784 - Chapeltown - Notre Dame School

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Chapeltown, at Market Place/Lound Side 07:36
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 07:37
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 07:38
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 07:38
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (opp) 07:39
Ecclesfield, opp Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 07:41
Ecclesfield, opp Church Street/Whitley Lane 07:42
Ecclesfield, adj Church Street/Mill Road 07:43
Ecclesfield, adj The Wheel/Town End Road 07:45
Ecclesfield, opp The Wheel/Cinder Hill Lane 07:46
Grenoside, nr Wheel Lane/Cinder Hill Lane 07:47
Parson Cross, opp Creswick Lane/Creswick Greave 07:50
Parson Cross, adj Yew Lane/Creswick Lane 07:50
Parson Cross, adj Yew Lane/Coppin Square 07:51
Parson Cross, adj Morrall Road/Yew Lane 07:52
Ecclesfield, opp Monteney Road/Monteney Gardens 07:53
Ecclesfield, nr Monteney Road/Monteney Crescent 07:53
Ecclesfield, at Monteney Road/Wordsworth Avenue 07:53
Ecclesfield, at Wordsworth Avenue/Tunwell Avenue 07:54
Parson Cross, adj Wordsworth Avenue/Wheata Drive 07:55
Parson Cross, adj Wordsworth Avenue/Wheata Place 07:55
Parson Cross, adj Wordsworth Avenue/Turie Crescent 07:56
Parson Cross, opp Wordsworth Avenue/Margetson Crescent 07:56
Parson Cross, nr Wordsworth Avenue/Margetson Crescent 07:57
Parson Cross, opp Wordsworth Avenue/Deerlands Avenue 07:58
Parson Cross, adj Wordsworth Avenue/Southey Hill 08:00
Southey Green, nr Southey Hill/North Hill Road 08:02
Southey Green, at Moonshine Lane/Galsworthy Road 08:04
Southey Green, adj Moonshine Lane/Southey Rise 08:06
Shirecliffe Road/Boynton Road (at) 08:08
Shirecliffe Road/Musgrave Road (adj) 08:09
Shirecliffe Road/Standish Drive (opp) 08:10
Shirecliffe Road/Firshill Crescent (adj) 08:11
Shirecliffe Road/Shirecliffe Lane (nr) 08:13
Pitsmoor, adj Cooks Wood Road/Rutland Road 08:14
Neepsend Rutland Road/Rutland Street 08:17
Shalesmoor, adj Penistone Road/Rutland Road 08:20
Upperthorpe Road/Martin Street (adj) 08:22
Upperthorpe Road/Addy Street (adj) 08:23
Upperthorpe, nr Addy Street/Shipton Street 08:23
Upperthorpe, adj Addy Street/Netherthorpe 08:24
Upperthorpe, adj Addy Street/Albion Street 08:25
Crookesmoor Road/Crookes Valley Road (nr) 08:27
Crookesmoor Road/Northumberland Road (adj) 08:29
Broomhill, at Crookesmoor Road/Crookes Road 08:31
Broomhill, adj Crookes Road/Parkers Road 08:31
Broomhill, nr Fulwood Road/Manchester Road 08:34
Tapton Hill, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Crescent 08:35
Tapton Hill, opp Fulwood Road/Shore Lane 08:36
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Vale Road 08:38
Ranmoor, opp Fulwood Road/Tapton Park Road 08:39
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Riverdale Road 08:40

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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