4S - Chester - Mold

A bus service operated by Arriva Wales


Chester to Mold

Chester Railway Station (S4) 18:1019:1020:00then hourly until23:00
Chester Hoole Way (Stop R) 18:1119:1120:0123:01
Chester Bus Interchange (Stand C) 18:1319:1320:0323:03
Chester Foregate Street Stop BB 18:1519:1520:0523:05
Chester Grosvenor Street (Stop X) 18:1619:1620:0623:06
Chester, opp HQ 18:1719:1720:0723:07
Hough Green Overleigh Roundabout (SW-bound) 18:1819:1820:0823:08
Hough Green Cavendish Road (cnr) 18:1919:1920:0923:09
Hough Green, nr Selkirk Drive 18:2019:2020:1023:10
Hough Green, opp Woodlands Road 18:2019:2020:1023:10
Hough Green St Mark's Road (cnr) 18:2119:2120:1123:11
Saltney, o/s Anchor Hotel 18:2119:2120:1123:11
Saltney, after Police Station 18:2219:2220:1223:12
Saltney, before Park Avenue 18:2219:2220:1223:12
Saltney, after Corner Pin 18:2319:2320:1323:13
Saltney, after Sandy Lane 18:2419:2420:1423:14
Saltney Ferry Road (after) 18:2519:2520:1523:15
Bretton, before Hope`s Place Farm 18:2619:2620:1623:16
Bretton Lane End (after) 18:2719:2720:1723:17
Broughton, opp Glynne Arms 18:2819:2820:1823:18
Broughton, at Tesco 18:3019:3020:2023:20
Broughton, after Airbus 18:3119:3120:2123:21
Broughton, o/s Shops 18:3319:3320:2323:23
Broughton, before Coronation Road 18:3419:3420:2423:24
Broughton, o/s School 18:3419:3420:2423:24
Broughton, before Eaton Close 18:3519:3520:2523:25
Broughton, after Wynnstay Road 18:3519:3520:2523:25
Broughton, after Wood Lane 18:3619:3620:2623:26
Hawarden, after Manor Lane 18:3819:3820:2823:28
Hawarden, before Raike Lane 18:3919:3920:2923:29
Hawarden, after Moor Lane 18:4019:4020:3023:30
Hawarden, after Mossley Court 18:4119:4120:3123:31
Hawarden, after Railway Station 18:4219:4220:3223:32
Hawarden, after Groomscroft 18:4219:4220:3223:32
Hawarden, o/s High School 18:4319:4320:3323:33
Hawarden, before Kersley Avenue 18:4319:4320:3323:33
Hawarden, before Level Road 18:4419:4420:3423:34
Hawarden, before Sycamore Lodge 18:4519:4520:3523:35
Hawarden, after Paradise Place 18:4519:4520:3523:35
Hawarden, nr The Gables 18:4619:4620:3623:36
Burntwood Pentre, before Burnt Wood 18:4719:4720:3723:37
Drury, after Parrot Inn 18:4819:4820:3823:38
Drury, o/s Glynne Arms 18:4919:4920:3923:39
Buckley, o/s Horse and Jockey 18:5019:5020:4023:40
Buckley, nr Baptist Row 18:5119:5120:4123:41
Buckley, before Coppa View 18:5119:5120:4123:41
Buckley, o/s Tivoli 18:5219:5220:4223:42
Buckley, o/s Black Lion 18:5419:5420:4423:44
Buckley, o/s Emmanuel Church 18:5419:5420:4423:44
Buckley Post Office (o/s former) 18:5519:5520:4523:45
Prenbrigog Pren Hill (bottom) 18:5619:5620:4623:46
Mynydd Isa, after Bod Offa Drive 18:5619:5620:4623:46
Mynydd Isa, before Carton Road 18:5719:5720:4723:47
Prenbrigog, o/s Mercia Square 18:5819:5820:4823:48
Mynydd Isa, nr Llys Wylfa 18:5819:5820:4823:48
Mynydd Isa, after Heol Fammau 18:5919:5920:4923:49
New Brighton, after Moel Fammau Road 19:0020:0020:5023:50
New Brighton, opp Rose & Crown 19:0020:0020:5023:50
New Brighton, after Argoed View 19:0120:0120:5123:51
Mold, before Leadmill Bridge 19:0420:0420:5423:54
Mold, at Bus Station 7 19:0620:0620:5623:56

Mold to Chester

Mold, at Bus Station 5 19:10
Mold, before Leadmill Bridge 19:11
Mold, o/s Flintshire County Hall 19:12
New Brighton, after Argoed View 19:14
New Brighton Rose & Crown (o/s former) 19:14
New Brighton, before Moel Fammau Road 19:14
Mynydd Isa, before Heol Fammau 19:15
Mynydd Isa, nr Llys Wylfa 19:16
Prenbrigog, opp Mercia Square 19:17
Prenbrigog, after Mercia Drive 19:17
Mynydd Isa, before Bod Offa Drive 19:18
Prenbrigog Pren Hill (bottom) 19:19
Buckley, before Bistre Close 19:19
Buckley, before White Lion 19:20
Buckley, after Police Station 19:21
Buckley, opp Tivoli 19:21
Buckley, after Coppa View 19:22
Buckley, at Lane End 19:23
Buckley, opp Horse and Jockey 19:24
Buckley, opp Glynne Arms 19:25
Drury, opp Parrot Inn 19:26
Burntwood Pentre, before Burnt Wood 19:26
Hawarden, nr The Gables 19:28
Hawarden, before Paradise Place 19:28
Hawarden, after Sycamore Lodge 19:29
Hawarden, after Level Road 19:30
Hawarden, before Kersley Avenue 19:30
Hawarden, opp High School 19:32
Hawarden, before Groomscroft 19:32
Hawarden, before Railway Station 19:32
Hawarden, o/s Glynne Arms 19:33
Hawarden, before Moor Lane 19:34
Hawarden, after Raike Lane 19:35
Hawarden, before Manor Lane 19:36
Broughton, before Wood Lane 19:41
Broughton, o/s Shops 19:43
Broughton, before Coronation Road 19:44
Broughton, o/s School 19:44
Broughton, before Eaton Close 19:45
Broughton, after Airbus 19:46
Broughton, at Tesco 19:48
Broughton, o/s Glynne Arms 19:49
Bretton Lane End (after) 19:50
Bretton, before Well House Farm 19:51
Saltney, after North Street 19:53
Saltney, before Sandy Lane 19:54
Saltney, o/s St David`s Retail Park 19:55
Saltney, before Police Station 19:56
Saltney, before Anchor Hotel 19:57
Lache, o/s Brewery Arms PH 19:57
Hough Green, opp St Mark's Road 19:58
Hough Green, opp Cliveden Road 19:58
Hough Green, after Selkirk Drive 19:59
Hough Green Howe Road (cnr) 20:00
Hough Green Overleigh Roundabout (E-bound) 20:00
Chester, o/s HQ 20:02
Chester Grosvenor Street (Stop W) 20:02
Chester Pepper Street (Stand Z) 20:03
Chester Foregate Street Stop HH 20:04
Chester Canal Bridge (Stop N) 20:05
Chester Railway Station (S4) 20:06

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ACYM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 22 September 2022

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