5E - Ninewells Hospital - Barnhill

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Ninewells Hospital - Barnhill

Ninewells Hospital (Stance B) 18:13then hourly until21:1321:43
Ninewells, opp Lochay Place 18:1321:1321:43
Menzieshill, at Spey Drive 18:1321:1321:43
Menzieshill, opp Gowrie Court 18:1421:1421:44
Menzieshill, nr Orrin Place 18:1421:1421:44
Menzieshill, opp Earn Crescent 18:1521:1521:45
Menzieshill, at Dochart Terrace 18:1521:1521:45
Menzieshill, at The Shand 18:1621:1621:46
Riverside, nr Elliot Road 18:1621:1621:46
W End, opp Carseview Gardens 18:1721:1721:47
Riverside, nr Arnhall Drive 18:1821:1821:48
Riverside, nr West Grove Avenue 18:1821:1821:48
Riverside, nr West Park Road 18:1821:1821:48
Riverside, at Harris Academy North 18:1921:1921:49
Riverside, nr Grosvenor Road 18:1921:1921:49
Riverside, nr Rockfield Street 18:1921:1921:49
Riverside, nr Seymour Street 18:2021:2021:50
Riverside, opp Windsor Street 18:2021:2021:50
W End, nr Ritchies Lane 18:2021:2021:50
W End, opp Patons Lane 18:2121:2121:51
W End, opp Seafield Lane 18:2121:2121:51
W End, opp Mcvicars Lane 18:2221:2221:52
W End, opp Roseangle 18:2321:2321:53
Dundee, at University 18:2421:2421:54
Dundee, at West Marketgait 18:2521:2521:55
Dundee High Street (Stop 2) 18:2721:2721:57
Dundee High Street (Stop 2) 18:28 21:28 21:58
Dundee, at Caird Hall 18:2821:2821:58
Dundee, at Marks and Spencer 18:3021:3022:00
Dundee, opp Bus Station 18:3021:3022:00
Eastport, opp Foundry Lane 18:3121:3122:01
Eastport, nr Wallace Street 18:3121:3122:01
Eastport, nr Lillybank Road 18:3221:3222:02
Eastport, at South Baffin Street 18:3321:3322:03
Eastport, nr Thornbank Terrace 18:3321:3322:03
Eastport, nr Kenilworth Avenue 18:3421:3422:04
Craigiebank, at Murray Street 18:3521:3522:05
Craigiebank, at Dalgleish Road 18:3521:3522:05
Craigiebank, adj Carlochie Place 18:3621:3622:06
Craigiebank, at Balgavies Avenue 18:3721:3722:07
Craigiebank, at Strips of Craigie 18:3721:3722:07
Craigiebank, at Southampton Road 18:3821:3822:08
Craigiebank, at Craigiebarns Road 18:3921:3922:09
Craigiebank, at Gardyne Road 18:4021:4022:10
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, nr Crawford Place 18:4021:4022:10
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Dunnotar Place 18:4121:4122:11
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Ellieslea Road 18:4221:4222:12
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Grove Road 18:4221:4222:12
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Victoria Road 18:4321:4322:13
Broughty Ferry, at Claypotts Road 18:4421:4422:14
Broughty Ferry, at Davidson Street 18:4421:4422:14
Broughty Ferry, adj Claypotts Road 18:4521:4522:15
Broughty Ferry, at Queen Street 18:4621:4622:16
Broughty Ferry, opp Anton Drive 18:4621:4622:16
Broughty Ferry, at Archer Street 18:4721:4722:17
Barnhill, adj Anton Drive 18:4721:4722:17
Barnhill, nr Torridon Road West 18:4821:4822:18
Barnhill, opp Dornoch Place 18:4921:4922:19
Barnhill, nr Edzell Street 18:5021:5022:20
Barnhill, nr Nursery Road 18:5021:5022:20
Barnhill, nr Abercromby Street 18:5021:5022:20
Barnhill, opp Montague Street 18:5121:5122:21
Barnhill, at Strathmore Place 18:5121:5122:21
Barnhill, opp Inchcape Place 18:5321:5322:23
Balgillo, opp Elcho Drive 18:5321:5322:23
Balgillo, at Langlea Place 18:5421:5422:24
Balgillo, at Edzell Street 18:5421:5422:24
Balgillo, at Aberfoyle Gardens 18:5521:5522:25
Balgillo, at Forthill Road 18:5621:5622:26
Balgillo, at Ballinard Road 18:5721:5722:27

Barnhill - Ninewells Hospital

Balgillo, at Muirside Terrace 19:0020:0021:00
Balgillo, opp Kintail Place 19:0020:0021:00
Balgillo, opp Menteith Street 19:0120:0121:01
Balgillo, opp Edzell Street 19:0220:0221:02
Balgillo, opp Ceres Crescent 19:0220:0221:02
Balgillo, at Elcho Drive 19:0320:0321:03
Barnhill, at Inchcape Place 19:0420:0421:0421:34
Barnhill, nr Montague Street 19:0520:0521:0521:35
Barnhill, opp Abercromby Street 19:0520:0521:0521:35
Barnhill, at Nursery Road 19:0620:0621:0621:36
Barnhill, at Campfield Square 19:0620:0621:0621:36
Barnhill, opp Torridon Road East 19:0720:0721:0721:37
Barnhill, opp Torridon Road West 19:0820:0821:0821:38
Barnhill, opp Corran Gardens 19:0820:0821:0821:38
Broughty Ferry, opp Archer Street 19:0920:0921:0921:39
Broughty Ferry, at Anton Drive 19:0920:0921:0921:39
Broughty Ferry, at Post Office 19:1120:1121:1121:41
Broughty Ferry, nr Claypotts Road 19:1120:1121:1121:41
Broughty Ferry, opp Grove Academy 19:1220:1221:1221:42
Broughty Ferry, opp Ferndale Drive 19:1220:1221:1221:42
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, nr Victoria Road 19:1320:1321:1321:43
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, nr Grove Road 19:1320:1321:1321:43
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Ellieslea Road 19:1420:1421:1421:44
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Fairfield Road 19:1520:1521:1521:45
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Crawford Place 19:1620:1621:1621:46
Craigiebank, at Belsize Road 19:1720:1721:1721:47
Craigiebank, at Lavender Street 19:1820:1821:1821:48
Craigiebank, at Redmyre Gardens 19:1920:1921:1921:49
Craigiebank, nr Balgavies Avenue 19:1920:1921:1921:49
Craigiebank, nr Craigie Avenue 19:2020:2021:2021:50
Craigiebank, opp East Haddon Road 19:2020:2021:2021:50
Craigiebank, opp Dalgleish Road 19:2120:2121:2121:51
Eastport, adj Kenilworth Avenue 19:2220:2221:2221:52
Eastport, opp Thornbank Terrace 19:2320:2321:2321:53
Eastport, opp South Baffin Street 19:2320:2321:2321:53
Eastport, opp Lillybank Road 19:2420:2421:2421:54
Eastport, nr Peep o Day Lane 19:2520:2521:2521:55
Eastport, nr Foundry Lane 19:2520:2521:2521:55
Dundee Seagate (stop 1) 19:2620:2621:2621:56
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 1) 19:2720:2721:2721:57
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 19:2820:2821:2821:58
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 2) 19:2920:2921:2921:59
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 2) 19:31 20:31 21:31 22:01
Dundee Nethergate (Stop 1) 19:3120:3121:3122:01
Dundee, at Queens Hotel 19:3320:3321:3322:03
W End, opp Airlie Place 19:3420:3421:3422:04
W End, nr Mcvicars Lane 19:3520:3521:3522:05
W End, at Seafield Lane 19:3620:3621:3622:06
W End, nr Step Row 19:3720:3721:3722:07
Riverside, nr Windsor Street 19:3720:3721:3722:07
Riverside, opp Hyndford Street 19:3820:3821:3822:08
Riverside, opp Grosvenor Road 19:3920:3921:3922:09
Riverside, opp West Park Road 19:3920:3921:3922:09
Riverside, opp Farington Terrace 19:3920:3921:3922:09
Riverside, opp Farington Street 19:4020:4021:4022:10
W End, at Carseview Gardens 19:4120:4121:4122:11
Riverside, opp Elliot Road 19:4220:4221:4222:12
Balgay Cemetry (opp) 19:4220:4221:4222:12
Menzieshill, opp The Shand 19:4220:4221:4222:12
Menzieshill, opp Dochart Terrace 19:4320:4321:4322:13
Menzieshill, at Servite House 19:4320:4321:4322:13
Menzieshill, opp Orrin Place 19:4420:4421:4422:14
Menzieshill, at Gowrie Court 19:4520:4521:4522:15
Menzieshill, opp Spey Drive 19:4520:4521:4522:15
Menzieshill, at Thurso Crescent 19:4620:4621:4622:16
Menzieshill, at Lochinver Crescent 19:4720:4721:4722:17
Technology Park, nr Kingsway West 19:4820:4821:4822:18
Technology Park, opp Luna Place 19:5020:5021:5022:20
Technology Park, at Explorer Road 19:5020:5021:5022:20
Technology Park, at Medi Park 19:5120:5121:5122:21
Ninewells, opp Carseview Centre 19:5220:5221:5222:22
Ninewells, nr James Arnott Drive 19:5320:5321:5322:23
Ninewells Hospital (Stance B) 19:5420:5421:5422:24

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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