782 - Chapeltown, Lound Side - Notre Dame Sch

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Chapeltown, Lound Side - Notre Dame Sch

Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Burncross Road 07:47
Oughtibridge, nr Church Street/Church Close 07:54
Chapeltown, opp Lound Side/Belmont Avenue 07:48
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Blacksmith Lane 08:05
Chapeltown, opp Lane End/Mount Pleasant Drive 07:48
Grenoside, adj Norfolk Hill/Penistone Road 08:07
Chapeltown, opp Lane End/Bridge Inn Road 07:49
Grenoside, opp Norfolk Hill/The Frostings 08:07
Chapeltown, adj School Road/Griffiths Road 07:50
Grenoside, adj Main Street/Norfolk Hill 08:08
Chapeltown, opp School Road/Worrall Road 07:50
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Vicarage Road 08:08
Chapeltown, adj Worrall Road/Beechwood Road 07:51
Grenoside, nr Main Street/Salt Box Lane 08:09
Chapeltown, nr Worrall Road/Valley Road 07:51
Chapeltown, at Worrall Road/Greengate Lane 07:52
High Green, adj Greengate Lane/Miles Road 07:52
High Green, opp Greengate Lane/School Road 07:53
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Greengate Lane 07:53
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Jeffcock Road 07:54
High Green, nr Wortley Road/Chapel Road 07:55
High Green, at Thompson Hill/Foster Way 07:56
High Green, nr Thompson Hill/Potter Hill Lane 07:57
High Green, adj Thompson Hill/Hague Lane 07:58
High Green, adj Hague Lane/Thompson Hill 07:58
High Green, o/s Potter Hill Lane/Hague Lane 07:59
High Green, adj Cottam Road/Potters Gate 07:59
High Green Cottam Road/Kinsey Road 08:00
High Green, opp Cottam Road/Briary Avenue 08:00
High Green, nr Foster Way/Francis Grove 08:01
High Green, opp Foster Way/Freeman Gardens 08:01
Charltonbrook, adj Hollow Gate/Stanley Road 08:02
Burncross, opp Bracken Hill/Hall Wood Road 08:03
Burncross, at Bracken Hill/Penistone Road 08:04
Grenoside, opp Penistone Road/Wood Seats 08:05
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Greno Woods 08:07
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Whitley Lane 08:08
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Queensgate 08:09
Grenoside, adj Halifax Road/Wheel Lane 08:0908:10
Fox Hill, adj Halifax Road/Wheel Lane 08:1008:11
Fox Hill, adj Halifax Road/Deerlands Avenue 08:1108:12
Fox Hill, adj Halifax Road/Chaucer Road 08:1208:13
Fox Hill, adj Halifax Road/Doe Royd Lane 08:1308:14
Wadsley Bridge, nr Halifax Road/Southey Green Road 08:1308:14
Wadsley Bridge, adj Halifax Road/Southey Green Road 08:1408:15
Wadsley Bridge, nr Penistone Road North/Wardsend Road North 08:1608:17
Wadsley Bridge, opp Penistone Road North/Carwell Lane 08:1608:17
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Leake Road 08:1808:19
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Vere Road 08:2008:21
Hillsborough, adj Catch Bar Lane/Leppings Lane 08:2108:22
Hillsborough, nr Middlewood Road/Shepperson Road 08:2208:23
Hillsborough, opp Middlewood Road/Leader Road 08:2408:25
Hillsborough, opp Middlewood Road/Dykes Hall Road 08:2508:26
Hillsborough Interchange/H1 (H1) 08:2708:28
Hillsborough, adj Ripley Street/Dodd Street 08:2808:29
Lower Walkley, adj Walkley Lane/Speeton Road 08:2808:29
Lower Walkley, adj Walkley Lane/Bessingby Road 08:2908:30
Walkley Road/Palm Lane (adj) 08:3008:31
Walkley, adj Heavygate Road/Camm Street 08:3208:33
Walkley, adj Heavygate Road/Highton Street 08:3208:33
Walkley, adj Northfield Road/Heavygate Road 08:3308:34
Crookes, opp Northfield Road/Eastfield Road 08:3408:35
Crookes, opp Northfield Road/Loxley View Road 08:3508:36
Crookes/Toyne Street (adj) 08:3508:36
Crookes/Sackville Road (adj) 08:3608:37
Crookes/School Road (adj) 08:3708:38
Crookes Road/Lydgate Lane (adj) 08:3808:39
Broomhill, adj Crookes Road/Parkers Road 08:4008:41
Broomhill, nr Fulwood Road/Manchester Road 08:4208:43
Tapton Hill, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Crescent 08:4208:43
Tapton Hill, opp Fulwood Road/Shore Lane 08:4308:44
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Vale Road 08:4508:46
Ranmoor, opp Fulwood Road/Tapton Park Road 08:4508:46
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Riverdale Road 08:4608:47

Notre Dame Sch - Chapeltown, Market Pl

Fulwood Road/Ranmoor Park Road (adj) 15:49
Crookes/Bute Street (adj) 16:0316:03
Crookes/Brick Street (nr) 16:0416:04
Crookes/Duncan Road (adj) 16:0416:04
Crookes, adj Northfield Road/Netherfield Road 16:0516:05
Crookes, adj Northfield Road/Northfield Avenue 16:0616:06
Walkley, adj Northfield Road/Northfield Close 16:0716:07
Walkley, opp Heavygate Road/Highton Street 16:0816:08
Walkley Road/Parsonage Crescent (Adj) 16:0816:08
Walkley Road/Walkley Bank Road (nr) 16:0916:09
Lower Walkley, opp Walkley Lane/Bessingby Road 16:1116:11
Lower Walkley, nr Walkley Lane/Bowness Road 16:1116:11
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Taplin Road 16:1316:13
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Minto Road 16:1516:15
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Dixon Road 16:1616:16
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Lennox Road 16:1716:17
Hillsborough, opp Leppings Lane/Eskdale Road 16:1916:19
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Farndale Road 16:2016:20
Wadsley Bridge, at Penistone Road North/Clay Wheels Lane 16:2216:22
Wadsley Bridge, adj Halifax Road/Fox Hill Road 16:2316:23
Wadsley Bridge, opp Halifax Road/Southey Green Road 16:2516:25
Wadsley Bridge, nr Halifax Road/Carrville Drive 16:2616:26
Fox Hill, adj Halifax Road/Lyminster Road 16:2616:26
Fox Hill, nr Halifax Road/Wilcox Road 16:2716:27
Fox Hill, at Halifax Road/Cowper Avenue 16:2816:28
Fox Hill, opp Halifax Road/Holme Lane 16:2916:29
Grenoside, adj Halifax Road/Salt Box Lane 16:3016:30
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Blacksmith Lane 16:3116:31
Grenoside, at Penistone Road/Norfolk Hill 16:3216:32
Grenoside, opp Penistone Road/Greno Woods 16:33
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Wood Seats 16:35
Burncross, nr Bracken Hill/Penistone Road 16:36
Burncross, adj Bracken Hill/Barnes Hall Road 16:36
Burncross, adj Hollow Gate/Hall Wood Road 16:37
Charltonbrook, opp Hollow Gate/Stanley Road 16:37
High Green, adj Foster Way/Freeman Gardens 16:38
High Green, adj Foster Way/Acre Gate 16:38
High Green, adj Cottam Road/Foster Way 16:39
High Green, adj Cottam Road/Annat Place 16:40
High Green, nr Potter Hill Lane/Hague Lane 16:41
High Green, nr Hague Lane/Thompson Hill 16:41
High Green, adj Thompson Hill/Ashwood Road 16:42
High Green, opp Thompson Hill/Potter Hill Lane 16:43
High Green, adj Wortley Road/Westwood Road 16:44
High Green, nr Wortley Road/New Street 16:45
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Pack Horse Lane 16:46
High Green, adj Greengate Lane/Mortomley Lane 16:47
Chapeltown, nr School Road/Greengate Lane 16:47
Chapeltown, adj School Road/Greenwood Road 16:48
Chapeltown, opp School Road/Griffiths Road 16:49
Chapeltown, adj Lane End/Bridge Inn Road 16:50
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Mafeking Place 16:51
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Sussex Road 16:52
Chapeltown, at Lound Side/Market Place 16:52

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