M1 - Mainline - Burnley - Padiham - Huncoat - Accrington

A bus service operated by The Burnley Bus Company

Burnley - Accrington

Burnley Bus Station (Stand 4) 07:1207:42then every 30 minutes until17:1217:4218:1318:4320:1321:58
Burnley St James Street (Stop 1) 07:1407:4517:1517:4518:1518:45
Burnley, opp Mechanics Institute 20:1522:00
Burnley, opp Sutcliffe Street 20:1622:01
Burnley, opp Clifton Street 07:1507:4617:1617:4618:1718:4720:1722:02
Burnley, opp Barracks Rail Station 07:1507:4717:1717:4718:1818:4820:1822:03
Padiham Road, by Gannow Top 07:1707:5017:2017:5018:2018:5020:2022:05
Padiham Road, opp Tim Bobbin 07:1807:5117:2117:5118:2118:5120:2122:06
Padiham Road, by Dugdale Road 07:1807:5117:2117:5118:2118:5120:2122:06
Padiham Road, by Lockyer Avenue 07:1907:5217:2217:5218:2218:5220:2222:07
Whitegate, by Middlesex Avenue 07:2007:5317:2317:5318:2318:5320:2322:08
Padiham Road, by Anglesey Avenue 07:2107:5417:2417:5418:2318:5320:2322:08
Padiham Road, by Kiddrow Lane 07:2107:5517:2517:5418:2418:5420:2422:09
Whitegate, by Byron Street 07:2207:5617:2617:5518:2518:5520:2522:10
Whitegate, by Cowley Crescent 07:2307:5617:2617:5618:2518:5520:2522:10
Padiham, by Milton Street 07:2407:5817:2817:5718:2618:5620:2622:11
Padiham, by Victoria Road 07:2507:5917:2917:5818:2718:5720:2722:12
Padiham, by St James Place 07:2608:0017:3017:5918:2818:5820:2822:13
Padiham, opp Hill Street 07:2608:0017:3017:5918:2818:5820:2822:13
Padiham, adj Thompson Street 07:2708:0117:3118:0018:2918:5920:2922:14
Padiham, opp Oxford Close 07:2808:0217:3218:0118:3019:0020:3022:15
Hapton, opp Shawbrook Walk 07:2908:0317:3318:0218:3119:0120:3122:16
Hapton, opp Lancaster Drive 07:3008:0417:3418:0318:3219:0220:3222:17
Padiham, opp Malvern Avenue 07:3008:0517:3518:0418:3319:0320:3322:18
Hapton, opp Stone Moor 07:3108:0617:3618:0518:3419:0420:3422:19
Hapton, opp Railway Inn 07:3208:0717:3718:0618:3519:0520:3522:20
Hapton, opp Rail Station 07:3308:0817:3818:0718:3619:0620:3622:21
Hapton, opp Lyndale Road 07:3408:0917:3918:0818:3719:0720:3722:22
Hapton, opp Mill Hill Lane 07:3508:1017:4018:0918:3819:0820:3822:23
Hapton, by Thorneybank Ind Est 07:3508:1017:4018:3820:3822:23
Hapton, by Burnley Road 07:3708:1217:4218:3920:3922:24
Huncoat, opp Griffin Close 07:3808:1317:4318:4020:4022:25
Huncoat, by Burnley Lane 07:3908:1417:4418:4120:4122:26
Huncoat, opp Towneley Avenue 07:4008:1517:4518:4120:4122:26
Huncoat, by Edgar Street 07:4008:1517:4518:4220:4222:27
Huncoat, opp James Street 07:4108:1617:4618:4220:4222:27
Huncoat, opp Rail Station 07:4108:1617:4618:4220:4222:27
Huncoat, by Enfield Road 07:4208:1717:4718:4320:4322:28
Huncoat, opp Oak Bank 07:4208:1717:4718:4320:4322:28
Huncoat, opp Newhouse Road 07:4308:1817:4818:4420:4422:29
Huncoat, opp Haweswater Road 07:4408:1917:4918:4520:4522:30
Huncoat, opp Within Grove 07:4508:2017:5018:4620:4622:31
Huncoat, by Woodside Road 07:4508:2117:5118:4620:4622:31
Hillock Vale, by Whittakers Arms 07:4708:2217:5218:4720:4722:32
Hillock Vale, by Peel Park Avenue 07:4708:2317:5318:4820:4822:33
Hillock Vale, by Alice Street 07:4908:2517:5518:4920:4922:34
Accrington, by Sydney Street 07:5008:2617:5618:5020:5022:35
Accrington, opp Bradshaw Street East 07:5108:2717:5718:5120:5122:36
Accrington, by King Street 07:5308:2917:5918:5320:5322:38

Accrington - Burnley

Accrington Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:46then every 30 minutes until17:1617:4618:2619:1121:11
Accrington Night Stand (NS) 22:41
Accrington, by Bradshaw Street East 07:4817:1817:4818:2819:1321:1322:42
Accrington, by Addison Street 07:4917:1917:4918:2819:1321:1322:43
Hillock Vale, opp Alice Street 07:4917:1917:4918:2919:1421:1422:44
Hillock Vale, by Hatfield Road 07:5017:2017:5018:3019:1521:1522:44
Hillock Vale, opp Whitakers Arms 07:5117:2117:5118:3019:1521:1522:45
Huncoat, opp Woodside Road 07:5217:2217:5218:3119:1621:1622:46
Huncoat, by Within Grove 07:5317:2317:5318:3219:1721:1722:47
Huncoat, by Haweswater Road 07:5417:2417:5418:3319:1821:1822:48
Huncoat, by Newhouse Road 07:5517:2517:5518:3419:1921:1922:49
Huncoat, by Oak Bank 07:5517:2517:5518:3419:1921:1922:49
Huncoat, opp Alder Grove 07:5617:2617:5618:3519:2021:2022:50
Huncoat, by Rail Station 07:5617:2617:5618:3519:2021:2022:50
Huncoat, by James Street 07:5617:2617:5618:3519:2021:2022:50
Huncoat, by Marshall Avenue 07:5717:2717:5718:3619:2121:2122:51
Huncoat, by Towneley Avenue 07:5817:2817:5818:3719:2221:2222:52
Huncoat, adj Burnley Lane 07:5817:2817:5818:3719:2221:2222:52
Huncoat, by Griffin Close 07:5917:2917:5918:3819:2321:2322:53
Huncoat, o/s Griffin Head 07:5917:2917:5918:3819:2321:2322:53
Hapton, adj Burnley Road 08:0017:3018:0018:3919:2421:2422:54
Hapton, opp Thorneybank Ind Est 08:0217:3218:0218:4119:2621:2622:56
Hapton, by Mill Hill Lane 08:0317:3318:0318:4219:2721:2722:57
Hapton, by Lyndale Road 08:0417:3418:0418:4319:2821:2822:58
Hapton, by Railway Station 08:0517:3518:0518:4319:2821:2822:58
Hapton, o/s Railway Inn 08:0617:3618:0618:4419:2921:2922:59
Hapton, adj Stone Moor 08:0717:3718:0718:4519:3021:3023:00
Padiham, by Malvern Avenue 08:0817:3818:0818:4719:3221:3223:02
Hapton, by Lancaster Drive 08:0917:3918:0918:4719:3221:3223:02
Hapton, by Shawbrook Walk 08:1017:4018:1018:4819:3321:3323:03
Padiham, by Oxford Close 08:1217:4218:1218:4919:3421:3423:04
Padiham, by Warwick Drive 08:1317:4318:1318:5019:3521:3523:05
Padiham, by Thompson Street 08:1317:4318:1318:5119:3621:3623:06
Padiham, by Hill Street 08:1417:4418:1418:5219:3721:3723:07
Padiham, by Waterside Mews 08:1517:4518:1518:5219:3721:3723:07
Padiham, opp Bridge Inn 08:1617:4618:1618:5319:3821:3823:08
Padiham, opp Victoria Road 08:1617:4618:1618:5319:3821:3823:08
Padiham, opp Milton Street 08:1717:4718:1718:5419:3921:3923:09
Whitegate (by) 08:1817:4818:1818:5419:3921:3923:09
Whitegate, opp Byron Street 08:1917:4918:1918:5519:4021:4023:10
Padiham Road, opp Kiddrow Lane 08:2017:5018:2018:5619:4121:4123:11
Padiham Road, adj Anglesey Avenue 08:2017:5018:2018:5619:4121:4123:11
Padiham Road, opp Middlesex Avenue 08:2117:5118:2118:5719:4221:4223:12
Padiham Road, opp Lockyer Avenue 08:2217:5218:2218:5819:4321:4323:13
Padiham Road, opp Dugdale Road 08:2317:5318:2318:5819:4321:4323:13
Padiham Road, by Tim Bobbin 08:2417:5418:2418:5919:4421:4423:14
Padiham Road, adj Gannow Top 08:2417:5418:2418:5919:4421:4423:14
Burnley, by Barracks Rail Station 08:2717:5718:2619:0119:4621:4623:16
Burnley, by Clifton Street 08:2817:5818:2819:0319:4821:4723:17
Burnley St James Street (Stop 3) 08:3018:0018:2919:0419:49
Burnley, by Sutcliife Street 21:4723:17
Burnley, by Mechanics Institute 21:4923:19
Burnley Bus Station (Stand 0) 08:3318:0318:3219:0719:5221:5223:22

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