8A - Stroud - Uplands - Bowbridge - Stroud Hospital - Stroud

A bus service operated by Cotswold Green


Stroud Merrywalks (Stop B) 09:1011:4014:1017:20
Uplands, opp Springfield Road 09:1111:4114:1117:21
Uplands, before Grove Park Road 09:1111:4114:1117:21
Uplands Grange View Flats (main entrance) 09:1211:4214:1217:22
Uplands, after The Square 09:1311:4314:1317:23
Uplands, opp Thompson Road 09:1411:4414:1417:24
Uplands, opp Folly Rise 09:1411:4414:1417:24
Uplands, after Hillier Close 09:1411:4414:1417:24
Uplands, after Peghouse Close 09:1511:4514:1517:25
Uplands, by Peghouse Farm 09:1511:4514:1517:25
Uplands, opp Peghouse Rise 09:1611:4614:1617:26
Uplands, by Libby's Drive 09:1611:4614:1617:26
Stroud, by Brickrow 09:1811:4814:1817:28
Stroud, nr Whitminster Centre 09:1811:4814:1817:28
Stroud, by The Leazes 09:1911:4914:1917:29
Stroud, nr Cross Hands Inn 09:2011:5014:2017:30
Stroud, by Nouncells Cross 09:2111:5114:2117:31
Stroud, opp Summer Street 09:2211:5214:2217:32
Stroud, on Summer Crescent North 09:2411:5414:2417:34
Stroud, on Summer Crescent South 09:2411:5414:2417:34
Stroud Summer Close (corner of) 09:2411:5414:2417:34
Stroud, after St Brendan's Road 09:2511:5514:2517:35
Stroud, nr Nouncells Cross 09:2511:5514:2517:35
Stroud, by Cross Hands Inn 09:2611:5614:2617:36
Stroud General Hospital (entrance) 09:2811:5814:2817:38
Stroud, o/s General Hospital 09:2811:5814:2817:38
Stroud, opp Cowle Road 09:2911:5914:2917:39
Stroud, before Highfield Road 09:3012:0014:3017:40
Stroud, opp Weyhouse Close 09:3012:0014:3017:40
Bowbridge Arms (o/s) 09:3012:0014:3017:40
Stroud, opp Spring Lane 09:3112:0114:3117:41
Stroud, o/s Waitrose Store 09:3112:0114:3117:41
Stroud, in Russell Street 09:3312:0314:3317:43
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop B) 09:3612:0614:3617:46
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council
Concessionary Passes are valid from this stop

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