9 - Oxford - Barton/Risinghurst

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Barton/Risinghurst - Oxford

Risinghurst Kiln Lane (SE-bound) 08:0309:0310:0312:03then hourly until18:0319:03
Risinghurst, opp Lewis Close 08:0309:0310:0312:0318:0319:03
Risinghurst, opp Downside Road Post Office 08:0509:0510:0512:0518:0519:05
Risinghurst, opp Downside Road Post Office 08:08 09:08 10:08 12:08 18:08 19:08
Risinghurst, o/s Stanway Road 08:0809:0810:0812:0818:0819:08
Risinghurst Collinwood Road (N-bound) 08:0909:0910:0912:0918:0919:09
A40 Risinghurst Turn (adj) 08:0909:0910:0912:0918:0919:09
Headington Green Road Roundabout (W-bound) 08:1109:1110:1112:1118:1119:11
Headington, adj Gladstone Road 08:1309:1310:1312:1318:1319:13
Headington, adj Wharton Road 08:1409:1410:1412:1418:1419:14
Headington Shops (Stop HS2) 08:1609:1610:1612:1618:1619:16
Headington, opp Sandfield Road 08:1709:1710:1712:1718:1719:17
Headington School (Stop B9) 08:1809:1810:1812:1818:1819:18
Headington Brookes University (Stop B5) 08:2009:2010:2012:2018:2019:20
St Clements, adj Glebe Street 08:2409:2410:2512:2518:2519:24
St Clements Street (Stop C) 08:2509:2510:2612:2618:2619:25
Oxford Queens Lane (Stop J1) 08:2809:2810:3012:3018:3019:28
Oxford High Street (Stop L3) 08:3009:3010:3212:3218:3219:30
Oxford Speedwell Street (Stop S1) 08:3309:3310:3512:3518:3519:33

Oxford - Barton/Risinghurst

Timetable data from Stagecoach Oxfordshire, 28 October 2020

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