733 - Whalley Range HS - Cheetham Hill

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Manchester

Elizabeth Street - Whalley Range Princess Road

Cheetham, nr Elizabeth Street 07:03
Cheetham, nr Boyle Street 07:05
Smedley, nr Hawkeshead Road 07:06
Smedley Road (Stop A) 07:07
Queens Park Rochdale Road (Stop A) 07:12
Queens Park Manchester Communication Academy (Stop E) 07:13
Monsall Street (Stop F) 07:14
Collyhurst, nr Sedgeford Road 07:15
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop C) 07:16
Miles Platting, opp Vickers Street 07:17
Miles Platting, nr Lord North Street 07:18
Miles Platting, nr Briscoe Lane 07:19
Sportcity Phillips Park (Stop C) 07:21
Sportcity Etihad Campus Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 07:22
Sportcity Velopark Metrolink Stop (Stop F) 07:23
Beswick, nr Wilson Street 07:24
Beswick Ashton Old Road (Stop E) 07:25
Ashburys Gorton Road (Stop B) 07:26
West Gorton, nr Clowes Street 07:27
West Gorton, nr Kempley Close 07:27
West Gorton, nr Kelsall Street 07:28
West Gorton, opp Ashover Avenue 07:29
West Gorton, opp Clowes Street 07:29
Ardwick, opp Bennett Street 07:30
Ardwick, opp Stagecoach Depot 07:31
Ardwick, nr Devonshire Street 07:32
Longsight, opp Winterford Avenue 07:33
Longsight, opp Plymouth Grove West 07:35
Longsight, opp Plymouth Grove 07:37
Longsight Library & Learning Centre (Stop B) 07:40
Longsight shopping Centre (Stop C) 07:41
Longsight Market (Stop E) 07:42
Longsight, opp Clarence Road 07:44
Rusholme Birchfields Road (Stop C) 07:46
Rusholme, nr Birch Polygon 07:47
Rusholme Wilmslow Road (Stop C) 07:49
Moss Side, opp Heald Place 07:52
Moss Side, nr Holford Avenue 07:54
Moss Side, nr Copper Place 07:56
Fallowfield, nr Wilbraham Road 07:57
Fallowfield, opp Lloyd Street South 07:58
Whalley Range, adj Princess Road 08:00

Whalley Range Princess Road - Queens Road

Whalley Range, adj Princess Road 14:55
Whalley Range, opp Springbridge Road 14:56
Whalley Range, adj Wilbraham Road 14:57
Whalley Range, nr Hartley Hall 14:57
Whalley Range, adj Brantingham Road 14:58
Alexandra Park, nr Demesne Road 14:59
Alexandra Park, o/s St Bede's College 15:00
Alexandra Park, nr Range Road 15:01
Alexandra Park, nr Brentwood Street 15:02
Moss Side, opp Maine Road 15:06
Moss Side, opp Carlton Avenue 15:07
Moss Side, opp Horton Road 15:08
Moss Side, nr Yew Tree Road 15:09
Rusholme, nr Wilmslow Road 15:11
Rusholme Wilmslow Road (Stop D) 15:12
Rusholme, opp Birch Polygon 15:13
Rusholme Anson Road (Stop E) 15:14
Longsight, nr Clarence Road 15:15
Longsight Market (Stop D) 15:17
Longsight Library & Learning Centre (Stop A) 15:18
Longsight, nr Plymouth Grove 15:19
Longsight Police Station (o/s) 15:20
Longsight, nr Plymouth Grove West 15:21
Longsight, nr Winterford Avenue 15:22
Ardwick, opp Devonshire Street 15:23
Ardwick, nr Devonshire Street 15:25
Ardwick, nr Bennett Street 15:26
West Gorton, opp Kelsall Street 15:29
West Gorton, opp Woodfall Close 15:30
West Gorton Pottery Lane (corner of) 15:30
Ashburys Station (Stop A) 15:31
Beswick Ashton Old Road (Stop C) 15:33
Beswick, nr Grey Mare Lane 15:34
Beswick, nr Prentice Walk 15:35
Sportcity Velopark Metrolink Stop (Stop D) 15:36
Sportcity Etihad Campus Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:37
Sportcity, opp Philips Park 15:38
Miles Platting, nr Bradford Road 15:39
Miles Platting, nr Vickers Street 15:40
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop D) 15:41
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop A) 15:41
Collyhurst, opp Sedgeford Road 15:42
Monsall Street (Stop E) 15:43
Queens Park Rochdale Road (Stop D) 15:44
Smedley Road (Stop B) 15:49
Smedley, opp Clibran Street 15:51
Cheetham, opp Queens Road Bus Depot 15:53
Cheetham, adj Queens Road 15:56

Timetable data from Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 28 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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