93a - Ipswich - Colchester

A bus service operated by Ipswich Buses


Monday to Friday

Ipswich to Colchester

Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand J) 08:10
Ipswich, adj Willis Building 08:11
Ipswich, adj St Clare House 08:12
Ipswich, opposite Fire Station 08:13
Ipswich Railway Station (Stand R2) 08:15
Ipswich, opposite Compair Crescent 08:16
Ipswich, opposite Bingo Hall 08:17
Ipswich McDonald's (Adjacent) 08:18
Gippeswyk Park Kelly Road (S-bound) 08:20
Chantry Park Orwell Housing Assoc (Adjacent) 08:21
Chantry Park Robin Drive (Adjacent) 08:22
Sproughton, adj Holiday Inn 08:23
Sproughton Washbrook Turn (Adjacent) 08:24
Washbrook, opposite Brook Inn 08:28
Washbrook, opp London Road 08:28
Copdock, opp Garage 08:29
Copdock, opp Elm Lane 08:29
Copdock, opp Hotel 08:30
Copdock, opp Maycroft 08:31
Copdock, opp Folly Lane 08:32
Capel St Mary, opp White Horse 08:36
Capel St Mary, opp Methodist Church 08:38
Capel St Mary, opposite Telephone Exchange 08:40
Capel St Mary, adj The Street 08:40
Capel St Mary, opp Ash Grove 08:40
Capel St Mary, adj Peters Grove 08:41
Capel St Mary, opp Garrods 08:41
Capel St Mary, opp Motel 08:42
Capel St Mary, opp Leaping Wells 08:44
East Bergholt Four Sisters (S-bound) 08:48
East Bergholt, opposite Foxhall Fields 08:50
East Bergholt, opp Cooks Garage 08:52
East Bergholt High School (Inside) 08:53
East Bergholt, o/s Cooks Garage 08:53
East Bergholt Foxhall Fields (Adjacent) 08:53
East Bergholt Four Sisters (W-bound) 08:55
Stratford St Mary, adj St Marys 08:58
Stratford St Mary, adj Stratford Hall 08:59
Stratford St Mary, opp Anchor 09:00
Stratford St Mary, opp Old Kings Arms 09:00
Stratford St Mary, o/s Black Horse 09:01
Ardleigh, o/s Balkerne Gate 09:08
Colchester, opp Avellana Place 09:09
Colchester, opp Bilsdale Close 09:10
Highwoods, adj Rovers Tye 09:12
Highwoods Approach (W-bound) 09:12
Highwoods, adj Langdale Drive 09:13
Mile End, adj Bedford Road 09:16
Mile End, adj Thornwood 09:16
Mile End, opp Beaumont Close 09:17
Colchester, adj Kingswood Road 09:18
Colchester, adj Wryneck Close 09:19
Colchester, adj Turner Rise 09:20
Colchester Bruff Close (W-bound) 09:22
Colchester Groves Close (Stop A) 09:22
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand F) 09:23
Colchester, o/s The Albert 09:24
Colchester, adj Causton Road 09:25
Colchester Middleborough (S-bound) 09:26
Colchester High Street (Stop Fb) 09:28
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Aa) 09:31

Colchester to Ipswich

Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Aa) 15:15
Colchester Head Street (Stop Ec) 15:18
Colchester Middleborough (N-bound) 15:19
Colchester, opp Causton Road 15:20
Colchester, opp The Albert 15:20
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand Ea) 15:22
Colchester Bruff Close (E-bound) 15:23
Colchester, opp Turner Rise 15:24
Colchester, opp Wryneck Close 15:25
Colchester, o/s General Hospital - main Rd 15:27
Colchester, opp Kingswood Road 15:27
Mile End, opp Thornwood 15:28
Mile End, opp Bedford Road 15:29
Highwoods, opp Langdale Drive 15:31
Highwoods Approach (E-bound) 15:32
Highwoods, opp Rovers Tye 15:33
Colchester, adj Bilsdale Close 15:34
Colchester, adj Avellana Place 15:34
Ardleigh, opp Balkerne Gate 15:37
Langham Oak (opp) 15:40
Stratford St Mary, opp Black Horse 15:44
Stratford St Mary, adj Old Kings Arms 15:45
Stratford St Mary, adj Anchor 15:46
East Bergholt Four Sisters (N-bound) 15:51
East Bergholt, adj Four Sisters 15:52
East Bergholt, opposite Foxhall Fields 15:56
East Bergholt, opp Cooks Garage 15:58
East Bergholt High School (Inside) 15:59
East Bergholt, o/s Cooks Garage 15:59
East Bergholt Foxhall Fields (Adjacent) 16:00
East Bergholt, opp Four Sisters 16:02
Capel St Mary Friars (Adjacent) 16:07
Capel St Mary, o/s White Horse 16:08
Capel St Mary, adj Garrods 16:08
Capel St Mary, opp Peters Grove 16:08
Capel St Mary, adj Ash Grove 16:09
Capel St Mary, opp The Street 16:09
Capel St Mary, outside Telephone Exchange 16:10
Capel St Mary, o/s Methodist Church 16:10
Capel St Mary, adj London Road 16:11
Copdock, adj Folly Lane 16:13
Copdock, adj Maycroft 16:13
Copdock, adj Hotel 16:15
Copdock, adj Elm Lane 16:15
Copdock, o/s Garage 16:16
Washbrook, adj London Road 16:17
Washbrook, opposite Brook Inn 16:18
Sproughton, opposite Washbrook Turn 16:20
Sproughton, opp Holiday Inn 16:21
Chantry, nr Holiday Inn 16:21
Chantry Park, opposite Robin Drive 16:23
Chantry Park, opposite Orwell Housing Assoc 16:24
Gippeswyk Park Kelly Road (N-bound) 16:25
Ipswich Bingo Hall (Adjacent) 16:27
Ipswich Compair Crescent (Adjacent) 16:29
Ipswich Railway Station (Stand R3) 16:31
Ipswich, outside Fire Station 16:32
Ipswich, opp St Clare House 16:33
Ipswich, opp Willis Building 16:35
Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand J) 16:37

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Ipswich_Buses/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 27 September 2022

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