112:06
Hedge End Alexandra Road (SW-bound) 09:5212:07
Hedge End Foord Road (SW-bound) 09:5312:08
Hedge End Boundary Acre (S-bound) 09:5412:09
Hedge End Dodwell Lane (entrance M27) 09:5612:11
Lowford Tesco (E-bound) 10:0012:15
Lowford Hill (SW-bound) 10:0212:17
Lowford Chamberlayne Road (S-bound) 10:0212:17
Hound, adj Satchell Lane 10:0512:20
Hound, adj Broadway 10:0512:20
Hamble-le-Rice, opp Sports Ground 10:0612:21
Hamble-le-Rice Verdon Avenue (SW-bound) 10:0712:22
Hamble-le-Rice Beaulieu Road (SE-bound) 10:0812:23
Hamble-le-Rice Hamble Fire Station (E-bound) 10:0912:24
Hamble-le-Rice Copse Lane (E-bound) 10:0912:24
Hamble-le-Rice, opp The Square 10:1012:25
Hamble-le-Rice Copse Lane (W-bound) 10:1112:26
Hamble-le-Rice Hamble Fire Station (NW-bound) 10:1112:26
Hamble-le-Rice Beaulieu Road (NW-bound) 10:1212:27
Hamble-le-Rice Verdon Avenue (NE-bound) 10:1312:28
Hamble-le-Rice, adj Sports Ground 10:1412:29
Hound, opp Broadway 10:1512:30
Hound, opp Satchell Lane 10:1512:30
Hound Farm (NW-bound) 10:1612:31
Hound St Marys Church (W-bound) 10:1612:31
Netley Station (SW-bound) 10:1812:33
Netley Denzil Avenue (NW-bound) 10:1912:34
Netley New Road (SW-bound) 10:2012:35
Netley York Road (NW-bound) 10:2012:35
Netley Abbey St Edwards Church (NE-bound) 10:2112:36
Netley Abbey St Edwards Road (NE-bound) 10:2212:37
Netley Abbey, adj Westwood Reserve 10:2312:38
Butlocks Heath, adj Pegasus Avenue 10:2412:39
Butlocks Heath Bowcombe (S-bound) 10:2412:39
Netley Yaverland (S-bound) 10:2512:40
Netley, nr Abbeyfields Close 10:2612:41
Hound St Marys Church (E-bound) 10:2712:42
Hound Farm (SE-bound) 10:2712:42
Lowford Chamberlayne Road (N-bound) 10:3012:45
Lowford Hill (NE-bound) 10:3012:45
Lowford Tesco (E-bound) 10:3212:47
Hedge End Dodwell Lane (N-bound) 10:3712:52
Hedge End Boundary Acre (N-bound) 10:3812:53
Hedge End Foord Road (NE-bound) 10:3912:54
Hedge End Alexandra Road (NE-bound) 10:4012:55
Hedge End Recreation Ground (adjacent) 10:4112:56
Hedge End Town Ctr Village Centre (Stop A) 10:4212:57
Hedge End Town Ctr Village Centre (Stop E) 10:4212:57
Wildern School (NW-bound) 10:4412:59
Wildern, o/s Willow Mead 10:4412:59
Wildern Westward Road (N-bound) 10:4513:00
Wildern Hedge End Superstores (W-bound) 10:4713:02

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 11 April 2024, the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024, Stagecoach South, 13 April 2024

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