76A - Sheffield - Chancet Wood

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Sheffield - Chancet Wood

Sheffield Centre, adj Arundel Gate/Ag123 10:26then hourly until13:26
Sheffield Centre Furnival Gate/Matilda Way (MH2) 10:2813:28
Sheffield Centre Fitzwilliam Gate/Bishop Street (MF4) 10:3013:30
Highfield, adj London Road/St Marys Gate 10:3113:31
Highfield, adj London Road/Alderson Road 10:3213:32
Highfield, adj Abbeydale Road/Batt Street 10:3413:34
Highfield, adj Abbeydale Road/Wolsley Road 10:3413:34
Highfield, adj Abbeydale Road/Chippinghouse Road 10:3513:35
Nether Edge, opp Abbeydale Road/Empire Road 10:3613:36
Nether Edge, adj Abbeydale Road/Leyburn Road 10:3713:37
Nether Edge, opp Abbeydale Road/Marden Road 10:3713:37
Nether Edge, opp Abbeydale Road/Edgedale Road 10:3813:38
Woodseats Road/Athol Road (adj) 10:3913:39
Woodseats Road/Todwick Road (opp) 10:4013:40
Woodseats Road/Firbeck Road (opp) 10:4113:41
Woodseats Road/Chesterfield Road (at) 10:4213:42
Woodseats, at Chesterfield Road/Nettleham Road 10:4213:42
Woodseats, adj Chesterfield Road/Olivet Road 10:4313:43
Woodseats, adj Chesterfield Road/Cobnar Road 10:4313:43
Woodseats, opp Chesterfield Road/Bromwich Road 10:4413:44
Woodseats, opp Abbey Lane/Linden Avenue 10:4413:44
Woodseats, adj Abbey Lane/Roxton Road 10:4513:45
Beauchief, opp Abbey Lane/Strelley Road 10:4513:45
Beauchief, opp Abbey Lane/Bocking Lane 10:4613:46
Bocking Lane/Greenhill Avenue (nr) 10:4713:47
Greenhill Avenue/Bocking Lane (by) 10:4813:48
Greenhill Avenue/Chancet Wood Drive (adj) 10:4913:49
Abbey Brook Drive/Chancet Wood Drive (nr) 10:4913:49
Chancet Wood, opp Abbey Brook Drive/Abbey Brook Court 10:4913:49
Chancet Wood, nr Abbey Brook Drive/Abbey Brook Close 10:5013:50

Chancet Wood - Sheffield

Chancet Wood, nr Abbey Brook Drive/Abbey Brook Close 09:5410:54then hourly until13:54
Chancet Wood, adj Abbey Brook Drive/Abbey Brook Court 09:5510:5513:55
Abbey Brook Drive/Chancet Wood Drive (at) 09:5510:5513:55
Greenhill Avenue/Humphrey Road (adj) 09:5610:5613:56
Greenhill Avenue/Bocking Lane (adj) 09:5710:5713:57
Bocking Lane/Greenhill Avenue 09:5810:5813:58
Beauchief, adj Bocking Lane/Abbey Lane 09:5910:5913:59
Beauchief, opp Abbey Lane/Hutcliffe Wood Road 10:0010:5913:59
Beauchief, at Abbey Lane/Linden Avenue 10:0111:0014:00
Woodseats, adj Abbey Lane/Linden Avenue 10:0211:0114:01
Woodseats, adj Abbey Lane/Camping Lane 10:0311:0214:02
Woodseats, adj Abbey Lane/Mitchell Road 10:0311:0214:02
Woodseats, at Chesterfield Road/Cobnar Road 10:0411:0314:03
Woodseats, opp Chesterfield Road/Haughton Road 10:0511:0414:04
Woodseats, adj Chesterfield Road/The Dale 10:0511:0414:04
Chesterfield Road/Woodseats Road (adj) 10:0611:0514:05
Woodseats Road/Firbeck Road (adj) 10:0711:0614:06
Woodseats Road/Todwick Road (adj) 10:0811:0614:06
Woodseats Road/Athol Road (opp) 10:0911:0714:07
Nether Edge, adj Abbeydale Road/Carter Knowle Road 10:1011:0814:08
Nether Edge, adj Abbeydale Road/Marden Road 10:1111:0914:09
Nether Edge, nr Abbeydale Road/Sheldon Road 10:1211:0914:09
Nether Edge, adj Abbeydale Road/Avenue Road 10:1311:1014:10
Highfield, adj Abbeydale Road/St Ronans Road 10:1411:1114:11
Highfield, nr Abbeydale Road/Farrar Road 10:1511:1214:12
Highfield, adj London Road/Sitwell Place 10:1611:1314:13
Highfield, opp London Road/John Street 10:1711:1314:13
Highfield, adj London Road/Boston Street 10:1811:1414:14
Sheffield Centre South Lane/Cumberland Street (MF9) 10:1911:1514:15
Sheffield Centre Eyre Street/Matilda Street (ES1) 10:2111:1714:17
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG5 (AG5) 10:2411:2014:20

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 6 October 2022

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