6A - Dumfries - Glencaple and Caerlaverock circular

A bus service operated by Houston's Minicoaches

Caerlaverock, at Castle Rd End 10:0413:0416:1518:04
Glencaple Kennethbank (opp Cottages) 10:0913:2816:2018:09
Glencaple Village (opp Nith Hotel) 08:1010:1213:4216:2318:12
Glencaple Village (Carlin Road) 08:1310:1413:4416:2618:14
Glencaple Keltonbank (Road End) 08:1410:1513:4516:2718:15
Glencaple Netherwood Mains (Farm) 08:1610:1813:4816:3018:18
Dumfries Great King St (Old PO) 07:4009:3013:0015:4517:30
Dumfries Loreburne Centre 2 (at Centre) 07:4309:3313:0315:4817:33
Dumfries St Michaels St (opp Ship Inn) 07:4309:3313:0315:4817:33
Dumfries Nithbank (o/s Hospital) 07:4409:3413:0415:4917:34
Dumfries Castledykes Park (opp Park) 07:4409:3513:0515:5017:35
Dumfries Glencaple Avenue (opp Road End) 07:4509:3613:0615:5117:36
Crichton Main Gate (at Gate) 07:4509:3613:0615:5117:36
Kingholm Quay Ladyfield (opp no 6) 07:4609:3813:0815:5317:38
Kingholm Quay Glencaple Avenue (at 41) 09:4013:1015:5517:40
Kingholm Quay, at Glenholm Place 08:1910:2013:5018:20
Kingholm Quay, at The Swan 09:4313:1315:5817:43
Kingholm Quay Millview (at 19) 08:1909:4410:2113:1413:5115:5917:4418:21
Kingholm Quay, at The Park 08:1909:4410:2113:1413:5115:5917:4418:21
Kingholm Quay Laghall Court (opp11) 08:2009:4510:2213:1513:5216:0017:4518:22
Kingholm Quay, opp Glenholm Place 08:2009:4510:2313:1513:5316:0017:4618:23
Glencaple Netherwood Mains (opp Farm) 07:4709:4813:1816:0217:49
Glencaple Keltonbank (opp Road End) 07:5009:5013:2016:0317:52
Glencaple Village (opp Carlin Road) 07:5209:5113:2116:0517:53
Glencaple Village (Post Office) 07:5509:5513:2516:0817:55
Glencaple Caerlaverock Primary (Opp School) 07:5509:5513:2516:0817:55
Glencaple Chapelhill (opp Road End) 07:5709:5713:2716:1017:57
Bankend, at Memorial 07:5910:0013:3016:1218:00
Bankend, opp Byers Farm Rd End 07:5910:0013:3016:1218:00
Bankend, opp Shelter 08:0010:0213:3216:1318:02
Caerlaverock, at Shearington Smithy 08:0110:0313:3316:1418:03
Caerlaverock, at Castle Rd End 08:0210:0413:3416:1518:04
Glencaple Kennethbank (opp Cottages) 08:0710:0913:3916:2018:09
Glencaple Village (opp Nith Hotel) 08:1010:1213:4216:2318:12
Kingholm Quay Ladyfield (no 6) 08:2210:2513:5516:3218:25
Crichton Main Gate (opp Gate) 08:2310:2613:5616:3318:26
Kingholm Quay, opp The Swan 08:2510:3014:0018:30
Kingholm Quay Glencaple Avenue (at 30) 08:2710:3314:0318:33
Dumfries Glencaple Avenue (Road End) 08:2710:3314:0316:3318:33
Dumfries Castledykes Park (entrance) 08:2710:3314:0316:3418:33
Dumfries Nithbank (opp Hospital) 08:2810:3514:0516:3518:35
Dumfries St Michaels St (opp Post Office) 08:2910:3514:0516:3518:35
Dumfries Brooms Road (opp Church) 08:2910:3614:0616:3618:36
Dumfries Leafield Road (Opp Morrisons) 08:2910:3614:0616:3618:36
Dumfries DG One A (Stance A) 08:3010:3714:0716:3718:37
Dumfries Lovers Walk (opp Station Hotel) 08:3110:3814:0816:3818:39
Dumfries Loreburn Street (opp Car Park) 08:3310:4014:1016:4018:42
Dumfries Great King St (Old PO) 08:3510:4214:1216:4218:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

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