78A - Liskeard - Launceston

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Liskeard - Launceston

Liskeard Lloyds Bank (N-bound) 11:5514:10
Liskeard, opp Lord Eliot Hotel 11:5614:11
Liskeard, opp Fairlight 11:5714:12
Liskeard Morrisons (E-bound) 11:5814:13
Liskeard Charter Way Morrisons (NE-bound) 11:5814:13
Addington Pengover Road (E-bound) 12:0014:15
Liskeard Hospital (S-bound) 12:0214:17
Liskeard, opp Dental Centre 12:0214:17
Liskeard Callington Rd Roundabout (SW-bound) 12:0214:17
Liskeard Miners Meadow (SW-bound) 12:0214:17
Liskeard Belgrave Terrace (SW-bound) 12:0214:17
Liskeard Addington (W-bound) 12:0314:18
Liskeard St Cleer Road Junction (N-bound) 12:0314:18
Liskeard, opp Portland Terrace 12:0314:18
Liskeard Lux Park (N-bound) 12:0314:18
Liskeard Trevecca Cottages (N-bound) 12:0414:19
Tremar Rosecraddoc Manor (E-bound) 12:0714:22
Pensilva Tokenbury Corner (N-bound) 12:1214:27
Upton Cross Phone Box (E-bound) 12:1514:30
Upton Cross Altenberg Place (E-bound) 12:1514:30
Rilla Mill Hall (NE-bound) 12:1914:34
Rilla Mill Rillaton Junction (NE-bound) 12:1914:34
Linkinhorne Church House Inn (NE-bound) 12:2414:39
Bray Shop Post Box (NW-bound) 12:3014:45
Kersbrook Cross, nr Linkinhorne Crossroads 12:3114:46
Kersbrook Cross Post Box (NW-bound) 12:3114:46
Coads Green Village Hall (NW-bound) 12:3314:48
Congdons Shop Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 12:3614:51
Congdons Shop Trewinnow Cross (NE-bound) 12:3714:52
Congdons Shop, o/s Trekelland 12:3814:53
South Petherwin Trecrogo Lane End (N-bound) 12:4014:55
South Petherwin Alvia Cottage (N-bound) 12:4214:57
Daws House Tregaller Lane (NE-bound) 12:4314:58
Scarne Industrial Estate Landlake Road (E-bound) 12:4715:02
Scarne Industrial Estate Launceston Hospital (E-bound) 12:4715:02
Scarne Industrial Estate Hurdon Road (N-bound) 12:4715:02
Launceston Tesco (NE-bound) 12:4915:04
Scarne Industrial Estate Hurdon Road (S-bound) 12:5015:05
Scarne Industrial Estate, opp Launceston Hospital 12:5115:06
Launceston Pennygillam (NE-bound) 12:5215:07
Launceston St Johns Road (NE-bound) 12:5315:08
Launceston Western Road (N-bound) 12:5315:08
Launceston Westgate Street (W-bound) 12:5515:10

Launceston - Liskeard

Launceston Westgate Street (W-bound) 08:3510:50
Launceston Western Road (S-bound) 08:3610:51
Launceston Woburn Road Junction (SW-bound) 08:3610:51
Launceston Pennygillam (S-bound) 08:3610:51
Daws House, opp Tregaller Lane 08:3910:54
South Petherwin Post Office (W-bound) 08:4210:57
South Petherwin Trecrogo Lane End (S-bound) 08:4310:58
Congdons Shop, opp Trekelland 08:4511:00
Congdons Shop Slipperhill (W-bound) 08:4711:02
Congdons Shop Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 08:4911:04
Coads Green Methodist Church (SE-bound) 08:5211:07
Kersbrook Cross Post Box (SE-bound) 08:5311:08
Kersbrook Cross, nr Linkinhorne Crossroads 08:5311:08
Bray Shop, opp Post Box 08:5511:10
Linkinhorne, opp Church House Inn 09:0111:16
Rilla Mill, opp Rillaton Junction 09:0511:20
Rilla Mill Lynher View (SW-bound) 09:0611:21
Upton Cross Phone Box (W-bound) 09:1011:25
Pensilva Tokenbury Corner (S-bound) 09:1311:28
Tremar, opp Rosecraddoc Manor 09:1811:33
Liskeard, opp Trevecca Cottages 09:2211:37
Liskeard, opp Football Ground 09:2211:37
Liskeard Portland Terrace (S-bound) 09:2311:38
Liskeard School (opp) 09:2311:38
Liskeard, opp Belgrave Terrace 09:2311:38
Liskeard, opp Miners Meadow 09:2311:38
Liskeard Callington Rd Roundabout (NE-bound) 09:2411:39
Liskeard Dental Centre (SE-bound) 09:2411:39
Liskeard Hospital (S-bound) 09:2511:40
Addington Charter Way (S-bound) 09:2511:40
Liskeard Quimperle Way (S-bound) 09:2511:40
Liskeard Charter Way Morrisons (SW-bound) 09:2611:41
Liskeard, opp Morrisons 09:2711:42
Liskeard Fairlight (NW-bound) 09:2711:42
Liskeard St Martins Church (W-bound) 09:2911:44
Liskeard Post Office (S-bound) 09:3111:46

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