882 - Gloucester - Cirencester - Tetbury

Operated by Stagecoach West

Gloucester - Cirencester - Tetbury

Cirencester Kingshill School Grounds (inside) 15:35
Cirencester, after Kingshill Lane 15:37
The Beeches Pheasant Way (corner of) 15:39
The Beeches Churchill Road (corner of) 15:41
Cirencester, before Burford Road 15:41
Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay D) 07:3509:5511:2013:2014:3816:4018:28
Gloucester, before Great Western Road 07:3809:5711:2213:2214:4016:4318:30
Gloucester, nr Bus Depot 07:3909:5811:2313:2314:4116:4318:31
Gloucester, opp St Margaret's Almhouses 07:4009:5911:2413:2414:4216:4418:32
Gloucester, before Denmark Road 07:4109:5911:2413:2414:4216:4518:32
Wotton, opp Westminster Court 07:4210:0011:2513:2514:4316:4618:33
Wotton, after Argyll Road 07:4310:0111:2613:2614:4416:4718:34
Barnwood, o/s Queen's 07:4410:0211:2713:2714:4516:4818:35
Brockworth, opp Green Lane 07:5610:10
Brockworth, opp Mill Lane 07:5610:10
Brockworth, o/s Chase Hotel 07:5710:10
Birdlip, by Royal George Hotel 08:0410:15
Birdlip, after Village Stores 08:0410:15
Brimpsfield, by War Memorial 10:20
Elkstone, before Westerleigh Crossroads 10:26
Elkstone, o/s Newcombe End 10:27
Elkstone, nr Combend Farm 10:29
Winstone, nr Foss Field 10:3211:4813:4815:0617:0918:54
Duntisbourne Leer, by Turn 11:5313:5315:1117:1418:59
Duntisbourne Abbots, nr St Peter's Church 10:37
Duntisbourne Leer, nr Triangle 10:39
Middle Duntisbourne, on Triangle School Stop 10:42
Duntisbourne Rouse, by St Michael's Church 10:43
Daglingworth, nr Village Hall 10:46
Daglingworth, by The Old Stores 10:46
Daglingworth, opp Lower End 10:47
Stratton, opp Daglingworth Turn 08:1910:4911:5813:5815:1617:1919:04
Stratton, before The Plough 08:1910:5011:5813:5815:1617:1919:04
Stratton, nr Albion Street 08:2010:5111:5913:5915:1717:2019:05
Bowling Green Lane (after) 08:2110:5212:0014:0015:1817:2119:06
Cirencester Burford Road (corner of) 08:24
The Beeches, opp Churchill Road 08:24
The Beeches, opp Pheasant Way 08:25
Cirencester, before Kingshill Lane 08:26
Cirencester Kingshill School Grounds (inside) 08:27
Cirencester, after Kingshill Lane 08:29
The Beeches Pheasant Way (corner of) 08:31
The Beeches Churchill Road (corner of) 08:31
Cirencester, before Burford Road 08:32
Cirencester, by Beeches Car Park 08:3310:5512:0314:0315:2117:2419:09
Cirencester, opp The Forum 08:3510:5612:0414:0415:2215:4517:2519:10
Cirencester, opp Phoenix Way 06:2608:4011:0212:0614:0715:4917:42
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 06:2608:4111:0212:0614:0715:5017:42
Cirencester, o/s Hospital 06:2708:4311:0312:0714:0815:5117:43
Cirencester, in Deer Park School Grounds 08:48
Kemble, by Smerrill Quarry 06:3208:5211:0912:1314:1417:49
Cirencester, in Deer Park School Grounds 15:55
Kemble, opp Clayfurlong Grove 06:3408:5411:1112:1614:1617:51
Cirencester, opp Chesterton Lane 15:57
Chesterton, nr Somerford Court 16:02
Chesterton, before Oaklands 16:02
Chesterton, after Berkeley Road 16:03
Somerford Keynes, by Old School Cottages 16:10
Somerford Keynes, by The Bakers' Arms 16:10
Somerford Keynes, opp Telephone Box 16:11
Somerford Keynes, by Mill Lane 16:11
Poole Keynes, nr The Cross 16:17
Ewen, before The Timbrells 16:22
Kemble, opp Primary School 16:25
Kemble, nr Post Office 06:3508:5511:1212:1714:1716:2617:52
Kemble Railway Station (entrance) 06:37s08:5711:14s12:19s14:1916:28s17:54s
Kemble Railway Station (entrance) 06:40p11:15p12:20p16:29p17:55p
Culkerton, opp Trull Turn 06:4912:2918:02
Coates, o/s Glebe House 16:36
Tarlton, by Crossroads 11:2016:41
Tarlton, after Chapel Close 11:2116:42
Rodmarton, by Little Tarlton 11:2216:44
Rodmarton, opp St Peter's Church 11:2316:45
Culkerton, opp Rodmarton Turn 11:2616:48
Culkerton, after The Old Post Office 11:2916:51
Tetbury, by Trouble House Inn 06:5111:3112:3116:5318:04
Tetbury, by Ilsom House 06:5311:3312:3316:5518:05
Tetbury, nr Amberley Park 06:5411:3412:3416:5618:06
Tetbury, before Tesco 06:5411:3512:3516:5718:07
Tetbury, o/s Priory Inn school stop 06:5511:3612:3616:5818:09
The Ormond at Tetbury (o/s) 06:5611:3712:3716:5918:10

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the will only stop to pick up passengers

Tetbury - Cirencester - Gloucester

The Ormond at Tetbury (o/s) 07:2011:3912:3917:0018:30
Tetbury, opp Royal Oak 07:2111:4012:4017:0118:31
Tetbury, opp Springfields 07:2111:4012:4017:0118:31
Tetbury, nr Ilsom House 07:2311:4112:4217:0218:32
Tetbury, nr Trouble House Inn 07:2511:4312:4417:0418:34
Culkerton, opp The Old Post Office 07:2812:47
Culkerton, before Trull Turn 11:4517:0618:36
Culkerton, opp Rodmarton Turn 07:3111:4712:5017:0818:38
Rodmarton, o/s St Peter's Church 07:3412:53
Rodmarton, nr Little Tarlton 07:3512:54
Tarlton, before Chapel Close 07:3812:56
Tarlton Crossroads (corner of) 07:3912:57
Coates, opp Glebe House 07:45
Kemble Railway Station (entrance) 07:53s11:54s13:03s17:15s18:45s
Kemble Railway Station (entrance) 07:53p10:0011:55p13:05p14:2017:20p18:50p
Kemble, before Post Office 07:5510:0211:5713:0714:2217:2218:52
Kemble, after Primary School 07:56
Ewen, after The Timbrells 07:59
Ewen, opp Poole Keynes Turn 07:59
Poole Keynes, nr The Cross 08:04
Somerford Keynes, nr Mill Lane 08:09
Somerford Keynes, by Telephone Box 08:10
Somerford Keynes, nr The Bakers' Arms 08:10
Somerford Keynes, nr Old School Cottages 08:10
Chesterton, before Berkeley Road 08:19
Chesterton, after Oaklands 08:21
Chesterton Lane (nr) 08:21
Chesterton, by Somerford Court 08:21
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 08:22
Kemble, after Clayfurlong Grove 10:0311:5813:0814:2317:2318:53
Cirencester, o/s Hospital 08:23
Cirencester, in Deer Park School Grounds 08:25
Kemble, nr Smerrill Quarry 10:0512:0013:1014:2517:2518:55
Cirencester, o/s Steadings Cottages 10:1012:0513:1514:3017:3019:00
Cirencester, opp Chesterton Lane 08:2710:1012:0513:1514:3017:3019:00
Cirencester, opp Old Station Car Park 08:3210:1212:0713:1714:3217:3219:02
Cirencester Burford Road (corner of) 08:3614:59
The Beeches, opp Churchill Road 08:3715:02
The Beeches, opp Pheasant Way 08:3715:04
Cirencester, before Kingshill Lane 08:3815:10
Cirencester Kingshill School Grounds (inside) 08:4015:20
Cirencester, after Kingshill Lane 15:21
The Beeches Pheasant Way (corner of) 15:22
The Beeches Churchill Road (corner of) 15:22
Cirencester, before Burford Road 15:23
Cirencester, by Beeches Car Park 15:23
Cirencester, opp The Forum 10:1912:1413:2415:2417:3919:07
Cirencester, opp Phoenix Way 15:27
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 15:29
Cirencester, o/s Hospital 15:30
Cirencester, in Deer Park School Grounds 15:35
Cirencester, opp Chesterton Lane 15:36
Cirencester, opp Old Station Car Park 15:39
Cirencester, opp Beeches Car Park 06:4809:0110:2612:2113:2615:4117:41
Cirencester, after Spitalgate Lane 06:4909:0310:2812:2313:2815:4317:43
Bowling Green Lane (opp) 06:5009:0410:2912:2413:2915:4417:44
Stratton, opp Albion Street 06:5109:0510:3012:2513:3015:4517:45
Stratton, o/s The Plough 06:5109:0610:3112:2613:3115:4617:46
Stratton, nr Daglingworth Turn 06:5209:0710:3212:2713:3215:4717:47
Duntisbourne Leer, on Turn 09:1110:3612:31
Daglingworth, by Lower End 13:36
Daglingworth, opp The Old Stores 13:37
Daglingworth, opp Village Hall 13:37
Duntisbourne Rouse, opp St Michael's Church 13:40
Duntisbourne Leer, by Triangle 13:45
Duntisbourne Abbots, by St Peter's Church 13:47
Winstone, before Foss Field 09:1610:4112:3613:52
Elkstone, opp Combend Farm 13:54
Elkstone, opp Newcombe End 13:56
Elkstone, after Westerleigh Crossroads 13:57
Brimpsfield, opp War Memorial 14:02
Birdlip, nr Village Stores 07:0714:0816:0118:03
Birdlip, opp Royal George Hotel 07:0714:0816:0118:03
Brockworth, opp Toby Carvery 07:1114:1216:0618:08
Brockworth, opp Chase Hotel 07:1214:1316:0718:09
Brockworth, before Mill Lane 07:1214:1316:0718:09
Brockworth, by Green Lane 07:1214:1316:0718:09
Barnwood, after Queen's 07:1909:3711:0212:5714:2116:1618:18
Wotton, o/s Bohanam House 07:2009:3911:0412:5914:2316:1818:19
Wotton, before Westminster Court 07:2109:4011:0513:0014:2416:1918:20
Gloucester, opp Denmark Road 07:2209:4111:0613:0114:2616:2018:20
Gloucester, o/s St Margaret's Almhouses 07:2309:4211:0713:0214:2816:2218:21
Gloucester, opp Bus Depot 07:2509:4411:0913:0414:2916:2418:22
Gloucester, after Great Western Road 07:2509:4511:1013:0514:3116:2518:23
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 07:2709:4711:1213:0714:3316:2718:24

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the will only stop to pick up passengers

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 15 June 2024

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