8B - Stroud - Bisley - Oakridge - Eastcombe - Bisley - Stroud

A bus service operated by Cotswold Green

Stroud - Bisley - Oakridge - Eastcombe - Bisley - Stroud

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop K) 10:1012:40
Stroud, after Waitrose Store 10:1312:43
Stroud, opp Maternity Hospital 10:1312:43
Stroud, nr General Hospital 10:1412:44
Stroud, nr Mount Pleasant 10:1412:44
Stroud, opp Cemetery 10:1512:45
Stroud, after Valley View Road 10:1612:46
Stroud Mason Road (corner of) 10:1812:48
Stroud, opp Forty Acre Lane 10:1812:48
Stroud, opp Lypiatt Park Lodge 10:2012:50
Stroud Daw's Lane (corner of) 10:2112:51
Stancombe, nr Newcombe House 10:2212:52
Stancombe, nr Farm 10:2312:53
Bisley, opp Windyridge 10:2412:54
Bisley, opp Stirrup Cup 10:2512:55
Bisley, after Holloway Cottage 10:2612:56
Bourne’s Green, opp Hyde's Bottom 10:2812:58
Bourne’s Green, before Crossroads 10:2912:59
Oakridge Lynch, nr The Crescent 10:3113:01
Oakridge Lynch, before Far Oakridge Road 10:3113:01
Bourne’s Green, after Crossroads 10:3213:02
Bourne’s Green, on Hyde's Bottom 10:3313:03
Bisley, opp Holloway Cottage 10:3413:04
Nashend, nr Nash End Farm 10:3613:05
Eastcombe, o/s Thomas Keble School 10:3813:07
Eastcombe, opp Church 10:3813:07
Eastcombe Post Office (just after) 10:3913:08
Eastcombe, after Bracelands 10:3913:08
Nashend, opp Nash End Farm 10:4113:10
Bisley, o/s Stirrup Cup 10:4413:14
Bisley, by Windyridge 10:4413:14
Stancombe, opp Farm 10:4513:15
Stancombe, opp Newcombe House 10:4613:16
Stroud, opp Daw's Lane 10:4713:17
Stroud Lypiatt Park Lodge (entrance) 10:4813:18
Stroud, after Forty Acre Lane 10:5013:20
Stroud, opp Mason Road 10:5113:21
Stroud, opp Valley View Road 10:5213:22
Stroud, o/s Cemetery 10:5313:23
Stroud, by Mount Pleasant 10:5413:24
Stroud, by General Hospital 10:5513:25
Stroud General Hospital (entrance) 10:5513:25
Stroud, nr Maternity Hospital 10:5513:25
Stroud, before Waitrose Store 10:5613:26
Stroud, o/s Waitrose Store 10:5613:26
Stroud, in Russell Street 10:5813:28
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop B) 11:0113:31

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