785 - Ecclesfield - Notre Dame School via Parson Cross, City Centre, Ecclesall

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire

Ecclesfield, High St - Notre Dame Sch

Ecclesfield, adj St Michaels Road/High Street 07:24
Ecclesfield, adj St Michaels Road/Cross Hill 07:24
Ecclesfield, adj Cross Hill/St Michaels Road 07:25
Ecclesfield, opp Cross Hill/High Street 07:26
Ecclesfield, nr The Common/Minster Road 07:27
Ecclesfield, opp The Common/Station Road 07:28
Ecclesfield, opp The Common/Washington Road 07:29
Ecclesfield, opp Mill Road/St Wandrilles Close 07:30
Ecclesfield, adj Church Street/Mill Road 07:31
Ecclesfield, adj St Marys Lane/Church Street 07:32
Ecclesfield, adj High Street/St Marys Close 07:33
Ecclesfield, adj High Street/Sycamore Road 07:34
Ecclesfield, adj Tunwell Avenue/Wordsworth Avenue 07:35
Parson Cross, adj Wheata Road/Tunwell Avenue 07:36
Parson Cross, opp Colley Crescent/Rokeby Drive 07:38
Parson Cross, opp Colley Road/Colley Crescent 07:38
Parson Cross, opp Colley Road/Turie Avenue 07:40
Parson Cross, by Holgate Avenue/Holgate Crescent 07:41
Parson Cross, opp Holgate Avenue/Margetson Road 07:41
Parson Cross, opp Adlington Road/Deerlands Avenue 07:42
Parson Cross, adj Adlington Road/Falstaff Road 07:43
Southey Green, nr Southey Hill/North Hill Road 07:45
Southey Green, at Moonshine Lane/Galsworthy Road 07:46
Southey Green, adj Moonshine Lane/Southey Rise 07:48
Shirecliffe, adj Herries Road/Herries Drive 07:50
Shirecliffe, opp Herries Road/Boynton Road 07:51
Shirecliffe, adj Herries Road/Longley Lane 07:52
Shirecliffe, by Norwood Avenue/Fairbank Road 07:54
Shirecliffe, adj Longley Avenue West/Musgrave Drive 07:55
Shirecliffe Road/Musgrave Road (adj) 07:56
Shirecliffe Road/Standish Drive (opp) 07:57
Firshill Crescent/Shirecliffe Road (opp) 07:58
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Glade (opp) 07:59
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Way (opp) 08:00
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Croft (opp) 08:01
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Rise (adj) 08:02
Barnsley Road/Firshill Close (adj) 08:04
Pitsmoor Road/Pinfold Lane (opp) 08:05
Pitsmoor Road/Minna Road (nr) 08:06
Pitsmoor, adj Nottingham Street/Pilgrim Street 08:07
Pitsmoor, adj Nottingham Street/Rock Street 08:08
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Andover Street 08:09
Pitsmoor, opp Rock Street/Marcus Drive 08:10
Pitsmoor, opp Rock Street/Pye Bank Road 08:11
Sheffield Centre, opp Millsands/Bridge Street 08:15
Sheffield Centre, at Millsands/Bridge Street 08:16
Sheffield Centre Snig Hill/CG9 (CG9) 08:17
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG9 (AG9) 08:21
Sheffield Centre, adj Arundel Gate/Cs123 08:23
Sheffield Centre Furnival Gate/Moorhead MH3 (MH3) 08:24
Sheffield Centre Charter Row/Fitzwilliam Gate (MF2) 08:26
Moore Street/Ecclesall Road (at) 08:28
Ecclesall Road/Pear Street (adj) 08:29
Ecclesall Road/Denham Road (adj) 08:31
Ecclesall Road/Thompson Road (opp) 08:32
Ecclesall Road/Hickmott Road (adj) 08:33
Hunters Bar, adj Ecclesall Road/Neill Road 08:34
Hunters Bar, adj Brocco Bank/Newington Road 08:35
Endcliffe Vale Road/Endcliffe Rise Road (adj) 08:37
Endcliffe Vale Road/The Glade (adj) 08:39
Endcliffe Vale Road/Endcliffe Hall Avenue (opp) 08:41
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Vale Road 08:43
Ranmoor, opp Fulwood Road/Tapton Park Road 08:44

Notre Dame Sch - Ecclesfield, High St

Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Riverdale Road 15:45
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Tapton Park Road 15:56
Ranmoor, opp Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Vale Road 15:57
Hunters Bar, at Brocco Bank/Ecclesall Road 16:02
Hunters Bar, opp Ecclesall Road/Neill Road 16:03
Ecclesall Road/Wadbrough Road (adj) 16:04
Ecclesall Road/Thompson Road (adj) 16:05
Ecclesall Road/Collegiate Crescent (adj) 16:06
Ecclesall Road/Pear Street (opp) 16:07
Sheffield Centre South Lane/Cumberland Street (MF8) 16:11
Sheffield Centre Eyre Street/Matilda Street (ES1) 16:12
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG3 (AG3) 16:15
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG3 (AG3) 16:17
Sheffield Centre Waingate/CG13 (CG13) 16:19
Sheffield Centre, nr Nursery Street/Johnson Street 16:20
Sheffield Centre, adj Nursery Street/Spitalfields 16:21
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Pye Bank Road 16:24
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Marcus Drive 16:24
Pitsmoor, adj Rock Street/Nottingham Street 16:25
Pitsmoor, adj Nottingham Street/Fox Street 16:27
Nottingham Street/Pitsmoor Road (opp) 16:27
Pitsmoor Road/Rutland Road (before) 16:28
Pitsmoor Road/Pinfold Lane (adj) 16:29
Firshill, adj Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road 16:30
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Rise (opp) 16:31
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Croft (adj) 16:32
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Way (adj) 16:32
Firshill Crescent/Firshill Glade (adj) 16:32
Firshill Crescent/Shirecliffe Road (nr) 16:33
Shirecliffe Road/Standish Drive (adj) 16:34
Longley Avenue West/Shirecliffe Road (adj) 16:35
Shirecliffe, nr Longley Avenue West/Fairbank Road 16:35
Shirecliffe, nr Norwood Avenue/Edensor Road 16:36
Shirecliffe, adj Herries Road/Norwood Avenue 16:37
Shirecliffe, adj Herries Road/Boynton Road 16:37
Herries Road/Shirecliffe Road (at) 16:38
Southey Green, opp Moonshine Lane/Southey Rise 16:40
Southey Green, nr Moonshine Lane/Galsworthy Road 16:41
Southey Hill/Southey Green Road (adj) 16:41
Southey Green, adj Adlington Road/Southey Hill 16:42
Parson Cross, nr Adlington Road/Buchanan Road 16:43
Parson Cross, adj Adlington Road/Deerlands Avenue 16:43
Parson Cross, adj Holgate Avenue/Margetson Road 16:44
Parson Cross, opp Holgate Avenue/Holgate Crescent 16:44
Parson Cross, adj Colley Crescent/Colley Road 16:46
Parson Cross, adj Colley Crescent/Rokeby Drive 16:46
Parson Cross, opp Wheata Road/Tunwell Avenue 16:47
Ecclesfield, adj Wordsworth Avenue/Monteney Road 16:48
Ecclesfield, adj St Michaels Road/High Street 16:49
Ecclesfield, adj St Michaels Road/Cross Hill 16:49
Ecclesfield, adj Cross Hill/St Michaels Road 16:49
Ecclesfield, opp Cross Hill/High Street 16:50
Ecclesfield, nr The Common/Minster Road 16:50
Ecclesfield, opp The Common/Washington Road 16:51
Ecclesfield, adj High Street/Sycamore Road 16:54

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