807 - BURNLEY MIDDLESEX AVENUE - BLESSED TRINITY COLLEGE via Cog Lane, Centenary Way, Brunshaw Road

A bus service operated by Pendle Coaches


Monday to Friday, Burnley Blessed Trinity College days

Burnley Middlesex Avenue - Blessed Trinity College

Padiham Road, opp Dovedale Drive 07:43
Padiham Road, by Castlerigg Drive 07:43
Padiham Road, by Grisedale Drive 07:44
Padiham Road, by Loughrigg Close 07:44
Padiham Road, opp Middlesex Avenue 07:45
Padiham Road, opp Lockyer Avenue 07:45
Padiham Road, opp Dugdale Road 07:46
Padiham Road, by Tim Bobbin 07:47
Padiham Road, adj Gannow Top 07:47
Burnley, by Barracks Rail Station 07:50
Burnham Gate, by Trafalgar Street 07:53
Burnham Gate, by Railway Stn 07:54
Burnham Gate, opp Carlton Road 07:55
Rosehill, by Rose Hill Road 07:55
Rosehill, by Hawthorne Road 07:56
Rosehill, adj Healey View 07:56
Rosehill, opp Gainsborough Avenue 07:57
Rosehill, by Glen View Road 07:58
Rosehill, o/s Coaching House 07:59
Rosehill, opp Reynolds Street 08:00
Summitt, by Herkomer Avenue 08:02
Summitt, by Calcott Street 08:04
Bleakhouse, opp Linton Drive 08:06
Bleakhouse, opp Hanover Court 08:09
Bleakhouse, opp Forfar Street 08:11
Bleakhouse, opp Bristol Street 08:14
Stoops Estate, by Venice Avenue 08:14
Stoops Estate, opp Cornell Grove 08:14
Stoops Estate, opp Valley Street 08:15
Stoops Estate, by Hameldon House 08:15
Stoops Estate, opp Industrial Estate 08:15
Stoops Estate, by Hameldon Community College 08:16
Stoops Estate, opp Laburnum Close 08:16
Bleakhouse, by Melrose Avenue 08:16
Burnham Gate, opp Scott Park Road 08:17
Burnham Gate, opp St Matthew Street 08:17
Burnham Gate, by Coal Clough Bridge 08:17
Burnham Gate, by Gill and Hob Club 08:18
Burnham Gate, by Bevington Close 08:19
Burnham Gate, by Trafalgar Street 08:20
Burnley, by Mechanics Institute 08:22
Burnley, adj Red Lion Street School Stop 08:24
Queens Park, by Culvert 08:25
Brunshaw, by Harry Potts Way 08:26
Brunshaw, by Turf Moor 08:27
Brunshaw, opp Irene Street 08:28
Brunshaw, by Ridge Avenue 08:29
Queens Park, by Blessed Trinity Coll 08:35
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Blessed Trinity College - Burnley Middlesex Avenue

Queens Park, by Blessed Trinity Coll 15:15
Queens Park, opp Thurston Street 15:16
Queens Park, opp Hobart Street 15:17
Queens Park, opp Blakey Street 15:17
Queens Park, adj Culvert 15:19
Burnley, by Croft Street Schools 15:21
Burnley, opp Mechanics Institute 15:22
Burnham Gate, by Trafalgar Street 15:24
Burnham Gate, opp Bevington Close 15:25
Burnham Gate, opp Gill and Hob Club 15:27
Burnham Gate, adj Coal Clough Bridge 15:27
Burnham Gate, by St Matthew Street 15:28
Burnham Gate, by Scott Park Road 15:28
Bleakhouse, opp Melrose Ave 15:29
Stoops Estate, by Laburnum Close 15:30
Stoops Estate, opp Hameldon Community College 15:31
Stoops Estate, opp Hameldon House 15:33
Stoops Estate, by Valley Street 15:34
Stoops Estate, by Cornell Grove 15:36
Stoops Estate, by Cog Lane Stores 15:38
Bleakhouse, by Bristol Street 15:40
Bleakhouse, by Hanover Court 15:41
Bleakhouse, by Linton Drive 15:42
Summitt, opp Calcott Street 15:42
Rosehill, by Herkomer Ave 15:44
Rosehill, by Reynolds Street 15:45
Rosehill, opp Coaching House 15:45
Rosehill, adj Glen View Road 15:46
Rosehill, by Gainsborough Avenue 15:47
Rosehill, by Healey View 15:47
Rosehill, opp Hawthorne Road 15:48
Rosehill, opp Rose Hill Road 15:49
Burnham Gate, by St Matthews Street 15:49
Burnham Gate, by Carlton Road 15:50
Burnham Gate, by Railway Station 15:50
Burnham Gate, by Trafalgar Street 15:51
Burnley, opp Barracks Rail Station 15:54
Padiham Road, by Gannow Top 15:57
Padiham Road, opp Tim Bobbin 15:58
Padiham Road, by Dugdale Road 15:58
Padiham Road, by Lockyer Avenue 15:59
Whitegate, by Middlesex Avenue 16:00
Padiham Road, opp Loughrigg Close 16:00
Padiham Road, opp Grisedale Drive 16:01
Padiham Road, opp Castlerigg Drive 16:02
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset